How to cancel subscription??

I no longer wish to be part of instructables I find it does not suit me nor are any of my grandsons interested in them,so absolutely no use to me.

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The smallest knex gun with a removabe clip

Alright, I was messing about with my knex, attempting to make a knex gun with a removable mgazine. I had made the clip and I then noticed my knex book-end that I made ages ago. I noticed that my knex gun clip would fit inside it, so with a little modding I think I have come up with the worlds smallest knex gun with a removable clip. It's roughly 12x8x3.5 with the clip in, and 12x6x3.5 without. Please post any atempts to beat this or correct me if I'm wrong becuase I have not researched this so it might not be the smallest. Tomm0505

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Best Sealant for Rub n Buff?

I'm wondering what would be the best product to use to clear coat the top of rub n buff. I painted a helmet with it, and I'm worried about it wearing off since it's beginning to around the edges. I love the natural shine that rub n buff has, and want to preserve that luminosity as much as possible. I've also heard that some of the clear spray paints out there react with the rub n buff. Just wondering if anyone has brands or products to recommend, thanks! 

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how to mod an n strike nerf gun?

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Project A (K'nex Ball Machine)

Here is a video of my latest ball machine, Project A. It is about 170 cm. tall. It has 4 different paths and it features my own original element, fireworks.

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K'nex Ball Machines

I've noticed that there has been a recent rise of ball machines being made by the k'nexers. I think this is great. I personally love ball machines and have made 4 of them. I am currently working on a 5th one which is approximately 170 cm. or 67 inches tall. It has 4 paths so far. Comment if you are currently building or planning a ball machine.

Topic by jollex   |  last reply, game giải trí miễn phí mới xây dá»±ng là website game giải trí hấp dẫn và gần gÅ©i với tất cả mọi người. Hãy cùng thưởng thức những game hấp dẫn nhất và hot nhất hiện nay cùng Chúc các bạn có những giây phút giải trí thú vị và thoải mái cùng website của chúng tôi. Cảm Æ¡n tất cả mọi người.Game, game, game, games, games, games, game flash, gameflash, gameflash, gamesflash, gamesflash, gamesflash, game flash top, game flash top, game flash top, play game, play game, play game, free game, free game, free game, y8, y8, y8, y8 game,y8 game, y8 game, y8game, y8game, y8game, y8games, y8games, y8games

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Battle of the bands

Whos better the Jonas Brothers or Guns N Roses? Please put if you are a girl or a boy because my sister thinks that Guns N Roses will win because only boys will vote because she thinks only boys go on instructables.

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Can I make 'Dart Tag' darts compatable with 'N-Strike' blasters?

I will give best answer. I only want this so that I can play dart tag with my brother using normal blasters! Thanks, Flannel UK

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how do you make a knex transformer?


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i was playin music on my stereo today and not it not workin please help me?

The stereo is not turnin on

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what is the best knex gun?

All in the title

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Good knex gun?

I want a good knex gun that dosent use  to many peices

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Ok ive been knex'ing for a little bit ive decided that i like pistols the most. my favorite being the M1911 and beretta 92fs but the king of all pistols the desert eagle i have seen every replica of this gun/guns (including the other two) and none of them work like them. if im correct selezonias M1911 looks real but no mag in the handle and no slide. i havent seen a beretta yet. and the desert eagle no one has actually made one that works like the real one (back slide action) the closest gun ive seen is ironman's i forget which one so i want everyone to tell me which one i should build. your vote would be very helpful.

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Is using my Peavey Raptor a good idea when i play it on a n Ampeg BA112?

The tone is all the way down to get a monster sound.

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Can the front gun from a longshot be attached to the business end of a recon?

... There really isn't much more to say about this.

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ill stay on ibls for only 3 month's

I'm staying for around 3 month's that's like 5-12 ibls posting

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cna some one post me a picture of an unmodded bbkwg2 plz? Answered

I want to make it again but i cant find a picture of one unmodded

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New Idea About Double Mouse

Hi everyone, im'Jack, i've found on the web your double mouse mouse project, it's very cool n interesting what u can do with it ..and it make think about a new idea of double mouse: is it possible use 2 mouse on the same pc? is it possible create a program that control 2 mouse (n their respective 2 arrows) at the same time? i guess u probably r askin' why!? :-) the answer is about the pc music making: with the mouse i can control the automation of the channels (changing for example the filter cutoff, the resonance, ecc ecc) with a 2nd mouse i can control two automation at the same time with the precision of the xy axes and the control of the mouse!!! it will be absolutely great if someone create this thing, it will be a new music instrument that will change dramaticly the workflow of the music making, expecially on the automations! i think you can do that !!! Please answer, n keep up with your great works!! bye!!

