Can anyone tell me how to make a MARGARITA MACHINE

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Xylophone Machine

Just had this idea, and in a flurry of building, I have a prototype. It's a knex machine that plays the xylophone. Right now, it can only play five notes eight times. I am hoping to increase this. In the photo, the machine is rigged to play the opening of the Imperial March :D

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Machine Guns

This forum is meant for WW2 Knex Machine guns. Talk about your guns or just post them! Share ideas too!

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Knex Machine

This is a knex gun i made and i need some advice on which i should post it or not. Please Comment...

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Knex Machine

This is a knex gun i made and i need some advice on which i should post it or not. Please Comment...

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machine gun

Ok i have this book its the Military small arms encyclopedia for 1900-2000 of military small arm guns. In this book i was looking at the machine gun section and looked at one its a Skoda M1909 belt fed machine gun mounted on a tripod, and has a frontal shield protecting the operator. Im working on a design for it right now, although i am quite short of pieces because i need to make the cooling canister and the body, then the tripod. Then ill need a shitload of pieces for the belt

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Ball Machine

Since I have the Ripin rocket set I was wondering if i could make the ball track with the set smoother even though i put railing in the middle. If anybody has a answer post please.

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The Human Machine

It isn't that long ago that explaining human physics and behavior was imagined by copper etching. This picture seems funny to us now. But 100 years ago this was the way to explain the functions in the human head. I found this picture in an old book and I want to share it with you. This is nice for silkscreening or transfer print at T-shirt or any other surface. When you want High-Res 2208 × 2732 and 300 dpi let me know.

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Dog-Powered Machine

I just got a great idea, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's a machine that is somehow powered by the kicking motion of your dog's foot when you scratch his belly. Any ideas on how to go about doing this and what the machine could be?

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silk screen machine

Im looking for plans on building a silk screen machine, can any one direct me in the right direction. thanks...........Camtech

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knex ball machine

Hi everybody, I ca'nt finish my ball machine. I tried to build chain lift or wheels but I failed... I haven't got enough place to build a chain lift (see on pictures). I hope someone can help me to finish it because I'm on it since 3 days. Thanks for advices and help. PS Sorry for ortograph (I'm french^^).

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Making A Ball Machine

I'm building a ball machine but I need some ideas on what kind of tower I should use for it. Give me ideas but keep in mind that I have limited pieces.

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My Knex Machine?

I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make my Knex invention better here is a link to the instructable.  Knex Automatic Egg Painter I would love any advice from some of you who have made a lot of amazing Knex machines Thanks Mysterygirl

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New Ball Machine

I am currently making a new ball machine, It will have a 'Jungle'  theme to it. I'm thinking of a name for it.. i have these so far: Jungle, Monkey and Swingin'. If you have any ideas for elements or names feel free to comment. It will have 4 paths. *EDIT* This ball machine is now finished. I will post a video but no instuctions. To give you a hint of what it looks like here are the names of the four paths: Old mine, Vine run, Broken bridge, And Waterfall. I will call It "Rumble In The Jungle" thanks to MegaMetal8. 

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knex machine gun?

Right, so after i saw the video for the cyclone by perfect duck, i decided to make a machine gun with the highest ROF ever. but i was wondering what mechanism it should use? because i am posting ibles for it when it is finished i dont really want to make 80 ft long chains. so what should i do?

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Name for ball machine? Answered

Yes, I'm working on a new ball machine. And I have no idea how to call it. Please help me!

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Knex Machine Ideas?

I need ideas for a machine to make. Thanks for any ideas!

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K'nex Ball Machines

I've noticed that there has been a recent rise of ball machines being made by the k'nexers. I think this is great. I personally love ball machines and have made 4 of them. I am currently working on a 5th one which is approximately 170 cm. or 67 inches tall. It has 4 paths so far. Comment if you are currently building or planning a ball machine.

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Ball Machine Help

This ball machine is tall and has 4 paths so I was wondering if anybody had ideas on where to make a fifth path. I have a lot more knex pieces. So I can build a lot of things. And yes I attached a working ferris wheel to my ball machine with gears and chains.

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Unfinished Ball Machine

Hi guys umm well the title pretty much says it. For sometime now, many of you have known that I have been working on a new ball machine. However, one thing you should know about the ball machine is that I am quitting on it. :-( WHY? 1) Not enough space :-( - see pics 2) Not enough time - I know that you have to make time if you want to K'nex, but over the past month, I have not really had the chance to build at all due to studies and other stuff :-P. Its quite unpredictable when I was going to get it finished by These are the main reasons why I am quitting as well as I am not sure if I have enough pieces :-( BUT... After tearing down this ball machine, I will begin a new one hopefully. This one will not be high but it will be more wider, compact and dense around the bottom. I am happy to inform you that this will feature a white floor as well as 2 networks as far as I have planned :-). Anywho, thanks for reading this post and feel free to comment Also, for any of you wondering, the last picture is a new ball machine lift which I hope to post in a week or two. Till next time Hunter999

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knex ball machines

Do you like k'nex? do you want instructions? do you want that u can run away when ur mom don't like it? well here u can tell about it

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Knex ball machine.

