Instructables the movie

I'm calling the attention of all the Instructables Team and Community, together with your suggestions and comments, we can make a very beautiful, suspense, breath-taking movie. I know that Macgyver blockbuster film is coming and it has a very big budget. I'm hoping that Steven Spielberg will help us in this regard. Let's make an exciting story. This movie is about invention, innovation, recycle, gadgets, espionage, robots, gizmos, diy, computer whiz, Macgyverism, hacking, satellite, homebrew, offbeat/sneaky/wacky uses of everyday things, problem-solving, strategies, smartness, creativity, etc. Let's start for example with a fourteen-year old boy who is an instructable freak. He unexpectedly witness a crime scene where the "big brothers" (mafia, yakuza, terrorists, NSA, CIA, etc.) are involved. A conspiracy came out to eliminate him. He is now running for his life. His only tools are his "mossad" skills/talents and the "smartest instructables." We can develop further this story by the following steps: 1 - Identify the problems which he will encounter to survive 2 - Select smart solutions from instructables 3 - Integrate and converge those situations in each scene 4 - Choose characters for the movie 5 - Let's make a script 6 - Finalization 7 -Dr. Eric Wilhelm, please contact the Hollywood... Are you with me? List now the links of your favorite instructables that can be used in this movie! And join the forum...

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Sneaking into movies?

Well today i went to the movies with my friends and we saw "get smart" and it was good but then my friends said lets go see another movie and sneak in. They say it is not illegal but i think it is. Also it goes completely against my moral values. Is just getting one ticket and sneaking in illegal? What do you guys think about it?

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Halo Movie

While i was looking around the internet, i found out that there was a movie called halo, and then i looked at the news, the movie was based on halo. its production has been halted, due to the fact that the two studios backed out before the production could be finish, because like the Tome Raider, they think that i will not be as good as the games. if you have any opinion about this, post away, and ect.

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The Inkheart movie!

So, lots of people read inkheart, right? Well the movie is coming out in about three weeks, January 23. I was thrilled. However, I don't like the character choices. The main problem is they have this girl, Eliza Bennet playing Meggie who is 16, probably 15 at the time of filming. However, in the book, Meggie, is only 12. The 2nd problem, which isn't really a big one, is that I did not see Paul Bettany playing Dustfinger. To me, dustfinger was older, and in the promo pictures he doesn't have scars all over his face. That's all I have to say, but I digress. What do you guys think, I also think we need inkheart instructables. I'll think of one!Edit: Noone is an inkheart fan?

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Video Game Movies?

Hi guys! Im an indie filmmaker and i want to make a video game short film. Please suggest what you think i should make. Also i want it to be T and under (T,E10,E) no M except for a rare occasion. I will be posting forums semi-frequently like this. Well? HAVE AT IT!!!!     COMMENT!! SUGGEST!!! PLEASE? YAY!!!!!!! PS i will feature you in the creds if i use your idea PPS i will try to make behind-the-scenes instructables w/ wideos PPPS the cake is no lie!

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can people give me any movie ideas?

I am a rising director needing ideas i have a movie group that me and my friends started and we are looking for good movie ideas worthy enough to be in one of our short films. so people please give ideas

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windows movie maker trouble? Answered

I made some movies but it wont let me post them on instructables any suggestions

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Does This Make a Good Movie?

I've been making up movie titles over the past few months, one of them is called London's Nightmare. It features JK Rowling's Big 7 & some of their families, who actually play themselves in it. It is about a psycotic serial killer who chooses 7 indeviduals to survive a series of grusome & horrifying events. They must fight & avoid ther way through the terrifying & 'paranormal' death traps, enemies & all in order to save London from the horrific nighmare it suffers in the hands of the madness.

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Stop-Motion K'nex Movies?

What if we brought K'nex into the world of video as short stop-motion movies? Instead of movies of K'nex guns, we could make K'nex actions or comedies.

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I need a download link for the movie Hero of Time!?

Basically, I heard about a movie dubbed "Hero of Time", which is a fan made movie of the game Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. However, I heard about it just after it was taken off, due to impending legal action from Nintendo. If you want more info, go to their website, Anyway, can anyone provide me with a good quality download, preferably mp4? I couldn't find any myself.

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Latest Video Game Movie Adaptation: Microsoft's Minesweeper

I'd pay to watch this one =)

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Could someone make this gun?

Could someone make a knex gun like the one in this video

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In Ponyo, is Lisa Sosuke's mom or sister?

