Hey guys! It's Hiyadudez. Now if you have seen some of my other forums, you will know that I have not been very active lately. Now you all know my famous Knex Challenges right? Well I want to carry them on because they were cool. No wait. I dont want to carry them on, I want one of you, my loyal friends, to carry them on for me :-) Now there are some conditions. Your prizes must include patches, it may just be for the first winner, or all 3, I don't mind. If you are a non-pro member, maybe get Gmjhowe or anyone willing to give out patches to help you out. (I know that Gmj can give patches for successful contests :-P) SO. I am going to hold 'Auditions' to see who will take over them. So in a comment, I want you to include: Your reason for wanting to take over the challenges Will you be commited to making one every week? Could you think of some good challenge ideas? (Dont say them) Are you active here on Ibles? If so, how often do you log on and check things? Are you good at making cool pictures for each challenge? (The ones below were from MS paint :P) Any other thing to persuade me to pick you :-D Good luck and good night! *Elvis has left the building!*

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gameboy emulator Answered

is it posible to take a game once you have downloaded it and save it over another game so you can play it on your gameboy.

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Is it true? Or has he history channel lost its credibility?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYdjF6JnRDQwhat do you think?How and when will it all end?

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Why do people ask the same question over and over? Answered

Why do people ask the same question over and over? Why do people ask the same question over and over? Why do people ask the same question over and over?

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Changes in instructables over time

What changes have you noticed in your time visiting this site? One that stands out to me, is the increase in k'nex instructables, and the decrease in explosive, and weaponry ones. Cause the weaponry (tazer glove that is) is what brought me to this site.

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MCPE server over vpn

Hello,  Could someone please tell me how to make a vpn server so I can play minecraft pe with my friend? More details: I have nexus 4 win 7 computer 

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A great improvement over ELIZA

MindMentor, the first robot psychologistPeople affected by emotional problems are often reluctant when they're told to see a psychologist. Now, they can confidentially consult online MindMentor, the first robot psychologist. It will cost them €4.95 for one hour session (or about US$7.65 as of today).( does anyone remember Eliza ? )

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Will over voltage ruin my ipod? Answered

I am thinking about making a wall charger for my ipod touch, but I need to know if plugging it into the wall will harm it.

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Murphy/Wall Bed Over Couch

I am looking to get or make a forward facing full sized make bed that would flip up over a couch.  I see https://murphybeddepot.com/products/next-bed-free-shipping-to-cont-48-u-s-states, and also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-rwAUR14Z8. I like the idea of a couch, and like the simplicity of flip up/down "next bed" - where there's no frame around the bed. Does anyone know of any plans or where I can make or get a reasonably-priced "flip up bed over couch" like that?

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How many?...... Contest. =CONTEST OVER=

I was bored. Yeah. Whoever guesses closest to the real number of Oodammo's gets..... A sub, and 5's+faves on all 'ibles. I'd give out a patch, but..... No pro yet. Also, if you see the anomaly, and tell me where, and what it is, you get the same thing. EDIT: Guesses will be invalid after Dec. 5th. EDIT2: I just realized, people might think I cheated when I tell, as in, to give the win to someone who was wrong. So I'll PM the answer to someone who already guessed. They will not tell you. BIGDYLAN91 SPOTTED THE ANOMALY, HE GETS THE PRIZE, BUT EVERYONE CAN STILL GUESS FOR AMOUNT. ============================================================================= THERE ARE 125 PIECES OF OODAMMO IN THE BUCKET. SO TECHNICALLY, BIGDYLAN91 WAS CLOSEST, BUT HE WON ALREADY. SO, KILLER~SAFECRACKER WINS. ============================================================================= logic boy: 117 Kiteman: 151 Hiyadudez: 104 Lithium Rain: 357 bigdylan91: 121 Correct anomaly guess. NachoMahma: 83 Doctor What: 163 smilee: 143 Djradio: 50 Killersafe~cracker: 130 Gjdj3: 51 Seleziona: 67 Shadowman39: 100 ItsTheHobbs: 45 Bartboy: 190 I_am_Canadian: 223 knex gun builder: 101 cj81499: 154 kNeXFreek: 212 chopstx: 142

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how do you play a piano song on the guitar?

If you listen old school hip hop and u heard of Boogie Down Productions their song called the bridge is over is played on the piano. i would like 2 learn how to play it on the guitar.

