Next Month: Pets

Tool Tips Month will be wrapping up in a couple days and with a new month we're having a new theme: pets. We want to see your pet-based Instructables. Cat people, dog people, snake people, rodent people, all of you pet owners are invited to show us something cool that relates to a pet. Pet housing, pet maintenance, pet toys, and whatever else you can think of will be eligible. So get ready to show us what you've got!

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Pets Month Winners Announced

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from Pets Month!We asked you to show your love for your pets and you did with Instructables dedicated to chickens, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and more! Some fantastic information was shared and we hope that you all continue to make more Instructables to help other pet owners.So thanks again to everyone who entered. Now, on with the winners! Top Votes and PageviewsThe authors of these three Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt. Top Votes Pageviews The Easy Way to Cut Your Ferret's Toenails by lbaran Tips For Chickens by zako How to pill a cat, the easy way by sunitgir Judges Selections Cat-Powered Automatic Cat Feeder by labelreader Vibrating Deaf Dog Caller Collar by arcticpenguin Patch Winners The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot patch. Keeping Cavies Healthy Doggie Doorbell Keeping Chickens in a Harsh Northern Climate How to Make Your Cat Purr DIY Doggie Diner How to reportion frozen fish food How to make Salad For Bearded Dragons A Better Cat Litter Sifter CO2 Reactor for a Planted Aquarium Hamster to Mongolia How to Ski Jour with your Dog The Doggy Retreat Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name selected by Linus, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.and the random winner is...this entry from someone who likes to control the dust.

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Its been a sad month

This month of July 2009 has been tragic. Four celebrities have died: Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays. I can't believe it!!

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March is Craft Month. How does a month get a special designation?

Is there a government office in charge of approving and denying special themes for months? Who is in charge here? Is March Craft month just because someone repeated "march is craft month" until it became true?

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SIx month anniversary present suggestions

I am in a long-distance relationship, and our six month anniversary is coming up. Does anyone have any gift suggestions? I am getting her a webcam, because she doesn't have one and we will be able to see each other. Also, I just recently sent her a bracelet (a souvenir from my vacation). So any other ideas that are preferably not jewelry and hopefully quite inexpensive are welcome.

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Crafts for boyfriend for christmas/six months?

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas.  He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?

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ill stay on ibls for only 3 month's

I'm staying for around 3 month's that's like 5-12 ibls posting

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Can An Instructables 3 Month Pro Membership Expire? Answered

Can An Instructables 3 Month Pro Membership Expire? Thanks :)

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wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? Answered

Wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? i need some pieces for my newball machine named: project shalalie shalala shalalie shalala OR project balls of fury

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If 12months=100% what percent of a year is one month? Answered

12=100%, 6=50%, 3=25%, so what percentage of a year is one month? This is just for fun really.

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3 months free. Just tell me what happened.

RULES, you must NOT be educated in STEM subjects beyond the high school level.  Contest open to members 13 -18 years of age. Just tell me. What mighty force of nature crushed this water tank?

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Let's Do Some Testing for a 3-Month Pro Membership

One of the things that I have always wanted to do since I started "K'NEXing" (building with K'NEX) is to just sit down and start measuring, testing, and trying out new guns, different types of ammo, things like that. Then I realized something... I am way to lazy to do all that "work." So then I thought, well, maybe I could...*cough*... bribe other people to do it for me. So if you are at all interested in winning a 3-month pro membership, read the rest of this post. In order to win a 3 month pro membership (and a patch) you must do one of the following things: 1) Build a TR8 (no mods please) (only using 2 size #64 bands) and use it to shoot the following ammunition: Finned red rod Red rod Yellow rod Oodammo round White rod Fire all five of these ammunition types five times and take the average of each. It is preferred that you take videos proving the range, but this is not necessary for you to win the the pro membership. In order to enter your stats, you must have a picture of your gun, AND a picture of the ammo that you used. 2) Build a NAR (no mods please) (only using 2 size #64 bands) and use it to shoot the following ammunition: Finned red rod Red rod Yellow rod Oodammo round White rod Fire all five of these ammunition types five times and take the average of each. It is preferred that you take videos proving the range, but this is not necessary for you to win the the pro membership. In order to enter your stats, you must have a picture of your gun, AND a picture of the ammo that you used. In order to win you must present your pictures and stats in the most professional way possible in the comment section below. Happy testing! This forum post may be subject to change, and there is not guarantee that any one will win. Forum post expires September/30/2013.

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Will my 4 month old Pomapoo adjust to this new Westie Pekingese?

