wiring p90 pickups?

I wired in two mean 90 p90 pickups to my tele. They came with 3 wires each, hot, neutral, copper. I have the hot and neutral wired, didn't do anything with the copper, I'm getting a hum from the pickups and every now and then pickup radio signals. what can I do?

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how do you remove the pickup cover on a Les Paul model guitar?

I was wondering how you can remove the object covering the pickup on a Les Paul guitar, revealing the actual pickup. I need to know how and if it is okay for the guitar.

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how do i make a guitar pick up for acoustic guitar .easiest way possible?

Using the simplest and cost effective items.

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Does this pickup seem ligit?

Http://cgi.ebay.com/Wilkinson-Lic-Pickup-for-4-String-Musicman-Bass_W0QQitemZ260314281489QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar_Accessories?hash=item3c9bf0b611&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14A friend and I are making a bass and need to buy a pickup or two for it. After looking around at some sellers on ebay, we came across this one. It seems like a good price, if it's decent, but neither one of us know a lot about bass pickups (we're taking it to a third party to have it wired). So will this be worth getting? Are there any tell-tale signs that suggest it is or isn't any good?

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Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension

My TNKIT entry. Video - http://s562.photobucket.com/albums/ss69/Atlas999/?action=view&current;=MVI_3819.flv

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How do i make a pickup for my cajon to plug in a quarter inch cable? (Its a drum Box)?

Im wanting to know how i can be able to make my drum plug into a quarter inch cable to save me the trouble of using a mic. Meinl just came out with a pickup cajon. I need to know to to make one in mine.

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Projects for a broken Acoustic-electic

Took my ephiphone EJ to show at a party awhile ago. Drunk folks (with steel toed boots, apparently) were messing with it I guess and someone knocked it on the floor and put their foot through it. i took it to my local guitar store and they told me the repairs would probably cost more than the guitar and it would sound terrible anyway. the bracers inside are cracked and completely broken off in some places. so i'm probably going to dismember it for parts. any ideas for projects? theres a little preamp, plus a saddle and a neck pickup inside. ideally i would like to use the pickups to electrify my other acoustic, but it's sort of nice so i don't really want to go putting holes in it .maybe a soundhole pickup? i don't know a lot about pickups. i'm open to other ideas, too. just so long as the pieces of her corpse go to good use. she would've wanted it that way.

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mods I plan to do to my humbucking pickup on my guitar. could someone check over my wireing before I actually do it?

Please keep in mind this is only mods for the bridge humbucking pickup there are 2 single coil pickups that are not involved in this wireing -pickup is a EMG-HZ (SRO series) passive humbucking pickup

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How to wire a guitar pickup to instrument cable/ rheostat?

I have been wanting an acoustic pickup but don't really want to buy one. I had an old tele neck pickup with a white and red wire and an instrument cable that has one jack taken off and the ground and hot contact exposed. I tried different configurations of the red and white wires to the hot and ground of the instrument cable but all it did was stop buzzing and no sound came out. I think I might need a volume and i have a leftover rheostat but I'm not sure how to wire it, If I could avoid wiring a volume completely and just go from pickup to cable that would be great but I'm not sure how. Help please??

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How would I make LEDs light up based on signal from a guitar pickup so they light up with my strumming?

I ordered some 3mm 5000mcd leds (i hope they are bright enough I have no clue) and have my resistor values/ wiring diagram ready I just am trying to figure out how to make them flash like that. I'd like to have a 3 way toggle so there is off - sound activated - steady onthis is a video with someone who has something like I'm thinking.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQaF4bmuojo&NR;=1any help?

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How can I make a simple electric guitar? Answered

So I tried to make a very simple electric guitar today, using instructions from online. It was made from a board with two screws, a guitar string (steel) in between them, connected by copper wires on either screw to a small speaker. Under the string was a neodymium magnet. When I pluck the string, it says it should make a nice sound, however, I got no sound, and I verified with a multimeter that there was no voltage whatsoever. Here is a link to the discussion: http://www.mimf.com/archives/make_pickups.htm

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What can I make out of old guitar pickups?

