Mp3 Player Mod?

I'm not really sure if this is the right forum to talk about this. I did go to Tech, but I saw a topic about MP3 player Skin Mods here, so I thought if I could ask for some help. I have an Mp3 Player, it's cute, runs on AAA batteries and an SD Card. Here is the problem though. It lacks any sort of Display.  Like it's one of those screen less ones you find.  I do have a spare screen lying over from a cellphone, so I was wondering if it could be possible to modify the inner workings of my MP3 Player so that I can finally see the name of the song I'm listening to. xP

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mp3 frozen what to do?

Plugged mp3 player to usb cord (mtp connected charging) came up on the screen now its frozen wont go back,turn off nothing

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To find user manual MP3

 Dear All...  If you have  the user manual this MP3 player.Please give me a copy.,for to know what is function this small button.Thank you in advance for your time.                                                   Kind regards

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How do you put music on a mp3 player?

How do you put music on a mp3 player , i know your suppose to sync but when i made a list of the songs i wanted to sync on my windows xp it said that i needed to connect a device which i had already connected.

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play Walkman through TV ??? Answered

Is there a way that I can play my WALKMAN through my TV or DVD/HDD Player. Can anyone help Pls.??

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use a footswitch to activate MP3?

I am attempting to set up a foot pressure switch to activate an mp3 player for an art exhibition. I wired up the footswitch to to close the circuit when pressed between the speakers and the mp3. Unfortuneatley it only closes half the circuit so the other half remains open giving a lot of hissing sounds. The idea is that the mp3 remains on and playing but that when the pressure swicth is stepped on it closes the circuit so the music plays. I need to find a way to break the entire circuit when the mat is not stepped on. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks Cathal

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speaker connection for an MP3 player

My friend has asked me to make something so he can connect his stereo speakers into his MP3 player.They are speakers that have the black and red wires that you put into the back of the stereo, no plugs or anything and i already know what im going to make but im just not sure on the soldering points. I'm going to get a hobby box cut a hole in the front of it and put in a board of four speaker plugs then solder all of those to a cable that can plug into his MP3 player. Should i just solder all the black cables together and all he red cables together inside the box then connect them to the red and black cable to the MP3 player? The photos are the speaker plugs in going to use and a crappy MS paint picture of what im talking about

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How to convert FLAC to mp3 easily?

 Yo, I'm downloading Led Zeppelin on a torrent, and I realized it's FLAC. I've gotta Mac, and of course itunes and naturally i want it on my ipod. What's the easiest way to convert it to mp3?

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What is the best MP3 player? NOT iPod

I'm looking for an MP3 player, but i don't want to get an iPod. I was thinking the Creative Zen. I was looking around and I saw the 8 gig at Walmart for about $150. (I don't want to be badgered about Walmart or China or whatever) So does anyone have any idea on what should I get. It needs to work with Vista and Windows Media Player.

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Generic MP3 player to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit that Sony sells.

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Whats the cheapest mp3 player you can find? Answered

I don't care if it has no screen 512mb minimum

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Generic MP3 player connected to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player (not an iPod) to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit (Son-Aux) that Sony sells and/or buy the antiquated changer.

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I have a small mp3 player that stopped working. What I could do with the insides?

It has a small lcd screen that I think still works.

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I have an old 1gb jWIN mp3 player that I no longer have a use for. Any cool ideas for a project?

The player has an internal mic and male usb output.

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Explosive music player

There was much fear and freak out [when the box was opened]. But cooler heads prevailed and a phone call was made. “Hey Matt, did you order metal objects of a dubious nature?” Find out what they did, and how, here. (And what music would you store on it?  My first thoughts were Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Twisted Firestarter...)

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Is there any free way to convert Mp3 to MID? Answered

For some reason my phone will only take MID files as ringtones, and I have many mp3 files, though it only stores those as music. is there any free way for me to convert my mp3s to MID?

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Are there any sites that have free MP3s that are then transferred onto Windows Media Player? Answered

Ive been wondering if theres any websites that alow for a clickable link that then leads to windows media player and plays the song I have seen it done but im looking for a website in which A vast majority of Mp3s are like this that are free and 100% legal

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Awsome lego "Ihome" mp3 dock! (nano)

I was messing around with LEGOs.