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mods I plan to do to my humbucking pickup on my guitar. could someone check over my wireing before I actually do it?

Please keep in mind this is only mods for the bridge humbucking pickup there are 2 single coil pickups that are not involved in this wireing -pickup is a EMG-HZ (SRO series) passive humbucking pickup

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how would u make mario overals ? Answered

I would like to be Mario for Halloween

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Cannot install files over 100~ MB???

So a couple of months ago i downloaded saints row 3 *crack* from blackbox, i install but at 25% of installation it says "Decompression failed. Error -7". I thought is was a problem with the installer. Then i downloaded Grand Theft Auto IV (wonderful game i mite say), and it comes up with non stop "CRC Error. Needs orijinal CD" or something.  ---this is where i got suspicious. Then Battlefield 3. That is the moment i started to hate computers. Dying light, that was my limit. İ am dying to play a game with good graphics. Help me please!!! Comp. specs: Processor Information:     Vendor:  GenuineIntel     CPU Family:  0xf     CPU Model:  0x6     CPU Stepping:  0x2     CPU Type:  0x0     Speed:  3024 Mhz     2 logical processors     2 physical processors     HyperThreading:  Unsupported     FCMOV:  Supported     SSE2:  Supported     SSE3:  Supported     SSSE3:  Unsupported     SSE4a:  Unsupported     SSE41:  Unsupported     SSE42:  Unsupported     Network Information:     Network Speed:      Operating System Version:     Windows 7 (32 bit)     NTFS:  Supported     Crypto Provider Codes:  Supported 311 0x0 0x0 0x0     Video Card:     Driver:  ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series      DirectX Driver Name:  aticfx32.dll     Driver Version:  8.771.0.0     DirectX Driver Version:     Driver Date: 25 Aug 2010     OpenGL Version: 3.3     Desktop Color Depth: 32 bits per pixel     Monitor Refresh Rate: 60 Hz     DirectX Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series      VendorID:  0x1002     DeviceID:  0x9498     Number of Monitors:  1     Number of Logical Video Cards:  1     No SLI or Crossfire Detected     Primary Display Resolution:  1600 x 900     Desktop Resolution: 1600 x 900     Primary Display Size: 22.20" x 12.52"  (25.47" diag)                                             56.4cm x 31.8cm  (64.7cm diag)     Primary Bus Type Not Detected     Primary VRAM: 1024 MB     Supported MSAA Modes:  2x 4x 8x     Sound card:     Audio device: Hoparl?r (High Definition Audio     Memory:     RAM:  2047 Mb     Miscellaneous:     UI Language:  English     Microphone:  Not set     Media Type:  DVD     Total Hard Disk Space Available:  476929 Mb     Largest Free Hard Disk Block:  81429 Mb     OS Install Date: Tem 21 2014     Game Controller: None detected    İnstalled software:  Non'ya Damn Buisness

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, have fun and I hope that you all prosper in this new decade :) Maybe we can share some of our resolutions? I'm going to start to concentrate more on work than playing video games. I hope 2010 will be a great year for you :D

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will me vulcan break/over heat if i mod it? Answered

The mod is extending the belt

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Sorry everyone, contest over, 0 replies so nocash givin away. :(

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How can I record sound over a LAN?

I want to record sound over a LAN so that me and my friend don't have to use skype or put a mic between us for it record (I'm using fraps as a game and sound recorder). Does anyone know how I would go about doing it/setting it up. This should cost preferably under £5.

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What are those bearings that slide over pipes callef.?

I need to slide something purpindicular to a pipe without wiggle. I have seen bearing things that the pipe goes through and the pipe moves with eaze. I just need to know where i can find them

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One small sad note over the holidays (updated)

And I CERTAINLY don't want to bring anyone down, but we did have a small loss over the holidays.  On December 26th, at about 2:30 am (just after midnight of the 25th) our one guinea pig, Shamrock, started to have troubles breathing.  He "breathed his last" as we kept him company, so he did not die alone.  And his companion, Maura was by his side also, looking quite concerned over what was happening.  Respiratory ailments would be the worst for me; I would hate to have emphysema for years, etc.  Thankfully, he seemed to go fairly quickly (in a few hours) and did not suffer long. He WAS a fairly well aged Cavy, being about 2-3 years old when my wife and I rescued him from the local shelter.   He had a deformed foot that never seemed to bother him at all.  He got around famously despite this. We miss him already. UPDATE: It appears as though his respiratory problems were due to congestive heart failure.       