I have some old guitar pickups that I took out of my cheap guitar. What can I do with them?

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can pickup works without magnet?

Why we use a magnet to build guitar pickup....?can use other thing to replace the magnet?

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Which is the best foreign acoustic guitar pickup now avaliable?

Plz give the clear idea about prices of acoustic guitar pickups.. 

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Making an electric Guitar - where do I put the pickups and bridge etc? Answered

there are several great sets of instructions on how to make an electric guitar, but they all same something like. Route the spaces for the Pickups where required. How do I know where the pickups need to go. I guess there is some sort of rule about how far apart the pickups should be from each other, and how far from the neck and bridge?

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Has anyone experimented with neodymium magnets as pole pieces in a single coil guitar pickup?

I have done some modification on pickups and preamps using opamps to amplify the signal. Since neodymium magnets are more powerfull than what they normally put in pickups I wonder what kind of sound would be generated?

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my pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better

I am having peavey raptor plus exp my humbucked pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better?

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where could i get a piezo buzzer for free. (for a guitar pickup...)? Answered

I want to know where could i get a piezo buzzer (such as in an old radio alarm, where i could recuperate or does any company give free samples?) it is to make a pickup for an acoustic guitar! Thanks!

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so i want to build a switch that reverses the phase of the signal in a humbucking guitar pickup will this drawing work ?

The thick black wire is the sheild the small black wires and grey wire are left alone as decribed in the instuctions i got with it

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can someone show me how to take out a humbucker on an epi LP jr.?

I have an epi LP jr. and i'm trying to take out the humbucker for replacement, i have the soldering gun an everything, i just need someone to show me how to take it out. i've seen vids, but they're not elaborate enough, and don't show enough deatil, could someone help me please?!

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Ive built a wiring diagram for a guitar to give it a very wide varity of sound, but is it practical and affordable?

This wireing allows the player to control all aspects of having 3 humbucking pickups, but is it worth it? in the picture it shows 3 humbucking pickups. the middle and neck are small humbucking pickups (single-sized) in order to do this a portion of my guitar wil need to be taken out (or I have to find a new pickgaurd that will fit, which Ibanez does not have in stock) to make room for the new electonics this is permantent, so before I hackaway at my guitar I need to make sure i can afford this and that it will work and be practiacal

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Do you know simple electric guitar wiring?

What is the correct wiring for a guitar with one single-coil pickup, one volume control and one input jack? I can't get a good signal and I don't know how to properly ground it.

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building a guitar

I am trying to build a guitar body, and i dont know if laminating the wood for it would work, or just a solid piece. also, what type wood should should i use? and how should i drill the cavities? and how should i mount the pickups?? what type paint should i use? should i use primer? what type of primer? 

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how can i fix my bass guitars electronics wiring? I have a disconnected jack and ground wires that need sorting Answered

I have a bass with some wires lose in its wiring. the output jack has come off- there is a red wire and a white wire going to it, i know where the red wire goes because that came off whilst i was fiddling, i presume the white wire goes to the only other contact? Also as well as the red and white there was two bare ground wires that had snapped off inside the heatshrink, where should they be connected to? Also the ground wire that goes under the bridge is lose, i need to know where that goes. The thing is that the only place i can see broken wires from the solder blobs on the jack is where the white wire should go but that would mean the white wire + 3 ground wires all soldered to the same contact, does that sound right? Hopefully the pictures will help you imagine the situation a little better, as i haven't described it very well. Thanks to anyone who helps

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Where to buy guitar hardware? Answered

I'm planning on building my own electric guitar (I have access to all the necessary tools) but I don't know of a good places to buy guitar hardware online (pickups, bridges, machine heads, etc.).  So does anyone know of any good, reputable online merchants?

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Humbucker wiring?

