I'am making a car that should carry 50 kg and move at a speed of 10 km/hr. Can anyone help me in choosing the right DC motor??

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knex motor?

Can any one show me how to make a super fasr motor useing nig yellow gears? pease make a stand too

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Is the plug-in motor better than other motors? Answered

I was wondering if it was better than others since i might buy it in a set please answer fast.

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knex motor torque?

I got a knex motor at goodwill and it has the worst torque it can not make a car go our do any thing use full is there a way to fix it. i do not mean using gears to bring up the torque the motor is silver. it just slips on the rod and will not turn it under pressure  

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Rc knex motor Answered

I was wondering if it would be posible to take an rc car motor and the chip and replace the knex one with the rc

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What motors to use?

Hi, I was looking for some advise on how many rocket motors I should use for my rocket. The main fuselage/engine mount weighs 150g, and the payload weighs 50. The main engine will be an Estes D12-3, and I also have some C6-7s to use as boosters. I built it to support up to a cluster of 8 around the outside, but I think if I filled it, it would be too much power and it would break apart or be unrecoverable due to the altitude reached. I can either have 0, 2, 4, or the full 8 boosters. From simulations, I will get about 33m from the D12 on it's own, and roughly an extra 15m from each C6 engine added. It is only a simulation though, so I was hoping someone could make a sensible recommendation on how many to use. One more question, how many engines can I simultaneously ignite with the estes igniter (with the igniters in series). I don't have any spare ignition wire, so I can't really test it. I need to be sure that the igniter can supply enough current to fire all the engines, or it will be unstable.

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Motor, top or bottom? Answered

When building ball machines and such is the motor better at the top or bottom?

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Best Knex Motor?

I'm wanting to know which k'nex motors do you consider the Most Versatile and/or have the most torque or speed. i'm looking to ebay one and would like to know which to buy. The Blue ones (see first image) or the wired Clear ones(2nd image). Thanks in advance.

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K'nex Motors/Fans

I've been thinking and I just got done watching a cool video of a super motor. Apperently I'm trying to make a fan but I guess my motor isn't strong enough to move all the gears and axles. I've made all the axles go through smooth holes and no attachments... I'll try to show pictures later.

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is it possible to make a motorized skateboard with a weed eater motor?

I wanna go fast and if your not first your last. i want to make a summer project

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Help. Clothes Dryer Motor

Help.. I have a Motor from a Clothes Dryer.. I want to Use it as a Generator.. can anyone help me? It has a three wires.. a blue, red and yellow-black ones.. how will i use those wires? please give me some inputs.. thanks.. 

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Radio Controlled K'nex Motor

I have finnaly found someone selling an RC knex set!!Have a look

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Automatic window cover motor

I have a problem in my apartment with an outdoor light right outside my window. If i dont close my curtains at night my room pretty much looks like daylight. I like to wake up to the sun though so I started looking at automatic curtain openers, saw the price and decided it cant be that hard to diy. My idea is to have a curtain that rolls up rather then goes to the side. I am trying to think of a way to make this simple cheap and quiet. really all I need is a rod and fairly quiet motor that I can plug into a wall. I was thinking a rotisserie motor would be pretty good but have never been near one to hear how loud they are. It might solve the problem of a rod as well depending on how long of a stick I can get for it. Anyone have any other ideas of a better way to do this?

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How the made the motor NOT to spin ???

Hi ... Does anybody know, how they made it that the motor stops to spin when supplying the power through the MOSFET ??? Please, have a look at the video.;=player_embedded I have plans for airsoft "mosfet", but not with the braking control. Does anyone know what to add, to make it work like on the video ??? Thank you in advance.  

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lego power functions motor?

I had broke my battery box and

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Help with building a motorized floor?

Hello, I'm in the process of designing a workshop for our backyard. Due to building restrictions imposed by the city I will be limited on how big the finished building will be. I'd like to know if anyone has some information on what it would take to build a motorized expandable storage building? Basically I'd like the walls and floor to move out so there would be space inside while to work in. I would then be able to pass inspection but make the unit bigger inside so I could actually have some floor space to walk into it. Thanks, Joe

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What if anything would happen if you were to wrap a motor with wire? Around the out side. Answered

Could you pick up any current from the magnetic field of the motor and feed it back into the motor?

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Small electric motor to power something along a track?