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Roof deck over synthetic membrane: water intrusion?

Oops, so I posted this in Outdoors before I found Home. Double posting is irritating but it's kind of relevant to both... I'm new to the forums here (long time reader, infrequent poster), if I just committed a major faux pas, gimme a heads up and I'll take one of these down! Anyway, so the back door of my 3rd floor apartment opens on to what amounts to a raised back yard; the only problem is that this "back yard" is the roof of a 2 story addition to the brownstone I live in, and I'd rather not put my foot through a very expensive roof. I've been looking into decking, and right now my plan is a contact-only solid frame all the way around the perimeter of the roof, with a lip extending over the edge of the roof (to supply stability without puncturing the membrane) connecting to the actual frame of the deck which would of course be placed over the top of the brick walls of the building. From there I was going to face the deck with synthetics, probably with struts placed along the horizontal struts of the roof connected to both the upper deck and sub-deck cross bracing (depending on what materials I use/can afford and their relative strength). My hope is to find a way to make the deck in modular pieces that can be removed for when the roof inevitably needs to be resurfaced. So basically it would be large squares (or irregular shapes, whatever) that would sit on top of the struts/cross bracing with the help of a few screws and provide the deck surface. What I'm worried about is water intrusion at the contact points, such as around the edge of the roof and on top of the studs in the middle of the roof. I know synthetics are much more resistant to this type of failure than older materials, but are they impervious? Where do the pros put contacts so water doesn't leak into the floor below? Even if you minimalize it, the deck will have to come into contact with the roof at some point, or you've found some fancy new way of building I'd love to hear about. A few other thoughts are footprint: the building is an 1890 Richmond row house, could this be done with a small enough profile to increase the value of the property without damaging the "drive by" value? (I was picturing an iron railing to keep the project semi period, and this roof actually connects to the big hulking wooden fire escape, so it wouldn't be marring a virgin landscape) Also, do you think any building codes in the country would allow L bracing and big old bolts to hold the structure of the deck together instead of end-nailing the boards? It would make removal for roof work a lot easier. For the corners, would it be better to miter the ends at 45 and run a bolt through the two of them, end nail an L joint or use a thick metal l bracket and a few bolts to hold the joint together? That was kind of an intense post, I'm just looking to shoot the breeze a little bit with anyone who has any thoughts. Everybody always has their perfect way of doing things, on such a big, high pressure job (if this goes south I'd be poor AND homeless!) I want to really chew on the idea a little bit first. Thanks to anyone who actually read this far!

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i'm thinking of building myself an over sized pinky finger

Like: http://aussieexotics.com/drivers/albums/userpics/top-gear-pinky.jpg got any suggestions?

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I want to make over sized hats for parties. Any suggestions? Answered

I have seen huge foam cowboy hats and want ot make the same kind of thing but from a different material.

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Why is my Windows Media Player toolbar clear over here? Answered

I use the mini-mode in WMP a lot, but the toolbar has somehow scooted itself across my screen, and has almost completely eaten my taskbar. Is there some easy way that I can't find to put it back in its rightful place?

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Can't change over to Rank 65 full prestige level (Problem)

Hi in step 3, I have followed all the step but after I have done the step 3. When you open up Call of Duty you should be Rank 65 full prestige with all weapons and classes unlocked isn't unlocked how come? Can anyone help me? Opihi01

Question by Opihi01 

Rig something to prevent toddlers from reaching over table/counter lip

I'm trying to think of how to rig a simple form, maybe using an old refrigerator box, which would prevent a toddler from reaching over the lip of a table or counter. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

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ideas for mounting a lightshade over my DJ / computer workspace from the desk?

I need a little more light to help my live video feeds to be clearer to the viewer. A small desk light is too focused on an area for what I want, and there is not the right floorstanding lamp for the purpose. so I have decided to go the custom route... I am not looking to add anything to the light circuit in the room, from the cieling rose, or the mains sockets, as tthese already have enough plugged in. I have got an led bulb - http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Unidirectional-LED-Capsule-Bulb/Pr364131000 This works fine from the external molex connector on the external back face of my computers PSU. The shade I'm going to use is this: http://www.diy.com/nav/decor/lighting/indoor-lighting/light_shades/-specificproducttype-black___white_shades/-colourderived%3Eblack/Tezz-Metal-Pendant-Shade-9956483 the problem I have is I want it to be positioned above the desk where my equipment is. I cannot fix into eiter the wall or ceiling, due to them not supporting anything of any weight, therefore it must be fixed to the desk. I have my laptop and monitor on clamp-on arms - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vertical-Monitor-Clamp-Cable-Mountain/dp/B001B7DT5E/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid;=1358138450&sr;=8-2 which it could be fixed to. I am also open to other ideas as well This is where I need some ideas and input on what I could use to get it in the right place. What could I use and how?