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What are some media players other than Windows Media Player, that are free and register mp3 players? Answered

I have an Archos 105, and I am tired of Windows Media Player freezing up whenever I plug in my mp3 or rip a cd. I downloaded VLC Media Player, but it doesn't register when I plug in my mp3.

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I want to play my MP3 player in my car so that I can hear the music I want to hear.

I have talked to several friends about the different ways to do this and basically have learned that I either use a cassette converter of an FM transmiter. Well I decided to go the cassette route however when I put the cassette in my car tape player and connect my MP3 player, no music. The cassette makes a sound like its rolling some tape (kind of like when you use a cassette tape cleaner) and then after about 15 seconds it ejects. I thought maybe it was the MP3 cassette I bought so I went and bought a second MP3 cassette of a different brand and motre expensive and it does the same thing. Am I to beieve that the MP3 cassette converter is not an option for me? Should I now go out and purchase the FM transmiter? My car stereo/tape player is a good one as I have a BMW and tapes play fine so what is the problem? Do I need to buy another MP3 cassette only this time spend even more money? I've seen some that are $25, the two I bought were $5.99 and $9.99 but no music :( Any ideas??

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I am looking for instructions to modify an inexpensive flash MP3 player into a player that runs off an AC adapter.

It's going to run for 8 hours a night, every night. I have a small pair of speakers I will plug into the player. I would rather not have to charge something every day and then have it die after a couple of years. I would rather not charge AA or AAA batteries. I am going to use this player to play one mp3 (a little relaxation script) then repeat another mp3 (the sounds of rain) until its shutoff. This is a white noise / Sleep type of thingy. I have found iCreative Hard Drive Players with their charging system and iPods that will play when plugged into a charger; however, these devices are a bit more expensive and in a few years, many of us are going to have a number of these inexpensive players dead in a drawer and I though it would be nice to look at ways to encourage reuse of these.

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Where to download mp3 music from?

The reason I am asking this is that I am looking for some fresh ideas of cool new music I could listen to. So where do you guys download mp3 music from? Do you only listen to music online or do you have any favorite site you like to go to to download and save good mp3 music songs? Would love to hear suggestions.

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how can i get rid of the scratches on my sony walkman screen?

Its a NWZ-E344 red page:;=-1&catalogId;=10001&productId;=1006734&navigationPath;=n46881n100522n100523.its has some deep ones but is there a way to make it more durable?

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Scrambled album-art on my Ipod

At some point in the last year, the album art on my ipod has become scrambled beyond belief; some pics are applied to several albums, some albums that already had artwork have had it replaced, etc. Is there any way, short of laboriously going through song-by-song (I'm at about 17k songs, so I'd like to avoid that) to repair or replace them?

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MP3 Bedtime Stories ..... Battery supply???

Hi, new here so please bare with me.....long story cut short. My Grandson is five years old and I thought it would be great, and get him to sleep quicker at night, if I could come up with some method of playing MP3 stories. I know, CD player, etc. nope, at five years old they want to take EVERYTHING apart. So no mains leads, CDs, etc. What I came up with was buy a simple and cheap (£2.99) MP3 player off ebay, pair it with a small battery powered speaker (£5.99) and away we go.....doh!   Both items are amazing and just right for the job BUT both are battery powered (will go flat after he falls asleep and they are left on) and two, they both have on-off switches underneath which stops me mounting them on a surface. Sorry this is going on so long....... What I thought of doing is getting a loooooooong lasting battery source (would 9v last a lot longer) and bringing ing it down to 1.5v (x2 one feed for each device). Then it wouldn't matter if they were left on overnight a few times -  or am I deluded.  Or better still, can anybody please advise?  

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How to install LAME MP3 encoder?

Im trying to follow this guide i cant download the LAME mp3 program. i only got winzip and mingw and nothing more. its confusing. HELP

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mobile battery in cheap mp3 player

Help me i hv a cheap mp3 player which is not charging now...and i cant find its battery replacement in market... so i am thinking of attaching a mobile's battery(nokia bl-5b which i hv 3 in spare) to the mp3 player as power source ... my question is will it work since both battery gives output of 3.7v ??? and will it give longer playing time my... mp3 player was previously giving me roughly 1 hour of play time with that tiny 3.7v battery... ???

