I found this at . I brought this to the Instructables community because some people don't seem to realize what paintball really is. Post you tips and questions and I will either add them to an Istructables or try to answer your questions. But if you click the link and read, you will probably won't have any questions.

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Good Paintball Mask?

I have a cheap jt paintball mask that came in a kit with a cheap pump gun I got a while ago.  The mask is just short of 1/8" thick and made of bendable plastic.  It offers protection from paintballs at 200fps but I am not sure about higher velocity guns.  It can only protect against up to 300 fps. So could I use it for battles with semi auto guns like viewloaders, tipman 98s and so on (beginner/intermediate guns)? or will I have to purchase a new one. Note: I have long since lost the manual for it.

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knex paintball marker

I have made a paintball marker right now im working on a firing and clip ima prolly make it a airsoft shooter and use a firing mechanism ( TOP SECRET ) one, that when you fire the bullet the firing pin recocks so alls you do is pull the trigger the rod goes forward and back every second so the firing rate of the gun will be 1 pellet/sec. but i will not post because of the top secret firing mechanism

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im trying to make a paintball launcher. ideas?

I need it to shoot mutiple (6) paintballs at the same time?

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how do i start paintballing??????

I'm really interested in paint ball but i don't know what kind of gun or pakage i would get???? please help  attach  links in your comments  thank you and could u tell me if this is a good pakage for the price

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TF2 Paintball Scenario Game Help? Answered

 Basically, I convinced the owner of my local paintball field (not telling) to run a TF2 scenario game, mainly because he's also a big fan of Valve, and because I agreed to pay for half of it. I already have volunteers who are willing to wear the costumes and have fun. I've already developed costumes (posting Instructable on costumes later). I've also found a suitable paintball sentry ( Thing is, I'm absolutely at a loss for weapons. The only paintball shotgun I can find would be a shotgun made by RAP4, which is not a good manufacturer, and I have no idea what to do for the medic's healing, dispenser's healing, and teleporters. I need ideas for weapons and buildables, and they have to look at the very least vaguely like their game counterparts. If anyone could help, I'd be much obliged. Kthx, Gears of Awesome

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How do I fix a paintball gun ball detent (also called a ball stop)?

The ball detent on my viewloader lancer broke (the screws broke into 2 pieces, and the bottom part of the screws are stuck in the reciever).  What should I do to fix it?  I honestly don't mind if i glue it or anything,but just need it to look nice. I am not buying a new gun or parts for a ball stop. So what should I do? What materials should I use?

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How do you install a Tippmann A5 double trigger?

I want to get a Tippmann A5 double trigger but dont know how to install it.  Im sure they give you instuctions but i really dont like instructions.  basically i find a hard time reading there directions as is. 

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Has anyone ever used or repaired a SplatMaster marking pistol?

 Hello, This is a long shot but has anyone here had experience with SplatMasters? I bought two of these guns about 15 years ago, second-hand and they have never worked. They dry fire perfectly but the problem comes when I load a CO2 bottle; it leaks. Is this a known fault and can it be remedied? The bottle is punctured on the spike, as it should, then proceeds to hiss and empty immediately. There was nothing around the spike when I bought them so I tried various items ranging from inner tube to gas o-rings, until I ran out of expensive CO2 bottles. It may be possible that the gas is seeping from another part of the gun; Any ideas? Also, according to the photo with the red background I can see that every part seems to be there except a small spring and a ball detent;  Can I simply make one from a pen spring and a ball bearing? Any help appreciated as I would dearly love to have fun with these. Thank You

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A problem

Well, the problem is that im allowed to play paintball, but not airsoft and all my freinds have airsoft but me, so i need to know what to do. i considered 6mm paintballs but my freinds dont seem insterested.

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I am new to paintball and I can rent any paintball gun for free on my birthday. Which one should I get? Answered

 I have never played paintball and I love to snipe in video games :) but IDK if I have good accuracy in real life.  This would conserve bullets.  I also have a choice of a full-auto.  This would waste bullets and I hate "Spraying and Praying", but accuracy wouldn't matter.  I am confused!

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Are Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) air systems refillable? Answered

The kind of Tank Im talking about is a Paintball air system. Are they refillable?

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How can I build and program an rc tank to use as a drone?

I am looking to build and program an remote control tank or car to be used as a drone for paintball. It should be made from cheap parts and have a live camera feed. if you can link me to a website or something that shoes me how to do that and give me a parts list I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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What is the lag time when you use Carbon Dioxide air tanks for paintball? Answered

I need to know the time it takes for C02 to regain pressure firing.