I want to build a circular track and power a pretty light cart along the track... doesn't have to be fast... only 2-3 mph. I need a way to power it. I thought first of making a center pole with an extension cord coming out, but as the cart continues in circle, the cord would twist and twist then knot. I then thought I could power the wheels with a car batter(ies). However, I don't know the first thing about how long a charged battery would be able to power a light motor, etc. I don't know the first things about electricity, so any help or reference material would be appreciated. Is there a better way to do this? A rotating plug on the pole, for example? Simple diagrams to show how? Thank you so much!

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Any ways to make a motorized Blind?

Any ways to make a motorized Blind? Saw someone on instructable made one, but without instructions. I read somewhere, someone mentioned to go SOMFY SYSTEMS INC and read about motor and cord take-up system that fits into the existing blind headrail. But SOMFY SYSTEMS INC mentioned the specs and not on how to do it. Now i am kind of lost. As a beginner, i am only at this stage. This is what i found.  I need to know what kind of DC motors with what voltage and power, can roll up a blind. Wonder will a 12V DC motor with 30rpm do the trick? Thanks!!!

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What is the best knex motor for use on knex guns? Answered

I would like one that is available on

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How does one wire a motor so that it reverses automatically?

I'm looking for a relatively simple, mechanical way (by that I mean not using a micro-controller) to wire a motor so that it will reverse direction without being switched manually. The interval is unimportant, and the purpose is to have two spools connected by a loop of string (think reel-to-reel), one of which is controlled by the motor. A low-tech solution would be awesome.

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How do you extend window motor gear? Answered

I have two window motors that i plan to use for a small robot, how can i extend the gear on each of them (so i can clamp it to wooden wheels for direct drive) do they sell ready made extensions? here is an image of how the two motors look like (i know they're different but i got them for free so.... yeah) i opened up the front panel for the motors (where the gear is shafted on) and discovered that the gear i can take off but the aluminum rod that it's grounded on (center of the gear) is too short for me to connect to the wheels) in other words, how can i extend that rod

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I received a weird knex motor with some knex on ebay. Has anyone seen this before? Answered

Hi! I bought a huge lot of knex a few months ago and it included a weird little orange thing that looks like a motor. I have no idea what it is or what it does. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks.

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knex engine?

Hi everybody im still new and don't know anything about knex but i loved the idea of making engines is there any special kits to innovate new engines and make something new , is there any calculations?? can anybody help me by giving me information websies abou knex for beginners especially for engines. can a knex engine work with compressed air or just with attaching the drive train with an electric motor is it easy to make and is it good idea for prototyping you ideas?? thanks i know that i asked too much questions (im still beginner) and i know that the instuctables knex PROS will be helpful with me PS ,can anybody tell me where can i get a good price buy for a knex kit that contain everything for my infinity innovation

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Estes Model Rocket Motor Propellant Type? Answered

What is the propellant in an Estes rocket motor?  Also at what ratio are the ingredients in the propellant.  Any help is appreciated.

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how can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors? Answered

How can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors?

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What's the amperage rating of the K'Nex electric motor? Answered

I recently purchased a small lot of K'Nex parts to add to my collection. Included in the lot was the 12-volt K'Nex electric motor that you plug into a wall outlet. Unfortunately, the lot did not include the box/documentation for the motor, and more importantly, it did not include the AC adapter required to run the motor. I have a big box of AC adapters from various electronics collected over the years, so I likely have one that is a suitable replacement. However, I can't seem to find out what the amp draw is for the motor. I've looked elsewhere on the web but have not been able to find this information. So I was wondering if someone who actually has the original AC adapter for the motor can look at it and give me it's specifications and perhaps a model number? Thanks!

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Rain sensor + stepper motor + arduino (Need help)

I am working on a SMART WIndow. This window is supposed to close automatically when it rains. Suppose the sliding window is being closed using a motor. How can i write a program to serve the purpose: When the rain sensor sense rain > activate the motor to close the window > after window fully closed > deactivate the motor. When the rain sensor dries (rain stop) > activate the motor to open the window > after window fully open > deactivate the motor.