I am rewiring my guitar, and on regular single-coil pickups, there is two wires, but on my humbucker, Three wires come out, a ground, a white and a red. and all my schematics have nothing to say about three wires being soldered. and i have a five-way switch, with eight hubs. i just dont know whereabouts to put the third red wire. please help

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Killswitch on a bass

I've been considering equipping a killswitch to my bass guitar. Think it would be worth it? And could it simply be installed by hooking a button switch to the pickup wires?

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how to customize my electric guitar?

Hello guys. i have a cort g210 (mine is black) and i want to paint the pickups black. and maybe type something on its pickguard. any help would be appreciated.thanks.

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How do you record music onto CD's and then play them on record players?

 I own a gramophone would it work on that?  Could I play the Cd's on that?  Not sensitive enough?  Do I need a record player with a pickup?

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What is the best way of making an electric instrument?? Answered

I am making a musical instrument for a school project and i need something to adjust the volume and/or pitch, but i don't know what to use. I am only 13 so i have little resources and no money to spend so i was considering using a single wire and a guitar pickup (not actually a guitar pickup, a speaker backwards) and i want to know what the pros and cons of this method are and whether or not there is a way of making a dimmer switch. Thankyou in advance. P.S. Once i have a good idea i am going to plan it and take lots of photos and if it works i will post an Instructable. P.P.S. Everyone in my form at school is saying there making a rainmaker and guitar with elastic bands so I'm gonna really enjoy seeing there faces if this works!!! P.P.P.S. Should i have written P.S.S. and P.S.S.S etc.?

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How can I make a CD player from a CD ROM for my truck? Answered

Hey. I saw an Instructable awhile back that detailed how to make a "ghetto" CD player for a vehicle from an old computer CD drive. Can't find it now. I have an old beater pickup that I want to enhance with this silly project. Can anyone help?

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Can I use 2 push pull pots on the Volume to make the Humbucker "out-of-phase" and Tone "single coil"?

I have a Fender Strat with H-S-S pickups. With Master Volume and Master Tone. Can I use 2 push pull pots on the Volume to make the Humbucker "out-of-phase" and Tone "single coil"?

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I'm making an electric guitar with a PC mic as a pickup. What can I buy that's battery-powered with speakers for mic?

I'm trying to make it very cheap, loud enough, and self-contained, meaning the batteries, speaker, etc. would fit in the body of the guitar. Best I can think of is a battery-powered karaoke machine. I also looked into a voice changer toy (too low quality sound) and a bullhorn (too expensive). Frankly, My dream version would involve uploading virtual amp effects to a PSP and plugging a mic into it. That would be worth the price. What I'll settle for, though, is a loud enough guitar (with a body made of cardboard and wood).

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Music box concept + Guitar guts = Player Guitar

Don't know if this specifically needs to go in music but, whatever. for christmas i made my brother a (somewhat poorly constructed) lap steel guitar. seriously, it wasn't that good, but it worked and it was more of a "can i do this project" kind of thing, plus he has a friend who is an ACTUAL luthier so he's going to "redo it".... anywho, i made said guitar using zither pins for the tuning pegs and it got me to thinking. with the zither pins you could theoretcially have a guitar string of any length and use the pin to set that string to any given tone on any particular scale (say the functional length of the string was only 3 inches....you could still theoretically set the tune on that string to a semi permanent desired tone). so, with a bunch of short lengths of various guage strings you could create a guitar music box (probably more of a music barrel but, whatever). now, normal music box has the tone pins (not sure what they're called...but the tuned slivers of metal) stationary along one (or more) fixed planes and a revolving "picking" drum that strikes each pin to make the tone in the order that it needs to be in a piece of music. for whatever reason. so, combine these two ideas and you get a player guitar, or a guitar based music box, whatever. so, obviously this could be acoustic or electric. my personal preference is to lean towards electric, so that's where the question comes in. a normal guitar pickup has 4, 6, or whatever magnets fixed within it's coils so that you can pickup the signal from 4, 6, or whatever strings that are strung paralell(ish) across the guitar. for the music box concept to work (as opposed to a true player guitar that plays across the strings) the individual string pieces (that are all individually tuned etc) wouldn't be able to be parallell to each other like a normal guitar. they'd either be in line on the same plane or spaced out in odd ways (i've got an odd concept for the actual construction...where the strings do the moving and the "strummers" stay put). so, does a single magnet pickup exist? that could just be wired up into the rest of a normal electric guitar's circuitry? or would i have to build such a thing from scratch (and subsequently how would i do that)? would a normal electric guitar's circuitry be able to work the same with more than 6 pickups in play (thinking of a cheap one from a pawn shop...that's what i built the slide guitar from)? also, taking song suggestions and subsequent individual string tuning plans *i do know that there are "better" ways to make a self playing guitar that uses the normal guitar form factor and robotics and such....but this seems more fun. plus, i might make it into a wind powerd thing...electric guitar windchimes anyone?