I saw the Japanese version with no subs. and I heard Sosuke say nii-san. But when I went online, I saw that Lisa was Sosuke's mother.... according to some people. So what is she exactly????

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What is your favorite anime character?

In a combat RPG game; What do you want to play as, who do you want to play as? I am making a board card game and i am asking you, what do you want to be? Examples: Goku, a turtle, volibear, a dire wolf, a swordsman etc... Game must be funny. So choose entertaining characters. I prefer tanky, melee characters bcause they are brute.

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Your favorite documentary?

I actually have several.Planet Earth is amazing. We're halfway through it right now. The next episode is about Jungles. :D I also watched one called Living Dolls on youtube last month and it was really fascinating. And the one about Prussian Blue - Nazi Pop Twins.Oh, and Outfoxed, it's about Fox News. I love to hate them. :DOne more: Who Killed the Electric Car? Watch it and try not to get angry. I think that might be impossible. Now I'll stop rambling. I want to learn about new ones. :D

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Torrenting a movie you own (Legality)? Answered

So, i have been wondering this for a while now, and thought to ask here before I did something stupid and got the feds at my door :) Is it legal to torrent a movie I own? For example, I have an old copy of the Incredibles, but since it was released in 2004, the movie has seen its fair share of use, and at the moment is too scratched to be played (Unfortunately I did not rip a backup...).  So under these circumstances, would it be legal to torrent the movie file, as I have the actual, physical disk of the movie? What about VHS tapes (got my fair share of those). Getting these on my computer would just be some $70 software/recording equipment... it would be faster and cheaper to download them instead of getting shoddy quality off of a 15 year old VHS.  What about for a disc that has been solen? We had our car broken into at one point, and got some 10 DVDs stolen out of it (around 8 of which didnt have a backup)... I would like to be able to get those back, legally, without having to spend $150 re-buying movies already purchased...

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Windows Movie Maker Sound Problem Answered

 Well I've made a lot of videos with windows movie maker. But recently I tried to import a .mp3 music file and the programme simply will not play it! This is very frustrating as this has not happened in the past. Video and .wav sound works fine, but I don't want to have to convert all of my music! Any suggestions?

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trying to rember a movie i saw? Answered

i rember seeing this movie with my cousin i have no idea what the name is. all i remebr is that it takes place at a store kind of like sams club and they had the fastest chasier there but he was giving people free items

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Knex Transformers from the new movie

I used the transformer toy images from to build these transformers, they are true transformations they don't have to be taken apart to transform them.

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Own a hamburger phone as JUNO movie?

My friends, do you like to watch Juno Movie and own the same hamburger phonehamburger phone? I find a online store which both buy hamburger phone, one store is , sale price: $20.99, you also get cool JUNO hamburger phone

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Movie Cliché: Hidden Wall Safe

So I am actually a bit surprised that there is no instructable on how to make a hidden wall safe. More or less I am wanting to build a hidden shelf area akin to that of a hidden wall safe. IE: you have a picture on the wall that moves in some way to reveal the hidden space behind it. Just wondering why no one has done it before? So 100 points to who can guess what my next project is :-P

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ADAM: 2009 movie about the realionship between a boy with Asperger's and the girl that moves in next door (upstairs) UPDATED....

Adam chronicles the relationship between a normal woman and a man with Asperger's Syndrome...Those with Asperger's, ...look at the world in ways that are fundamentally different...The easiest way to tell this story would be to resort to stereotypes and short-cuts and, to his credit, Mayer largely avoids these. A review Another review Update: The way I learned about this was through an interview on PBS radio in my area. UPDATE #2:  I have seen the movie, and I find a lot of it very accurate....but if you are looking for a nice neat "happily ever after" ending, it might not be for is realistic, and life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after". Just saying....  

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Trailers From Hell - weekend watching

This site has a large number of movie trailers with commentaries. See Galaxy of Terror for a good one. (it won't embed as it's JWPlayer) I'm away for the weekend, bye!

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Looking for a song name.

It's from the scene in the movie I now pronounce you chuck and larry, when they are walking into the courtroom through the crowds. Can't really describe it, sir of like dum dum dum dum dumdumdum over and over and a voice goes doo do do near the start. Can you please tell me what it is?

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iTunes isn't importing videos when I tell it to. Any suggestions? Answered

I've tried File>Add file to library and I've tried just dragging the video in. No errors show up or anything, but my movie doesn't show up in my library. The file format I'm trying is AVI. Should I convert it to MOV or MP4?