Hi everyone! I have a 4 month old Pomeranian Poodle mix. He's a nice boy sometimes, but seems to have a lot of stress issues, mouthy with teething on our ankles, pants, and barking at early hours of the day, like many young puppies. While he may bite us sometimes in a playful way harder than he should, he never growls and snaps or snaps at all. We have had this pup, Charlie for over 2 months now. When he went to the vet he seemed to like the other puppies a lot last month. So.. We were looking at a 9 week old half West Highland Terrier/ Pekingese pup, much calmer in nature than Charlie's mix. This is also a definite lap dog, something hyper Charlie has never been. We have put a deposit down to get the puppy as my husband and I have fell in love, however we wanted Charlie to meet him first. So, today we had Charlie meet the new puppy. We held them most first, just letting each other get used to the smells of one another. Then we put them both down while I stood close to the smaller one incase Charlie bit him (which I was not expecting and he did not) (BTW Charlie is now about 3 times the size of the little puppy but Charlie is still very small about 6 pounds) Anyway, Charlie was not interested. He was panting, put his back to the puppy, then looked at the puppy. The puppy wanted to play so bad. Charlie began barking at the puppy then growling quietly. This made me very nervous so I picked the puppy up.  I really want to get the puppy and felt like Charlie would have a play mate, but now am having second thoughts contemplating if my spoiled bratty PomaPoo Charlie will ever be nice enough to this new mellow pup? Advice would be great or similar stories! thanks  Natalia 

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New water heater

Oh please help me decide( and more importantly convince my buzz word influenced wife), I want to replace my current hot water heater, there's nothing wrong with the current one other than being 18 years old, meaning it's a ticking time bomb waiting to flood my house. So anyways, the local gas concern has partnered with local contracters Tankless install $25 a month of 60 months, minimum spec heater, does not include expensive, required stainless steel venting. $450 rebate Tank heater 40 gallon install $10 a month sixty months, includes venting $350 rebate Now the no brainer, my gas bill is averaged at $41 a month, $30 is actual gas charges, Now, the tankless claims to save "up to 50%" which is marketing speak for "does not save 50%" but let's say it does, I would save $15 a month, the difference between the cost of the tankless versus the tank, so it would be 54 months before I started saving money. And since we plan on "upgrading" to a new house before five years (when I've graduated), I will never see those savings. Guess I really should get the tank heater, what do you think?

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my embouchure on the trumpet is messing up after 6 months... no lip pain just need help?

It's been 6 months and my embouchure just... flopped. I can't find the right spot to put my mouth on anymore. help please.

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Mail Fraud

So we canceled AT&T; service a few months ago, and we have been getting a bill from them every month since. Each month, we call, they apologize and tell us to ignore the bill. Today, the lady transferred us to another department which happened to be closed, ending the call. I know this is considered mail fraud...using the US Postal Service to unlawfully attempt to obtain money. Does anybody know of any resources for helping to write a letter to them that would explain that what they are doing is illegal, and threaten legal action if they don't stop immediately. So any templates for cease and desist letters would be great. Thanks!

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Can someone comment?

I made an instructable at the begginning of the month and no one has commented yet. could someone comment please.

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Revolution?

That's my question for you! Here is a link to Revolution (with more pictures and a video) You can only enter one answer. This are the prizes: 1st place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 2nd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: a patch The contest closes Friday, 18 July 2014 Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ____________________________________________ Results! Total number of pieces: 13531 1) dr. richtofen (12369)                     6 months pro membership and a patch! 2) myOmy (12345)                            3 months pro membership and a patch! 3) Knexmaster888 (14948)               A patch! 4) Sorunome (15000) 5) Gargamel-Knex (15316) 6) didexo (17343) 7) nerfrocketeer (17344) 8) ~KnexBuild~ (18016) 9) Knex2thelimit (18292) 10) Zombiekiller-93 (7000) 11) akshat21045 (21045) 12) FlyingFish10 (118999881999119725) Thanks for entering! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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Halo Reach dualtage: Collaboration with the foofinator:

Here's a little something I did with my pal Foofinator last month.  If you haven't seen it on my YT channel last month, here it is. PS If an admin sees this can they fix the embed code, the option to embed video has suddenly disappeared from the formatting.  In the meantime just use this link:

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I'm leaving. Not a joke. I may check my account every month or so, but I will barely be doing anything here. Bye.

