how to cut knex pieces??? Answered

I wil cut a orange connector but how??

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I need suggestions for board game pieces...?

 I'm making a board game,and I can't think of a way to make the little pieces...? The characters..? What ever they're called...the part that you move around on the board..  I've thought of a lot of things..pipe cleaners, cardboard, wax, and a lot of other dumb ideas.  Does anyone have any suggestions..?

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Some guns I built, with no special pieces

I enjoy building Knex guns for fun occasionally, but the only I dislike about the designs here are how many special pieces are required. I don't mean like exotic or cut pieces, but like Y joints, ball and sockets. I have like only 2 joints -.- I know you can get most of these online, but the fact is it's a hassle. So here are a couple original designs I made myself. Comments? The first is a just a front loading pistol I built mainly for looks, it's suppose to be a Desert Eagle replica.  The second is an Oodaammo pistol that holds 12 shots. 

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Guess the Pieces contest!

Https://, So recently, I’ve finally finished counting all the pieces in Convolution. I thought it might be a cool idea to make a contest about it. There will be separate categories with points awarded in each category. The one who has the most points wins! You are allowed to give ONE guess for each of the categories. Here are the categories and the scoring system for each one: 1) Grand Total: Guess the grand total of the piece count. The closer you are, the more points are awarded. If you are within 50 pieces, you get 10 points, within 100 you will get 8 points, within 250 and 6 points are awarded,  within 500 and 4 points are awarded, within 1000 and 2 points are awarded, and within  2000 1 point will be awarded. 2) Most Common Piece: Here it is simple; just give your guess of the most used piece/part in the machine, and the amount of times it occurs.  You will get 2 points for guessing the correct piece/part, and another 2 points if you are within 50 of the amount of pieces used. 3) Least Common Piece: Just as simple as the second one, guess the least used piece/part in the machine and the amount of times it occurs.  2 points will be awarded for the correct part/piece and another 2 points if you correctly guess the amount of times it is used. 4) Price Total: In this category, simply give an estimate of what you think the price of the machine would be if you were buying it piece by piece from the K’nex website.  Prices are based firstly on the K’nex website, and if the piece is not found there, the price will be based on the price of the K’nex User Group. Prices are calculated in USD. If you are within $25, you will get 6 points, within $50 and you will be awarded 4 points and within $100 and you will be awarded 2 points. For reference, my room measures 2.28m(7’6’’) high, by 3.65m(12’) by 2.74m(9’). Also, here are some pictures and the video for reference as well. Video: Best of luck to everyone.  The contest deadline will be February 10.

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Piece List Please? Answered

I would like a piece list for the Big Ball Factory please, no hurry.

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What is this Lego piece? Answered

I found this in my Lego collection and I don't know what it is. Any help appreciated.

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Knex piece names

It gets annoying when making an instructable, you find that you need. 5 black clips or 30 grey clips, and so on. can some one get together a proper set of names for all those little pieces that no one can describe?

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What is this lego piece? Answered

What is this piece? it is two by two platforms joined by a span roughly 3 cm and flat like a baseplate, meaning there's no interlock mechanism underneath. The plastic looks like glow in the dark plastic.

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Piece Efficent SlamFire

It is what the title says. And I designed it. Here is a link. If you are too lazy for that, here is the shooting video.

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Looking for Specific K'NEX pieces!

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project. The pieces are: - 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (, will be used as thrusters - 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build. Images found in attachments The Ball-half appeared in the following sets: - K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece) - K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces) The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets: K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2: "Firefly" #11148" "Uziel" #11146 "Vulture" #11142 "Hollander II" #11152 "Thor" #11144 "Uller" #11150 If you have: These pieces and want to sell them individually These pieces, but want to sell them in a set any information, where to buy them, then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: Thanks, GWorks

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piece list for vertical vengance?