I was wondering if somebody could make a new knex ball machine, with 4 paths, and with 3000 - 5000 pieces. what you can use: any connectors or rods anything from the big ball air tower set any gears any motor what you cant use: orange tubing over 10ft of chains (unless its some kind of other lift) these are other ball machines i made. i broke them because there were not many paths, the ball kept falling off, or that they just werent good enough. project box project immeuble project nano project dos project aggresor (the famous knex big ball factory below)

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Are We Just Machines?

OK, I was listening to a podcast a while ago, and I heard some thing quite surprising! What one researcher said is that our brain prepares us to do something 7 seconds before we actually think of it. WOW! So basically, our brain is ahead by 7 seconds. To me and some people it rally challenges the concept of free will, are we really just machines that work on instinct, of course, if our brain was really in control, how could we start to research about this. If our brain is so much ahead of us, would it really let us figure it out, or do we actually control our brain. Will it get to the point where our brains develop too much and start to control us, causing us to do things against our will? Scary thought isn't it? Just think, 7 seconds ago you were ready to read this!One more thing, Goodhart posted this link, anyone interested in this topic should read it.

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knex ball machine contest

A knex ball machine contest. there will be 3 types of ball machines there is smallest ball machine,  most ball machine elements,   and biggest ball machine.  submit an instructable and i will anounce the winners. when we have enough knexers submit thier instructables. the 3 winners will get a sub from me;)    

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knex ball machine contest

Hello everybody, this is a contest for ball any ball machine, elements, lifts, or ideas. you may enter as many times as you have ideas. the winner will get a year pro membership and a patch the second will get three months pro membership and a patch the third will get a patch. the contest will end at January 31, so there is time enough. good luck, Martijn

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Pulse Knex Ball Machine

This is Pulse, a Knex ball machine that I built because I was BORED AS HELL. It has two paths, and a newly-designed ball rack at the bottom of the lift. I also altered the ball claws on the chain lift. If there are a lot of requests for instructions, then I may make instructions. PICTURES: Enjoy! -phrasmotica- Here's the video:

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My Knex Ball Machines

These are all of my Knex ball machines. I got interested in building them in 2007, when I built my first working ball machine, the Spiral Plunge. I thought I'd add my earlier machines, which were built before the Death Trap. Some of their pictures are below, but not all of them. The rest can be viewed here: I also have videos of them right here: Here's the ball machines that I have videos for: Here's my official gallery of these machines. Click here to see more videos:

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New knex machine gun

I've just had a really good idea, First make a shotgun, Preferably J5 barracade shotgun (I think it's called that) Mainly because that's the gun I built and got the idea from, Right when you've built the shot gun on the pump add a motor to pull it back, when it's pulled right back make it let go, like the rack and pinion. Now if you pull the trigger, it will fire, but if you take your finger of the trigger then it won't fire. This way unlike other machine guns I've seen where you put the motor on and you can't stop it unless you turn off the motor. This way will help conserve your bullets, also if you use the barricade shotgun, you will have to make a magazine on it, because it uses shells.

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New Ball Machine Element

This is to show you guys a new ball machine element I invented called fireworks. It's also kind of a little teaser for my ball machine that is currently in construction, Project A.

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Knex Ball Machine - Xyphos

 This is my newest Knex ball machine, Xyphos.  It is five and a half feet tall, has five paths and three lifts (credit to Shadowman39 for the first two).  Hope you like it!

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New Ball Machine In The Works

Hey everyone. I started a new ball machine a few weeks ago, and I would like some help from the community in terms of ideas for paths. I have 8 more paths to go on this machine, so all ideas are welcome. I have a few videos of progress so far, but I'm at a current standstill because of a lack of parts. (Don't let this influence ideas because I will get more pieces.)

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Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy! KnexLord1

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Knex Controllable Machine Gun

This is where all future models of our machine gun will be posted. This is a project of a collaboration between me and theawesomestdude. We hope you enjoy. Suggestions and help and models and feedback are welcome.

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Knex Ball Machine 2

Hey guys this is really old I should of posted this ages ago. I finished my second big ball machine called: Project JellyFish about 4 months ago now and I filmed it put all the clips together only for my mum to say it contained too many pictures of our house so I deleted it off YouTube. I have actually made a third machine that I am hoping to post under the name american coaster or something similar Fr-Pa-Co

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My Next Ball Machine

Hello everyone! I've started building my last large ball machine, and I'm doing something I've never done before... posting construction pictures! I'm excited about posting frequent updates. Since these updates will be weekly (and sometimes more frequent than that), I'm posting these pictures in a forum thread on SSCoasters right here. In this thread you'll find descriptions for the pictures and more information on what I plan to do with this ball machine. I recommend you check it out if you want to see updates. ;-) Below I have a few pictures of the ball machine. I won't be posting here as often as in the construction thread, but there will be a few pictures added here from time to time. Again, explanations for the pictures are on the thread, so I won't bother posting them here (I'm lazy aren't I). Thanks for viewing! -Shadowman39

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Project A (K'nex Ball Machine)

Here is a video of my latest ball machine, Project A. It is about 170 cm. tall. It has 4 different paths and it features my own original element, fireworks.