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What kind of air system is the cheapest for a Kingman Spyder Paintball Marker? Answered

I need the most cheap, most efficient source of air possible, I am on a low budget so refillable air would be nice.

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Should I post?

I made a paintball extra parts/problem kit.Should I post? DUHAnyone find this useful? DUHShould I post a begginers guide along with it too? Um?Help, I will love any feedback!

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can there i suggest some contest ideas?

I was wondering if there could be a paintball/airsoft contest??????

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How to modify airsoft mask? Answered

Knowing that there are many fabricators on instructables, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I could modify an airsoft mask to look like the picture shown. I have one where the part beneath the lenses is detachable, and I really only need to modify the lower half, but would like to make a copy of that lower half and work on the copy rather than the original part. If anyone has any ideas at all, let me know. Especially with making the copy of the lower half.

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Where can I get bulk knex for cheap?

Im looking to make a few guns.

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Half Man Half Biscuit

Has anyone heard these guys (except me)? 99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd Paintball's coming home (listen) L

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Airsofters Weekly!!

I have a new blog called Airsofters Weekly! Please visit and follow! This isn't spam, I just want you to get more info on airsoft.

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Tactical Airsoft Vest? Answered

I'm 13 years old and a little over 5 feet tall and I want a airsoft vest that will fit me well! I'm pretty skinny so I don't know what to look at. I wear certain adult small shirts "fitly." Can you help? 

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Tips for painting digi camo? Answered

Can any one give me some tips on how to paint and make digi camo stencils, or direct me to where i can get some digi camo stencils cheap? Thanks.

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What would the cheapest lpa (low pressure air) system be priced (paintball) ? Answered

I'm going to be buying a JT USA Cybrid that operates on low pressure air systems. I need to know what a cheap LPA System would cost. I haven't found a cheap one yet, but I know their out there.

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Grade 8 Grad Party What to do ?

Ok Its getting close to the end of the year DUN DUN DUN and me and my class need something to do for our after grad.What would you do ? Last Year it was paintball

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The Strangest Warning Label You Have Seen

What is the strangest/funniest warning label you have ever seen? Here are some of mine: Hairdryer- Do not use while sleeping. Wii (I'm basing of off memory, I don't own a Wii)- Do not eat. Paintballs- Do not feed to penguins.

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Everybody has to check out my new airsoft team's website. We are now officialy FPS: 500. The website is check it out if you get a chance. Some pictures of the team will be added later.Visit My Website

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I need help

I am looking for a scope for my paintball gun and I need some help. My gun is called the MR-1 and was manufactured by Spyder. I have an 18 inch and a 21 inch barrel for sniping but I need a good scope now. The scope should be 30 USD or under that uses a dovetail mount. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Protect my house on mischief night?

Last year my house was egged in a drive by "shooting". in past years there were attempts at TPing my tree but its like 200' so it was a fail. Anyways i need suggestions on how to defend my house. so far i have Airsoft sniper in the tree Water hose Super Soaker Flame thrower Chasing them on a bike with a 100Db alarm on it MORE airsoft guns Paintball Bazooka "homemade" Camera flash for blinding them Firecrackers (possibly if i can find them in time) panic button for car alarm POSSIBLY putting a trail of gasoline on the road so in case of a drive by someone in the bush can light it and scare the crap out of driver and prevent them from leaving Playing random music VERY loud and getting like 10 people to give a GIANT group hug SMOKE BOMBS Night vision (kipkay design) pitch forks and torches Please any other ideas would be helpful

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Knex sniper rifle

HI. This is my new knex sniper rifle that i made. Here are some features. 1 the ram dosent fall out, the ram dosent stick out of the gun, begging true trigger, fires yellow rods, powerful, sturdy desine for minimum breaking, recoil is in the mid to balance it out, detachable tripod or bipod, and its longer than my paint ball gun. Here are some pics, if you like go to dannys fourum topic and vote on is the pic order.1 as you can see this sniper is longer than my paintball gun2 Hahahahahah i got more knex than yoooouuuu!!! =P3 this is the trigger mechinisum when its not pulled. 4 Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the trigger when pulled.5 looking at the stock of the gun.6 The front7 The chamber where you put the rods in8 a last look at the trigger mech.9 the whole gun. Beuty eh?I hope you like this, dont forget to vote on this in dannys fourum.

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