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how do you get movies for free on an mp4 player? Answered

I have a zen mp4 player and i wan to put full movies, tv shows, ect on it. what site is legitiment for these things?

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What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Now everybody whos seen the Star Wars movies or even just one of them knows you cant not like it. I mean who doesnt like aliens, robots, lightsabers, and magic powers, and who could forget Yoda the little green man and Chewbacca the hairy man-bear, thing. But which Star Wars movie is your favorite? Perosnally, my favorite is The Empire Strikes Back, with the Revenge of the Sith a close second. So whats your favorite?

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Green Skin Paint?

Hey guys, So for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie me and my girlfriend are going as Starlord and Gamora. We are trying to figure out our costumes and it seems pretty clear that for her costume to be complete she needs to be green. So I was wondering if you guys new what paint we could use for that, obviously it should be able to be washed off. So if anyone can help many many thanks!

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is there a faster way to download movies from the psp store?

 im trying to download a movie from the psp store, but every time i get close to finishing the download it says it times out... 

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how does everyone like the new harry potter movie??

I saw the new movie but didnt like it. how do you like it?

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How can i import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker?

I want to know how to import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker because i want to use decent music in Youtube videos.

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Subtitles on a 120gb ipod classic?

I want to have subtitles when i watch movies.  i changed the settings on my ipod to play subtitles, but there are NO subtitles. how can i fix it to where i have subtitles?

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I am so lucky! I am going to the film set!

I am so lucky! I am going to go to the corner gas film set in Saskatchewan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Knex transformer Poll

I am considering posting another transformer instructable from my collection of transformers i have. It whas been a while since i posted anything and wanted to conduct a poll to decide if and what i should post. So for this poll please on one submission per person and to include only the following: If you want to see a new transformer instructable yes or no and your reason why also which one of the many transformers i have posted you want to see. Depending on the outcome of this i will make my decison

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Is it possible to watch my ipod movies on my tv?

I have a cable that hooks my headphone slot on my ipod to the yellow, white, and red video and audio slots on my tv. i know i can listen to my music through my tv but i dont get picture when trying to watch video. is it possible to watch these movies on my tv screen?

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Can i seperate the audio from the video in a .avi or .mov video file?

In windows movie maker I want to add the video of one file and add audio to it. The only think keeping me from this is that the video has audio with it. is there any way i can seperate the video and audio of the video file and just use the video?

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need help with drum and bass songs!?

There are two songs i need help finding out abut, all help is appreciated. 1) in Courage the Cowardly Dog, there's a villain called katz., whenever he comes on a drum beat is playing, if anyone knows what it is please tell me. 2) in the movie the Underworld there's a dark and brisk song that plays when she walks in the underground station after the shootout.

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is there an easy way for me to mount a screen above my bed? Answered

I don't really have a screen yet, so i'm open to any suggestions. i do have a PSP that might be usable.

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Put a photo onto a ball?

Hi, i"m new to Instructables,  and just learnt how to make a billiard ball in I have it rolling across my movie screen now. I do  home movies in Power Director and these new tricks keep the movies interesting. Now i would like to learn how to put a photo onto the ball instead of a number. Can anyone help me with this?

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I know I am known for my knex transformers but to change things up a little. After watching Ironman I wanted to recreate something from the move out of knex so here is the Mark 01 the first iron man suit . It can stand on its own with no supports or non knex pieces.

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Does anyone have any good ideas for an action movie?

My friend Josh and I considered making an action movie, mostly just for kicks and giggles. however, I need a good, solid Idea in order to write the script. I already tried facebook, but got nowhere. anyway, I was thinking something along either a James Bond style or a Matrix style.  in the paraphrased words of Neo, "it's going to need guns. lots of guns." also any tips on cheap (safe?) stunts, camera tips, and other helpful hints are welcome and appreciated. I have access to some high-adventure equipment , so heights aren't much of an issue on the stunts point. Thanks in advance! Ciao!

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how do hook up cable, right? Answered

I have the tv hooked into a black box that has chan3-4 on it, in order to watch dvds/vhs', but when i ran a cable cord through the back, and used a splitter, so i wouldn't lose the movie option, it now doesn't show the movies unless i unhook the cable and even then there is a noise you hear along with the movie. i tried seeing if it's the channel settings either on the tv or the black box, it is not.

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Has anyone tried to make the music box from the movie Labyrinth?

I would like to make this for my mother...but cannot find anyone who has this as a DIY.  Any tips?

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