Im just wondering so i know if i get my moneys worth thanks

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what is this white piece in a ds for? Answered

Hi all, recently, i had to take apart my DS lite to replace the button panel. when i got it apart, i saw that there was this white piece in the ds i took the panel from, but it wasn't in mine. unsure if it was required, i put it in mine. what is this piece for anyways? if it helps, i have a polar whit ds lite, and i believe it is a 3rd gen, judging by the fully covered wifi reciever in the base of the unit. but what is this white piece for? (its right beside the stylus slot)

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New Low-piece Crossbow

I was building crossbows all over the place this weekend, at one moment I had one that was twice as large as the Reaper, but I lacked pieces to make it sturdy. This started out as a low amount of pieces Reaper, but I eventually made it a small crossbow which has about 80-95% of the Reapers power. Although it has the power and probably also the distance, it doesn't have a double arrow trigger(only one arrow) and I don't think it is able to fire properly without trigger. It is however, compared to the Reaper very practical, light and easy to fire/load. Btw there are 4x3 rubberbands on it in pictures. I don't know if I am going to post this one though, maybe if its really needed :P

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Finally getting more pieces

I'm not exactly big on money at the moment. College student and all with limited working hours. Luckily, I have parents paying for a lot of expenses so I really only have to cover food that isn't under my meal plan and any other misc things that I want on the spot for supplies or entertainment. But I recently just got $25 online from doing surveys which I decided I'll put toward getting more pieces. I can't be bothered to buy all the pieces in one bulk, so I'll just probably be ordering big things of yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods to start. When I get more money I'll get other pieces, but those will already help me create a lot more things. Yes, I'm finally actually being bothered to get more K'nex in the 3+ years I've been K'nexing. So of course then the question is what things should I build now? There are a lot of things that I want to make just for the sake of putting my own spin on them. For example, I recently rebuilt my UMP from a lack of patience and a need to have something around the dorm room again (possibly using it in a video my friends are making with nerf guns). I was thinking I might have a go at making a personal assault rifle. That is, those weapons (can't think of the names of any examples) that people built mainly to have a lot of features, look somewhat like a real assault rifle in style though with their own design, and not built exactly to be great in function. I figured I'd use my UMP as a starting point. I actually wanted to make mine look decently realistic. So yeah, that'll be a just-for-fun weapon. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking less about new concepts and more about things I can put a personal spin on or perfect.

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Ideas Welcome- Piece limited

Hey. Yeah, haven't really been k'nexing much lately nor do I think I'll be doing it much longer. Long story short, I'm taking college classes for my last semester of high school for credits in both and yada yada so I have more and less time. More because I don't have much homework and I only have one class on Thursdays which means an entire open afternoon but less because I'm a lot more occupied on other days with other activities. But I decided to crack out the K'nex again. I need something somewhat innovative. Or maybe not innovative but just something that we don't have enough of. For example, an updated BAW was one of my ideas. The problem is that I have limited pieces. Take a look at my updated UMP, folding gun, or my BAW (red rodded stock version) for a general idea of how limited I am in pieces. So I'm obviously looking to make something compact. I was also thinking of expanding on my charging handle pin concept. Perhaps combine BAW and TBAG concepts for a shelled weapon. We still lack practical shell guns. As much of a hassle as they are compared to chamber action weapons and turrets, shells are still a perfectly reasonable (and more so, less complicated and less bulky respectively) method to get more range. But it's up to you what I build. So any requests?

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How Do You Cut Your Piece??

Hey guys, this is my first Forum topic. Now today I would like to ask y'all how do you cut your pieces? I mean, I've been trying from ages and I can not get a smooth edged cut piece. Now I have used a hacksaw as well as a plier both of which have failed to produce a smooth edge. The results can be seen below. Also I do not have any sandpaper and neither do I have any shops near my house which supply it! Can I ask you all how you cut your pieces? Answer fast. Best answer gets a cookie! Lol. 

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Where is the best place online to buy k'nex pieces cheap, other than ebay? Answered

Not ebay, K? I know of several lego sites, but I havent heard of a k'nex site.

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Does any one know where to get cheap bundles of knex pieces online? Answered

Preferable alot of pieces and new if possible? I have tried ebay but its all used and the box sets are to expensive. Any other sites i can find knex for low prices?

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Are there any stores that still carry regular k'nex?

In Canada. When I say regular, I mean no micros or bricks. Those piss me off because they're so tiny. ;[

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Yeah, about my miter saw...