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Does anybody have somthing fun and easy that I could do over the summer?

The school year has just ended and summer begun. Does any body have anything fun and easy to do over these long and hot summer days?

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How would I do the design of rise of the guardians jack frost pull over? Answered

I was just wondering...How could i do the design of the Hoodie/Pull over of jack frost from the movie rise of the guardians, I would like to make it look like this one...http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/rise%20of%20the%20guardians%20cosplay Though...I am not sure how to do the design O_O I mean....should i just paint lines and going out wards thin lines and make them look like their fadeing? Or...what? Please help...

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What is the best way to connect your xbox to xlink kai over multiple floors?

Our computer is upstairs, and our xbox is downstairs.  I want to connect to xlink kai but am not sure of the best way to do it from 2 floors above.

Question by furrysalamander 

Can I still win a contest if I enter a day before it's over?

I entered a contest with an amazing instructable that is sure to become a finalist. The problem is, I just entered it. It will probably be submitted a day before the judging stage. Can I still win the contest?

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Am I able to upload a project in progress, and add new steps over time? Answered

I have a 90% complete foam block model: Should I wait until completion before posting steps? Furthermore, what is the best type of clear, matte/satin, hard setting varnish to use on acrylic paint?

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images not changing?

When ever i click on any image it loads but its the same picture over and over again!

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What kind of knex machine should I make? (Please don't look over it for being knex) Answered

So I want to make a machine type thing out of knex. I want to take a break from guns (and some of you like that), but I'm good with knex and want to make a machine that's somewhat useful. What should I make? (an example would be something like Hiyadudes machines)

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Help! I would really like to go somewhere over my 5 day break but the play and all costs are going to be about $350. Answered

I need help I would really like to go somewhere over my 5 day weekend break but the play and all costs are going to be about $350(parents may pay the other half). How could I go about making this much, in less then a month.

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home made guitars? Answered

Is it a good idea to build homemade ( electric guitars) guitars i have great wiring sites like building these guitars are custom like and stuff but isnt free

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Magic: The Gathering

Anyone wanna play against me over skype? sn: corey-caffeine

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Have u ever had your heartbroken if so tells us what happen and how you got over it

This forum is about  heartbreak i know everybody has been through it, so share with us how you got over that point in your life,and what you learned from it. Remember dont give names and keep it clean.

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DS Lite - There are parts of the lower screen that don't respond when run over with the stylus. Can someone please help?

It was bought in from abroad, I don't know if this makes a difference....

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The accidental Gymnist

Sled runs a reporter over. You could say he fliped for the oppertunity to be on camera. :)This

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mentors for robots hovercrafting and knex

Need mentors for the topics above (over the internet plz)

Topic by grayecastle 

Best and Favorite Knex Creations

I have been using knex probably for over 10 years and I have built a ton of different weopons and things but a fwew stick out. I do love my new transformers but my best work was a wearable mech suit. The boots could hold over 200 lbs and covered the whole body. My favorite was an AT-AT from starwars where if you hit the underbelly of the walker the head falls off and it drops to the floor like the movie one. I want to know people Best and favorite knex creations over the years.

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Future posts?

Is it just ,e or (at this time) did tech king post comments over -300 minutes ago?

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Looking for a song name.

It's from the scene in the movie I now pronounce you chuck and larry, when they are walking into the courtroom through the crowds. Can't really describe it, sir of like dum dum dum dum dumdumdum over and over and a voice goes doo do do near the start. Can you please tell me what it is?

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is my tech deck rare i have looked all over the internet i have not found a single trace of it. ithe ghost board?

If you can tell me if it is rare that would be great! any way it is a Creature and friends board and i need someone to evalueate it from the pic

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Which Ibler has the most subscribes? Answered

Just wondering. This is over the whole website, every member

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