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New And Good Knex Guns And Weaponary

What has happened to all of the good knex guns and weaponary. If you took the quality of all the Killer K Copys and put it together we could make an ultimate knex gun. I was Just thinking wouldnt it be good if there was a contest on the ultimate knex gun or weapon (Sword etc)

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where can i buy knex? Answered

Where can i buy knex iwill be giving out free 5 star rating to the first person who ansers this question1

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Will a 700x38 bike tire fit on a wheel that is currently a 700x28?

My wife and I recently started bicycle touring. She is not too comfortable on certain trails/roads with a narrower tire on her bike.

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My Favorite Bands

1.311 2.iron maiden 3.slipknot 4.KoRn 5.avenged sevenfold 6.megadeth 7.pantera 8.stone temple pilots 9.alice in chains flag NEW N IMPROVED 10!

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knex torsion catapult

Hey guys. i just wanted to know if you guys thought i should build a knex torsion catapult. i havent made it yet, and if i do i'll post a picture of it. cheers, n-striker

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how to open port 6112

Now that i have my computer up n running i lost the ability to host. some guy on the game told me to open port 6112. how would i go about doin that? (some random comic)

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Using Knex/Lego for design visualisation

Hi all, I was just wondering how many (pro companies) uses Knex/Meccano/Lego for design visualisation. In other words, do you use K N L for creating a "mould"? And if so, show me the art....... :)

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Has anyone tried using adhesive vinyl as drum rap? Answered

I want to refinish my drum kit and i was wondering if adhesive vinyl would work or any other ideas for a low budget

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Xbox 360 "New Experience"

The New Xbox 360 experience came out on Wednesday. What do you guys think of it? I am still ajusting to where everything is, but it looks really cool. Post your replys. Thanks, N-Striker

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My Current 100 Favourite Songs

Inspired by Viccie's topic, I made my own. It took about an hour. 1. Riff Raff - AC/DC 2. Paradise City - Guns 'n' Roses 3. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC 4. November Rain - Guns 'n' Roses 5. Sweet Child 'o' Mine - Guns 'n' Roses 5.5. American Idiot - Green Day 6. Let's Get Rocked - Def Leppard 7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC 8. You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC 9. Dream On - Aerosmith 10. T.N.T - AC/DC 11. ELMO'S SONG! 12. Back In Black - AC/DC 13. Rocker - AC/DC 14. Thunderstruck - AC/DC 15. Shot Down In Flames - AC/DC 15.5 The Wall (Pt II) - Pink Floyd 16. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin 17. Fallen Leaves - Billy Tlent 18. Red Flag - Billy Talent 19. Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani 20. Devil Gate Drive - Suzi Quattro 20.5 My Apocolypse - Metallica 21. Beatin' Around The Bush - AC/DC 22. Welcome To The Jungle - Guns 'n' Roses 23. Moonshine - Savage ft Akon 24. I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness 24.5. One - Metallica 25. The Furor - AC/DC 26. Love At First Feel - AC/DC 27. Let There Be Rock - AC/DC 27.5. Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC 28. Layla - Eric Clapton 29. Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin 30. Hard As A Rock - AC/DC 31. Sunshine Of Your Love - Eric Clapton 32. Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani' 32.5 Nothing Else Matters - Metallic 33. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 34. When I'm Gone - Eminem 35. Chinese Democracy - Guns 'n' Roses 36. Verona - Elemeno P 37. Black Night - Deep Purple 38. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen 39. Paranoid - Black Sabbath 40. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi 40.5. Battery - Metallica 41. Who Made Who - AC/DC 42. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen 43. Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix 44. Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin 45. (Moved Up To Number 5.5) 46. Lonely - Akon 46.5. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard 47. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 48. Sink The Pink - AC/DC 48.5. Photograph - Def Leppard 49. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet 50. Make Love Like A Man - Def Leppard 51. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC 52. Shake Your Foundations - AC/DC 53. Devil On My Shoulder - Billy Talent 54. Worker Bees - Billy Talent 55. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple 56. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers 57. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 58. Walkie Talkie Man - Stereogram 59. Don't Cry - Guns 'n' Roses 60. High Voltage - AC/DC 61. Khe Sahn - Cold Chisel 62. Highway To Hell - AC/DC 63. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin 64. In and Out Of Love - Bon Jovi 65. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin 66. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix 67. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance 68. Give It Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers 69. Stop Drop And Roll - Mareko 70. One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater 71. Walk All Over You - AC/DC 72. Cut The Curtains - Billy Talent 73. Live And Let Die - Guns 'n' Roses 74. I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll All Nite - Kiss 75. Message In A Bottle - The Police 76. Iron Man - Black Sabbath 77. There's Gonna Be Some Rocking - AC/DC 78. Ride On - AC/DC 79. Lights and Sounds - Yellow Card 80. Holidae Inn - Chingy 81. Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC 82. Have You Ever Needed Someone - Def Leppard 83. Not Many - Scribe 84. Holiday - Greenday 85. Hotel California - Eagles 86. Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana 87. Heaven Is - Def Leppard 88. Over The Hills And Far Away - Led Zeppelin 89. Hells Bells - AC/DC 90. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton 91. DT - AC/DC 92. Moneytalks - AC/DC 93. Alberta - Eric Clapton 94. Killer Queen - Queen 95. Rock This Town - Stray Cats 96. Stiff Upper Lip - AC/DC 96.5. I Love Rock 'n' Roll - Joan Jett 97. The Jack - AC/DC 98. Angie - Rolling Stones 99. Black Ice - AC/DC 100. Invisible Man - Queen I'll be always updating this list with song that i've forgotten to put in!