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K'nex Ball Machine Contest - Elements

Greetings! I've decided to run a small contest, in the hopes of us folk here at instructables coming up with some new and exciting ball machine elements and lifts. All you need to do is post a photo and description (video would be awesome too!) of your newfangled ball machine element or lift in the comments below. The criteria you will be judged by are originality, execution and aesthetics. The deadline is October 31st, giving you a whole month to work on your elements/lifts. Judging will be done my myself, and the winner will be announced shortly after. The winner will receive a 3 month Pro Membership, and if there are 10 or more entries, the winner will receive a 1 year Pro membership, and the runner up a 3 month Pro Membership. Good luck to all! -IaC Update: Winner announced! Judging has taken place! There were many good entries - I thank you all for your participation. The winner I have chosen is Martijnd95 with his concave bowl. He will receive a 3 month pro membership for his creation. Thanks everybody!

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bday present for my girl?

My girlfirend's birthday is next month and i have a few ideas on what to give her but not much any ideas lol?

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Knex Walker Contest

Greetings fellow knex builders! Its time to announce this months contest!!!!!! This months contest is to build the largest walker out of knex possible! The prizes are 5* on all your instructables, a sub, and a patch or 2! So what are you wating for? Start building your walker today! Judges are kNeXFreek and I. Rules, the walker must have a video, accurate measurement, proof of measurement, pictures, support its own weight, walk by it self, and not slip or jam. GET BUILDING! 

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? Answered

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new piece contest? I hope so, because it has arrived! Here is my only question for you: How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? You can only enter one answer, that’s the only important rule. Prizes: 1st place: 1 year pro memebership and a patch 2nd place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 4th place: a patch 5th place: a patch The contest closes Thursday, 8 August 2013. Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ___________________________________________ Results! Here are the official results: Grand Total: 30674 pieces! Ranking: 1st gargamel602 (29467)                 1 year pro memebership and a patch! 2nd hunter999 (28500)                      6 months pro membership and a patch! 3rd iceng (28374)                                3 months pro membership and a patch! 4th iloveknexforever (27562)             a patch! 5th collinjo12 (27000)                        a patch! 6th knexknexknexknex (26750) 7th coolananias101 (35000) 8th Blue Mullet 2 (25000) 9th Sorunome (24000) 10th Shadowman39 (22342) 11th KneXtreme (18002) Thanks for participating, if not thanks for watching! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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Do patches have a time limit? Answered

I got a patch, and it said that I could gaze at it until it wears out after a month, so, do patches have a time limit? Just double checking/wondering.

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New name, new instructables

Hi everyone. My previous name 222222222539 was not only long and annoying but stupid and pointless, so I decided to change it to Electroinnovation. Also, from this point forward, I will only be bringing you technological and electrical instructables, starting with my compact electric scooter and multi-color bike underglow. I am currently awaiting for parts for both but I expect them to be finished within the next month. So from now on expect many great innovative instructables, most with very detailed instructions, coming from me about every month or so.

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PLEASE HHHEELLLPPP!!! My dogs are fighting quite often and severely.

I have two puppies, they're just 2 months old, they're also sisters, they're very friendly with each other, they love to play with one another and never fight like they did recently. three days ago, i brought home a new puppy, 1.5 months old, also a she. At first there were no problems, but today it changed, the sisters fought with each other SEVERELY, the other one was wounded, it already happened twice in one day... what should i do? please help...  

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Should I Jailbreak my Ipod touch? Answered

I just got my ipod touch a month ago and I was wondering if i should jailbreak it Specs: Ipod touch 2G MC model

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Changing the main image in an instructable you have published/ submitted to contest

Hi all, I'm having trouble changing the main image on an instructable I published a month ago. Does anyone know how? Could you provide the path? Thank you!

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What are the benefits to Premium Membership? Also, do redeemable memberships expire?

I recently was rewarded 2 coupons for 3-months of free Premium Membership. What I want to know is what's exceptional about Premium, and if Premium coupons can expire.

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Knex MRL Posted!!!

I Posted My MRL.the reason I'm posting in a forum is because on some of my earlier guns i got comments saying they didn't know it had been posted... after a month or two. so yeah, here it is!

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Worlds smallest Space Invaders machine ?

After 3 months I have finlly finished creating a mini working Space Invaders arcade machine. Let me know what you think

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What is the best way to get backstage at a concert? Answered

I am going to a concert in about 2/3 months and me and my friend really want to get backstage but we cant think of a way to get past security.  Can anyone help???

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How do I spice up my guinea pig's habitat?

I have a 6 month old guinea pig named Patunea. I try to spice it up on the cheap but it's suckish.

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How can I fix my Xbox 360?