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Can iPods play "normal" MP3 tracks? Answered

OK, noob question, but google holds no clear answers (I just get lots of "convert iTunes to MP3" hits). I'm thinking of buying a music player with a much larger memory than the current 2G.  There are iPod-dedicated birdwatching products that tempt me towards Apple products, but I have hundreds of MP3 tracks. If I get an iWhatever, will it play ordinary MP3 tracks "as is", will I have to convert them to iTunes, or will I have to start from scratch?

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Mr. Microphone

I had an idea for a Mr. Microphone, is it possible to modify it to run off my MP3 player so that instead of your voice coming in over the radio its your MP3?

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How do I convert an mp4 file to mp3? Answered

I wanted to convert a few podcasts that I've downloaded into songs. I would buy the song, but he only had a podcast of it.(Langhorne Slim- Worries) So how do I convert it into mp3 for easy listening? And I don't want to download anything to have to accomplish this.

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How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van?

How do I run a my Mp3 player through the RCA jacks on the OEM DVD player in my Van? It will only change to that audio input if their is video input into the RCA jacks?

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can I play mp3s through a telephone speaker? (80's model telephone, 1 8 jack) PLEASE REPLY ASAP!

 This is for a piece of art work, I'm running the mp3 with batteries, hidden inside a phone i want to attach the telephone handset speaker to the headphone jack which i can then plug into the mp3 (which is hidden in the base part of the phone) IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME SOME SIMPLE ADVICE I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL!

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Is it possible to make a Single Speaker Self-Powered MP3 player amplifier, with amp powered by player's right channel?

Can you make a one speaker mp3 amp that amplifies the left channel, and drives a single speaker, and uses the right channel as the amps power source? The right channel could be rectified and smoothed, but would it be enough power to run an amplifier that amplifies the left channel and drives a small speaker. Would it work? Would it be louder than simply running left and right speakers directly off the MP3 player?

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I recently ordered a new mp3 player, to be exact it was the (Ematic 1.5" Color 4GB MP3 Video Player) and the store info said that the 4 gig memory could hold up to 40 hrs of  music or videos. Now I'm open minded but that seems like a strech to me. So does anybody know if a 4 gig memory could hold that much?

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convert a DS car charger to a USB charger

I am changing my old DS car charger to a USB charger for my MP3 player. The charger puts out 5.2 volts, is that safe to use with my 5 volt MP3 player our should I add a resistor to the circuit?

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Is it possable to increase the hard drive space on an archos 104? Answered

I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my 4gb archos 104 to 8gb.

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should i sell my ipod

Hey I was just wondering if I should sell my 20 gig 4th generation ipod(super ghetto) for the Samsung Yp-K5. Your opinion would help me alot. thanks

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Null songs/duplicate songs on Ipod?

I've tried to use Itunes to identify duplicate songs, but it doesn't seem to want to with the Ipod, only with my Itunes library. I also have many tracks that are null tracks (drag-n-drop on my Ipod doesn't always work, so instead I'm sometimes left with song titles sans music). I'm wondering if there is a simple way to remove these from an Ipod specifically.

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Free (legal in the US) MP3s that work, anyone? Answered

 I got an SD card reader for my DSi, and downloaded converting freeware. Then I realized I would have to get stuff to put through the converter. Could anyone point out to me free MP3s(alternative/rock) or really cheap ones(less than $0.10)? Oh, and they have to be legal.

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where can you get a free amp?

Where can you get a free amp, and what does an amp look like?

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Aircraft comm system

I work on jets for a living and there are many times that we are stuck on the comm system for hours at a time running up operational checks. What I have done is taken a female and male comm jack and spliced in a headphone jack so I can listen to music. It works fine when I am not plugged into the jet, I can hear the music in my head set. But what I want is to plug it in to the comm system and have everyone on comm hear the music. So here are the two problems I have "they should have the same answer" I need the music playing in my headphones not to travel back to the source and I need the music I pipe into the mic end not to turn my mic into a speaker. I have a basic understanding of electronic principle so is all I need 2 diodes? Just looking for some help.

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how do i use my mp3 player on an i-pod dock?

My car stereo has an i-pod dock attached to it, which is great... but my i-pod broke. I have a cheaper MP3 player that is still working and uses a USB port for connectivity that I would like to use in my car instead. Is there a way to convert the I-pod dock interface to a USB interface?

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