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XBox plug an play: can you get it to work with a USB wall charger??

Title pretty much covers it. I have a planed project in mind, but for it to work, I need to have the xBox plug-n-play cord to work with a standed wall USB charger, no a computer/xbox.

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Kredi Kartı Borcu Taksitlendirme

Kredi Kartı Borcu Taksitlendirme: Günümüzde Kredi kartı kullanımı oldukça artmıştır. Bunun başlıca nedenlerinden bir tanesi insanların alış verişi çok sevmesi ve bu alış verişlerini yaparken bazı hobilere ve meraklara tutkun olmasıdır. Fakat bu merak ve hobilerini gerçekleştirmek için zaman bütçeler veya gelir düzeyleri yetmemektedir. Gelir düzeyleri eksik kalınca insanlar kredi kartlarına başvurmaktadır. Kimileri kredi kartlarını yanlarında nakit taşımamak için yapmakta, kimileri ise, kredi kartlarının sunduğu taksit imkanlarından yararlanmak için kredi kartlarını kullanmaktadırlar.Fakat bu alış verişleri yaparken ve hobi ve ihtiyaçlarını giderirken bazen ciddi boyutlarda borçlanmalar meydana gelmektedir. Gelir düzeyi az olan insanlar bu borçlarını ödemekte güçlük çekince ortaya pek görülmesi hoş olmayan sonuçlar çıkmaktadır. Kısacası kredi kartı kullanımı ne kadar çok artarsa artsın buna istinaden, kredi kartı borçları da artmaktadır.Kredi kartı borçları artınca ve bu borçlar ödenmeyince insanlar zor durumlara düşmeye başlamıştır. Ve işte tam o sırada bazı firmalar ortaya çıkmıştır.Kısacası yeni meslek gurupları veye iş sahaları açılmaya başlanmıştır. Bu firmalar kredi kartı borcu olan insanların borçlarını taksitler halinde ödenmesine olanak sağlamaktadır.

Topic by KrediKartiborcutaksitlendirme 

Some funny band name Spoofs

I posted some stuff such a long time ago on a forum topic, and I looked back at it today. It still made me smile a bit. So... here are some things I came up with (Not meaning to offend these bands)Simple Plan = Complicated IdeaMetallica = Plastallica - If you don't get it, in Metallica you see the word metal. In Plastallica you see part of the word plastic. Or plaster. Whatever you want it to beMaroon 5 = Blue 2.550 cent = 25 centScar Symmetry = Bloody ArtSpoon = ForkRed Hot Chili Peppers: Blue Cold Habanaro PicklesGuns n' Roses: Broom n' Poisen IvyScary Kids Scaring Kids: Pretty adults prettying up adultsYeah...

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how can i use a normal usb arcade stick on xbox 360?

I have a xbox 360 at home n i want to play tekken 6 using a usb arcade stick but my xbox did not detect the controller..can somebody tell me how can i connect the arcade stick..thanks 

Question by siderman0 

How do I add my mysic in my media playlist to mt Memory card dsi?

I just bought DSI and a memory card I want to down load all my music from Media Playlist to my DSI. We are new to this and need help. my Mama usually figures things out but she is having a brain fart with this.

Question by ALEXIS N 4 

Null songs/duplicate songs on Ipod?

I've tried to use Itunes to identify duplicate songs, but it doesn't seem to want to with the Ipod, only with my Itunes library. I also have many tracks that are null tracks (drag-n-drop on my Ipod doesn't always work, so instead I'm sometimes left with song titles sans music). I'm wondering if there is a simple way to remove these from an Ipod specifically.

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how do i put music on external hard drive with itunes on a macbook with os x?

I hav macbook with os x   not the snow leopard. im a novice computer guy at best. i hav a my passport essential external hard drive 1t. my goal is to hav my music n video all on external. thanx

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can you chat on call of duty 4: modern warfare?