Hey,I bought my first 360 on the same day they launched but about 2 years ago it stop reading disks it just says "unreadable disk" or something similar no matter what disk I put in it. About 6 months after that I retried it on a whim and it worked and I happily played Crackdown, unfortunately after another 6 months it stopped reading again. So far I haven't gotten the red-rings of death but I'm wondering what the problem might be. As near as I can figure it must be the laser, that it's got loose and shifted so it doesn't read, then shifted back true then off again, right?

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Am i able to save my Ipod?

 My Ipod got wet a couple months ago, still doesn't work. Is there any hope of saving it? Could i still use the hard drive? It's a 60 gig so i don't want to toss it. 

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Ichigo Kurosaki's tensa zangetsu knex sword

This is my replica of Ichigos tensa zangetsu or bankai from bleach. I has taken me 3 months to build this and I put a lot of hard work into this baby and I hope you enjoy it. Thx.

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Whats the best knex sniper rifle?

I asked the same question but like 10 months ago and i haven't been on that much since then and i was wondering if the sr-v2 is still the farthest shooting. So if it isn't i what is the farthest shooting knex sniper?

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Does this sight pay for submitted articles? ( like ehow for example?)

Does this internet site pay for the articles... I make a certain amount of money each month on articles at what about here? Do you pay or do you just make money on the writers with no writer compensation program?

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run backups without modchip on nintendo wii by thundaboy1047

... where can i get the Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma: pal (for australia) file from because i dont have any of the files cause broken link please help!!!! been working on this for month now!!?

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How many members does Instructables currently have? Answered

300,000 subscribers to the newsletter, 2.4 million new views per month, but how many actual signed-up members? How many of those members could be classed as "active" (for any given definition of "active")?

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Hi everyone, Mortarion here. I have been ghosting around instructables for about a month now, and finally decided to get an account. I will eventually post up some gun designs and so on but for a while I will just comment on upcoming stuff and start things in the forums. Hope you are accepting, from the earlier forum posts I have seen, you have been trying to get new people to sign up for a while to no avail, a warning though, I have almost no gunbuilding pieces ATM, all i have iis 3D connectors for another 5 months or so (Christmas will be here eventually. My thanks to Oblivitus who, although I haven't told him before now, is the inspiration behind me finally starting up. Nice work on the CS3. Mortarion Out.

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Knex Transformer Contest

Ok so i had Another idea which needed its own posting I want peopel to show me there own transforming creating out of knex and whichever i think is the best and most clever will get instruction to any of my transformers of their choosing and only the winner will get the instructions and they are not to be posted these are for you only. The rules: -It can be an size as long as it is a complete transforming w/o taking it apart. -Being an actual transformer is preffered to make it easier to judge. -being creative is a must Ill probably let this go for about 1 month to make my decision so lets see what you got. Update: well obviously its been more than a month but only because not many were on board for the initial idea of this. So I will honor the deal for an awesome submission.

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Southern Cali Lights & Sound

Southern Cali Lights & Sound What's Up, I'm looking for a Hip-Hop fan that are also tech nerds. I have a few ideas for some stage sets that I want to include in my performances. They will include syncing lights with sound and apply some other creative effects. I'm looking for someone in the Southern California area that can help me with the wiring and logistic. I already know what I want, and I will pay for all the supplies. I will also pay who ever helps me, but i dont have much. I would like to meet over the course of the next couple of weeks and get everything organized. Then spend a month or 2 getting all the supplies and then a month or 2 building

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XBOX 360 Slim red dot with E82 error on screen?

We have had our xbox 360 slim for a good few months now and within the last month or so, a red dot has been appearing on the power ring in place of the green power light after about 10 seconds of being powered up. The error code that is displayed is E82 and we have it connected through HDMI and when we did some research on the problem, it looks like it is a HDMI error and we have it feeding through a Onkyo amp. The link is to an image of what it looks like ( ). All help appreciated, Uberdum05

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No Knexing for a while

I was planning on posting about 4-5 new 'Ibles but yesterday I fractured my elbow  and split my shoulder joint, therefore rendering me useless. It will be 2 months untill they will be done but i assure you it will be worth waiting for.

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AR-4 v4

I know I posted this on KI about a month ago but there are people who don't look on KI, so I thought I'd re-post it here for convenience (to you, not to me) I couldn't think of a better name for this gun anyways, don't call me out on it:

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Knex wars

Well here it is a shiny new forum were you can talk about knex wars. Me and my friends generally have one each month so you can expect a recap of each one. Also I would love to hear what you guys get up to.

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New Thing-a-Day Febuary

I'm aiming to try to do one new thing each day in the month of February, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to do, because I'm in a January slump. Any one have ideas? I'm so far at zero so anything helps! :)

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