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Disco Track Ball Machine

This is a knex ball machine that I built. Click here for more pictures and video. This contraption used 6303 pieces.heres a parts count: RODS: 3249 green-519 white-401 blue-1395 yellow-553 red-223 grey-105 rigid grey-1 flexi-yellow-3 flexi-grey-49 CONNECTORS: 2570 dark grey-94 light grey-56 red-366 green-88 yellow-479 orange-284 white-157 blue-392 purple-654 PANELS: 12 triangle medium-2 large -5 square small-4 large-1 OTHER: 472 rc tubing-7 crossties-54 chain links-174 blue spacers-53 silver spacers-103 tan clips-17 blue clips-5 black Y clips-33 large black joints-3 ball joints-2 red gears-6 rc splicers-2 battery powered motors-1 wheels-3 tires-2 orange splicers-7  

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Knex Ball Machine - Splat

This is a small ball machine that I made while I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about my childhood. I was origionally going to post it, but it didn't quite turn out the way I intended. Its small, and is fun to show to guests and whatnot.For those wondering about the name, me and my buddy had just finished editing the video. I realised that I needed a name for it, and just that moment my buddy's bird puked on my head, making a splat sort of sound. Presto, the name splat.Since the video wasn't going to be anything special, I put it to ragtime music and aged it accordingly. Hope you like it!IaC EditI've counted the pieces. Just for the heck of it, I'll run a little contest to see who can guess closest to the real number. The prize is a virtual high five and cookie. Closes on Friday.Updated - Winners!The correct answer is... (drum roll)... 1749! This means that cj81499 is the clear winner, being off by only 14 pieces! Good job, and congratulations! Thanks for guessing everyone.

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K'nex tall ball machine

For those who don't read their mail or don't have a subscription, here's my tall ball machine: (youtube:) Have fun watching!

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Knex ball machine lift? Answered

Hey guys,Does anyone have the instruction pamphlet for the ball machine with the lift featured in this video? would would, please let me know, I need a peek at a page or two.Thanks!IaC

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New ball machine and more

My 4th ball machine. 2 lifts, 6 paths. I also re-sorted my knex and organized them into new drawers. Oh and my cat.

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Knex ball machine: Bounce

Dysprosium is almost finished and will be posted within 2 weeks. I am currently planning another ball machine named Bounce. It will be around 3 feet tall with 2 paths. The lift system going to be a chain lift. The first path will go onto a trampoline, bounce onto another, and another, than land in a basket. I don't know what the second path will be so please leave a comment with ideas. There aren't any pictures yet.

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Oblivion - K'nex Ball Machine.

Hi! Here is the last ball machine  I was working on, It was the second i have made.It was going to have 20 paths, but I ended up only managing 7, before I ran out of knex. It was 8+ feet tall, 5 or 6 feet long, and used 5 different lifts, they were as follows: Chain 2, Stepper, Spiral, Stair.  It had four towers. And over all, It was my best work! (So far....) >Axiys<  EDIT: I just added some new pics, The 5th - 9th .

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Motorless Ball Machine Idea

This is another one of those ideas I had for awhile hoping I could eventually use for myself but I don't think I'll ever get to a ball machine. K'nex is dieing hobby for me. Anyways the concept is pretty simple. As long as you don't have any other motorized moving parts and all you need is a lift, this should work. What if you just made a simple rubber band powered sling? You could have 2+ balls running on the track. One hits the bottom and then stays right over the launcher. Another ball will pass over a trigger device that shoots the launcher and the the ball flings upwards. Suppose it could work? The trigger device would be a little tricky but if you end up getting it to work, plenty more people could make ball machines if they don't have motors. Of course you'd be limited to the amount of bands you could place on the device but that's better than nothing.

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how to connect a karaoke machine RSQ to my computer?

I need to know how to connect my karaoke machine to my computer

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I am looking for instructions for big ball machines?

I would love to try and build a big ball machine, but I find it hard to build one my self. I am looking for instructions to build one. Can anyone help.

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Full auto mechinism

I have been trying to make a full auto turret that shoots yellow rods and so far it has been going so so. So I have been wandering if anyone knows a way that would work to make a full auto firing pin or mechanism or something that is full auto and shoots over 25 feet. I don't mind modifying it but the idea would be nice. Credit will be given where credit is deserved. The size does not matter though either because I am trying to make a big turret.

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Which knex ball machine is the best???? Answered

Just write your answer (as a number of the ball machine), and then any random comments you want to say. Also, in your answer please also write to worst knex ball machine. Anyway, here are the options: 1. xXxXx 2. CHAOS 3. Deux 4. Relentless 5. Immeuble 6. Micro 7. Box 8. Lithium 9. Nano 10. Dos 11. Uno 12. Project N 13. Project S 14. Circle So which is the best, and which is the worst???

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