I know lots of people want me to post my miter saw, and I said I would. But I decided that I'm not going to post. It uses a lot of pieces, and only 3-4 people would be able to build it anyway. Sorry if your disappointed, but I did take pictures of it while I was taking it apart, so you'll be able to see the insides. I also included a parts list below if you're curious about how many pieces it used. :-)    Rods: 996 green-249 white-123 blue-347 yellow-96 red-34 gray-9 rigid tan-1 rigid black-1 flexi-rod (yellow rod length)-12 flexi-rod (gray rod length)-68 orange-56 Connectors: 804 dark gray-15 light gray-34 red-232 green-33 yellow-171 orange-59 white-74 blue-81 purple-179 Panels: 29 triangle mini-12 triangle small-16 square small-1 Other: 205 chain link-33 blue spacer-31 silver spacer-66 tan clip-18 metallic blue clip-15 black Y clip-5 red gear-8 small blue gear-2 orange splicer-12 battery-powered motor-1 tire-6 black snap cap-3 rubber band-3 fishing line-2 strands Total: 2,034 Here's some pictures of the saw's deconstruction and pieces.

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A non piece consuming knex rifle

Can someone find me a non piece consuming knex rifle? D:

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I made a one piece knex gun. Pick up ANY knex peice, and throw it!!!!!! Lol this was just meant to be a joke.

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What is your favourite piece in Knex?

Hi everyone, just out of interest, what is your favourite piece in knex? My favourite piece is the little black end cap and closely following is the long black rod! Did you know that the reason why the long black rod is stronger than the long grey rod? The answer is because there is carbon in it!

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What are the nubs on gold knex pieces for? Answered

The half circles with the nubs.. What were they made for?

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My opinion on moddifying K'nex pieces

09/10/2013 Modding K'nex and/or using broken pieces is CHEATING more importantly it is unskillful. A K'nex gun should be just that... a "K'nex" gun! I've noticed a growing number of designs that use modified K'nex pieces that are cut or mangled somehow to get the gun to function or look a certain way. I'm not saying that this is a sin however I would like to challenge each of us to challenge ourselves by building guns that are true K'nex guns with true K'nex unmodified parts. I have been guilty of this once in the past myself so don't take this to heart. All I am asking is this... I am impressed and more inclined to build a gun that doesn't required or include any broken pieces over a gun that requires any. It is a pet peeve of mine because to me the art of building is using what we are given and creating with wit and ingenuity something great! Again I am not condemning people... I only trying to encourage the art of K'nex guns that don't use broken/modified pieces. Lets do our best to clean up our work and build impressive guns without changing the pieces! Thank you to those that build clean keep it up I am excited by the community at large. It is very cool to see everyone's designs I learn from each and everyone of your creations! Keep up the good work, and lets continue to get better!

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Does the 550 K'nex piece tub have this piece: in it? Answered

I want that piece badly because I want to make K'nex guns. Unfortunately, I don't have it. I am planning to buy the 550 piece K'nex tub and I think it has that piece, but I'm not sure whether it contains that piece or not because I do not want to spend money on a K'nex set that doesn't have what I'm looking for. And also, Does it also contain spacers and hinges?

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What is the average k'nex pieces to weight ratio?

Like taking a random 100 pieces out of a box (assuming that commonness is a factor), and how much it weights. I'd like to know how many I have, but I'm too lazy... lol. Also, pounds or ounces is preferred, but I can find a calc for metric.

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Euphoria? Answered

Hey everyone! My knex ball machine Euphoria is broken down and I've counted all the pieces. I thought "What if I make a small contest about the number of pieces?" So now I ask you: How many pieces do you think I've used to build Euphoria? Everyone can enter his or her idea but stay realistic please! Also don't give me more then one answer cause your first answer only will count. Prizes: 1st place: 3 months pro membership 2nd place: A patch 3rd place: A patch This contest ends Sunday 21 October 2012 Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ________________________________________________________________ Results! First thank you very much for entering this contest! I hope you did like it and here are the results: Grand total: 17505 pieces! 1: Knexator                         3 months pro membership! 2: Purple Waffles              A patch! 3: Shadowman39             A patch! 4: Sorunome 5: dr. richtofen 6: MarsCrystalMan 7: TheAwsomestDude 8: KneXtreme 9: toeti See you!  ~Sandroknexmaster~

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How many of each piece are used in the knexsayer? Answered

Does anybody know? Because I really want to build it but I don't want to run out of pieces while building. At the very least, can someone find out how many green rods and yellow connectors there are?