I am on call of duty modern warfare, the first one, and i'm on multiplayer, online, for wii. I was wondering if it was possible to chat, well playing, or even just n the lobby, to other players. i'm not sure if i can, but if it's possible, it would be useful if someone could help.

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Mod of Katarukito's Knex slingshot prototype

This is a modification of the sling shot prototype made by Katarukito's (I hope i spelt that right) knex prototype sling shot knex gun. It can pierce cardboard at fifteen feet away with one band and twenty to thirty feet away with two rubberbands (UNSHARPENED BULLET) I modified the barrel with a new barrel, that may look ugly but if you want i can take off the blue and red connectors that make the humps/ scales of what i call... Dragon Head Knex Gun DHKG well i didn't intend on putting those there but it turned out as a dragon and well, i went with it... the barrel doesn't bend and when or if i do post it, all credits go to Katarukito! Enjoy! Sorry for the blurry pictures it was night time and i had to pee like a race horse... Pic 1: The bullet - A red rod or tan rod with tan clip Pic 2: Front view (DRAGON HEAD) - Front of the gun where rubberbands go Pic 3: Another front view (Barrel) - Front of the gun better picture Pic 4: A view of the back (Part of Kataturi's knex gun prototype moded) - View of barrel and handle Pic 5: Better picture of back (Katarukito's prototype still able to be seen, just modified) Pic 6: Full gun - (the full DHKG) - Aprox. Two to two and half feet long ~ Pic 7: A view of the gun loaded - Gun is loaded Pic 8: A view of the gun loaded from the front Pic 9: Back of the gun with sights

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Which Knex Ball Machine Is The Best? Answered

Choose Between: Project Nano- 1 Duex- 2 Project S- 3 Lithium- 4 IMMEUBLE- 5 Project N- 6 Chaos Ball Machine- 7 Project Dos- 8 Uno- 9 Project Micro- 10 Relentless- 11 Just write the number as your answer, in 1 week, i will see whos Ball Machine is the best !!!

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hello can i fold an rc car antenna?

Hello im working on a project and im using a cheap rc card reciever n transmitter but the thing is i cant have any antenna pointing out of the enclousure , i tried wrapping the antenna arround a small acrilic tube and it didnt worked i chops up the range up to 1/2 is ithere any way i could get rid of that wire? thanks

Question by cupnoodles2   |  last reply

How do you properly set up a transfer pak in Project64's N-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin?

I am running Project 64, and recently got Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Yellow (I know it's for the Gameboy, and have the emulator.) For the love, I have no idea how to properly set up the transfer pak to run with the software and make the game playable. I am using theN-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin. Could anyone who knows how to do this give me instructions?

Question by AlternateLives   |  last reply

Mold materiel that is safe for the oven and will not stick to lexan/PETG? Answered

I'm making a helmet, and I hit a wall: I need to make the visor. I have the helmet made, and I need to make a negative mold of the visor, which I would put in the oven, with the PETG/lexan to "melt" the plastic to form over the negative mold in the home oven. But, again, issue is what mold materiel can I use which will be safe up to 300 degree Fahrenheit and not stick to a semi-melted plastic?

Question by DoctorWoo   |  last reply

Possibly The Most Well-Known Musical Artists

Alright, here is a list of what i have seen to be the most well-known musical artists of all time. AC/DC Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Aerosmith The Beatles Bon Jovi Kiss Jimi Hendrix Guns n Roses Lynyrd Skynyrd Metallica The Rolling Stones Van Halen The Who Red Hot Chili Peppers Queen The Ramones agree, disagree, or did i forget someone?

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I need help with ModLoader for Minecraft! Answered

I keep getting this error and it is a biatch to capture. I finally did, but what do I do? What did I do wrong? EDIT: Btw The only mod I had currently installed was timber! But that's it. And don't say its because its 1.8 because I have tried other mods multiple times before 1.8 and they did the same thing I'm pretty sure.

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How to get spraypaint smell out of a mask??

I am making a plague doctor mask for a halloween costume.  In a perfect world, I would have used leather or something similar, but that was not an option. SO, I made one out of fabric and heat 'n' bond.   After that, I painted it with spray paint, and now i can't wear it due to the smell! does anyone know how to fix this???? My nose goes in the beak, so it is unbearable.

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What was the very first comment you ever posted on this site. The comment that made you part of this great community. For me it was this:"Um... *spits out Good N Plenty and stairs in horror*If You want to eat fewer bugs, Try inspecting each rasberry before putting in mouth. I've found spiders, bettles, worms, etc. hiding in the hole in the middle."on Ah... I was so new, so eager. So many spelling errors. Not really sure of what comments where. Ah Memories.

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