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Help with what type of motor I should get

Ok well I've made a cord/wire reel for a 30m long internet cord, that I use for my xbox 360. I made it using 2 of those cd stacks holders. like this:[=====] II II II II[=====]Then put a cut half newspaper over so that the cord doesn't have to make tiny circles.It's really annoying when I reel the cord back in cause I have to turn the reel or else the cord gets twisted. I cant just grab the cord and wrap it around the reel. If you dont get what I mean then think of it as if you had pack up some string so you grab the string in one hand and use the the other to wrap it around. Thats what I cant do instead I have to rotated the hand thats holding the string other wise the cord gets twisted.So what I thought was that I could either get a motor that reels it in for me and I can also pull it out without damaging the motor or I could use something that you use to reel in a garden hose.The cord and the reel way a tiny bit over 1kg.Any ideas on what motor I shouldget or how to build the reel in thingy.

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PIR activated motor - can anyone help me build one?

I am baffled by the techie bits of the various PIR projects that I have stumbled across.  You're all very clever! I'd like to develop a kids toy whereby a small motor is triggered by movement in the room. it should: fit inside a plant pot be battery operated use very little or no power when inactive cost less than £10 / $15 in parts Is this possible?  Would anyone be willling to help me develop this toy? thanks. Julius (London, UK)

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where can i get a orignal knex coaster/ big gray motor?

Ive seen the ibles but they use the big gray motor i was wordin if some one could give me a link? also i was wordin bout where i can get a orginal knex coaster

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Solar Panel Problem? Answered

I have a solar panel which can turn a 6 volt DC motor with efficiency, but when I tried to use a 2.5volt ordinary motor, it did not turn. Can you give me any help in identifying the possible defects?

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is there any small, automatic knex weapons?? Answered

The thing i find about knex weapons, is that they all have the basic, pull back the ram to shoot mechanism. there is larger weapons that have motors to automaticaly load, but they are basically just a lot of tiny guns that has a motor so all the triggers are pulled fast. are there any knex weapons that arnt huge, and automatically pulls back the ram, then releases it, so if you turn the motor on, it will automatically shoot?

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How powerful does a motor cycle motop have to be to pick up a man on a helecopt er chair?

How powerful does a motor cycle motor have to be to pick up a man on a helecopter chair?

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How useful is a fully functioning dishwasher (except the start button) in terms of components? Revised! Answered

Specifically i want to know how useful the motor is. I want to be able to utilize it for a motorized long board. EDIT Part 2: If i don't manage to fix the dishwasher (the people i'm picking it up from tomorrow say that they tried to use a time cycle and it error'd part of the way through it so there might be more wrong with it) what types of things could i make out of those components?

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how to call this instructable ?

Hello i've made a funny little thing (or better a whole lot of different) but i cant realy give it a name and its made out of scrap.. you can make it out of allmost everything its a little moving "robot" that moves by the shaking and imballance of a electro motor. so no wheels (unless you want) and no specific size.. but there fun to make and play with.. how do i call a instructable that you can put on allmost everything and can be made out of allmost everything

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How do you control a remote control motor without a remote control? Answered

I lost the remote to a toy batlebot, but i would like to use the motors for future projects. How do I do that, if posible?

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Can there be a knex gun that is auto without a motor?

I searched almost every machine guns on 'ibles, and it all includes a motor. Not that I have a motor, but can there be a full-auto knex gun without a motor? Like a cam action?

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how can i make a easy rocket motor like what you can by? Answered

I want to make a roket motor because i live in new zealand and cant by any please help me!!!!!

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Which motor has the most torque? (K'nex)? Answered

Hi there I'm in the process of developing a K'nex new ball machine lift, but the current motor I am using (the TT one 2 speed- the one below) does not have enough torque to drive the axle. I was wondering which motor is best suitable and has a larger amount of torque. I was thinking the 12V one with the adapter, but since I don't own one yet, I cannot test one. So my question is which motor has the most torque?

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A knex fully automatic gun without a motor? Answered

Is it possible? I hope its possible and if anyone know of one point me to it please?

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Looking for a plans for k'nex motorized lazy susan

Hey :) I'd like to build a small lazy susan out of K'nex. I've got a pair of the blue motors that I'd like to use with them. All my searching is coming up with nothing and I am NOT the creative type. I've tried. I know it's possible, I just cannot figure out how to do it. I want to be able to put small objects on it for display. Could someone point me to some plans? Thanks so much!

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I have a 1/3 hp motor and want a project for it. Help me?

I have an old old old Packard 1750 RPM 1/3 motor I just scrounged and fixed, now I want something to do with it. Any ideas?

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Selling My knex help

I planning on selling my knex i have 10lbs worth and 2 rollercaster kits and 3 motors. What would be a good price to sell them quickly?

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