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What is the standard amount of pieces a knexer has? Answered

I was one day wondering if i could make an innovative gun that has a good amount of parts that most people could build, so i need a good estimate about how many knex the average knexer has. Thanks! -DGM

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Office wars: cannon , piece count! (K'Nex)

Well if you have heard (you have now!) i have made a cannon for the office wars saga started by Dinky. it is very cool, instead of having a block trigger there is a pin you pull out of the top. it works like a real cannon, but mini. it gets a really good range*, concerting its size and piece count. rodsred--------------------1yellow----------------2white-----------------11green----------------19connectorswhite-----------4yellow---------4red-------------6light grey-----1orange-------3dark grey----12exoticblue spacers------------------------12tan locks/blue connectors-----4grey spacers------------------------2black hands-------------------------1total: 280 exact.sorry i don't have a recent picture of it. my camera is dead. but i have a older picture.i don't have a exact range measurement but i can shoot it across my room easily and it hits the wall with a decent amount of force. for the record the room i shot it across is around 10-15 feet long.

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Guess how many pieces Catastropha has

Ok, some of you may have noticed my ball machine Catastropha. If you haven't then take a look at it! :D Well, the point is: I'm making a contest, just guess how many pieces it uses. Every person can only guess once, dead line is Friday next week, even if I'm not finished counting pieces then. Oh, and a number can only be guessed once, otherwise just the first post wins. First place will receive a patch and a three-mounth pro-membership. Second and third place will receive a patch. And yes, the pics attached ARE Catastropha xD ESTIMATES: Xeda (from a other forum) - 3,700 Kerm (from a other forum) - 4,000 DJ Radio - 9,000 Juju (from a other forum) - 15,176 jsj795 (from a other forum) - 18,894 patriots8888 - 19,978 parser padwan (from a other forum) - 21,438 sathothy - 27,478 KneXtreme - 27,500 CassisDude98 - 28,500 RNB - 28,538 martijnb95 - 29,999 jmiester - 30,500 monsterlego - 32,347 I_am_Canadian - 36,000 turiqwalrus - 40,000 superbestknex - 47,000 knexinventer - 47,687 knex man2 - 56,267 Kjelddy (from a other forum) - 75,000 altair ibn la ahad - 100,000

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who will post a knex sniper with less pieces but more power? Answered

I myself don't have a lot of k'nex and I found maybe 2 good snipers that I cant build can someone post a good one that doesn't deal with a lot of k'nex but has good range

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wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? Answered

Wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? i need some pieces for my newball machine named: project shalalie shalala shalalie shalala OR project balls of fury

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i am short on pieces. please help me? Answered

I probably have enough to make some thing. I want to build a crossbow but I don't know any low piece usage ones. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase help me!

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Low pieces-high range knex sniper rifle? Answered

Is there any low piece-high range knex sniper rifles on this site that have a mag or have a slingshot mech.

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if I laser etched a bar code on to a piece of plastic... Answered

... say a credit card or semi translucent acrylic, would it still be scannable?

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whats the most accurate low piece count sniper ? Answered

Guys im new here but i would just like to know what the most accurate low piece count sniper thanks knex cannon every one who answers in a helpful manner wins them self a free subscribion

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Moldable, sandable substance to connect several pieces of plastic? Answered

I am attempting to connect several pieces of plastic and want to do it nice and smooth, so that when finished it looks like it is suppose to be like that. To that I end I would need to be able to mold, have it air dry, then be able to sand it smooth and paint it. I was thinking of using air dry modeling clay but I do not know how well that would integrate with plastic as well as being able to sand it. Any ideas?

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Another K'nex Piece List - Original K'nex Roller Coaster? Answered

I am in needing of a piece list for this mammoth roller coaster.

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