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I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff? Answered

I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar before my band forms more. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff to do about it? -I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it what can i possibly do with it? -I want to have a tribal grafic of some sort painted on the front and back. will acrillic paint work for that with out cracking or peeling later? -I have 4 white LEDs in the pickgaurd. Ive grown tired of plain white LEDs that are steady on all of the time and want to replace them with something cooler but i have no idea what colors to choose from. -im going to sheild it ---- https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sheild-a-Guitar/ -im going to put red LEDs under the bridge pickup--- https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-electric-guitar-pickup-mod/ i have liited resources and limited time what should i do ?\ any other sudgestions on what to do to make my guitar as unique as possible let me know also anything to make my 3way amp setup beter  would be greatly apreciated >the first picture is the entire guitar case and all >the second is the body and pickgaurd with lights on >the third is the amp setup

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Other uses for Second Life?

In an instructable I recently published (How to pick up women online), I have discussed how to make use of Second Life in order to beat Approach Anxiety, to perfect some pickup techniques, and to improve conversation. I know of a few second life players who have made use of the game in order to overcome their fears, insecurities and phobias, and to widen their horizons. It seems to me 3D virtual worlds offer a tremendous opportunity to acquire real life skills (for instance I also know people who have used second life to perfect a language). I was wondering if anyone could think of similar uses for second life, and ideas on how to implement them.

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How do I install LED light strips in my guitar with an on/on/off switch where one on responds to the picking?

Ok so basically what I want to do is install LED light strips into my guitar with an on/on/off switch so one 'on' is where the LEDs are always on, and in the other they respond to picking. What I mean by that is that they light up only when the guitar is strummed, and the brightness depends on the picking intensity. I was thinking for the always on I could wire a 9v battery directly to the LEDs, and for the one where they respond to picking wire it like this: pickups-->voltage buffer-->amplifier-->rectifier-->LEDs Would that work? If not how would I do this?

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How many Distortion pedals could I use at once, and would it make much difference?

So I had a revelation yesterday and i thought of the idea of using 2 or more distortion/overdrive pedals on a custom pedalboard, for my electric guitar. I'm very reluctant to try because I don't know what will happen, and as a school kid I dont really have any money to throw away. What I want to know is has this been done before?; Will it mess up my amp, or worse my guitar?; And Will it have any effect on the sound, or will it remain constant? Thanks for your time :D if no one answers. I might just dare to try

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I have a DP ON-OFF-ON switch mounted on my guitar. what can I make it control to make the guitar more unique?

I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it. it used to be an onboard distortion system i always left it on and it ate up my batteries plus it was created when I had much less exeriance so therefore no longer works what can I possibly do with it to make the guitar more unique? id like this to be done sooner than later . ***Update***-I have figured out what I can do with this switch but I just need my wireing scematics to be checked out and get the "OK" refer to this link: https://www.instructables.com/answers/mods-I-plan-to-do-to-my-humbucking-pickup-on-my-gu/

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