Sony Walkman, getting info off disks faster than one to one

We have a Sony Walkman MZ-N707-r It uses Mini disks We have all the programs that come with it. eg: Jukebox How can we move all files on disk to computer for editing without transferring hour for hour . The program that comes with the Walkman only goes for a few min. and then shuts down. Some times we have hours of information that we would like to down load but it takes the same length of time that it took to put it on. Any programs out there?

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Belt replacment on Sony tape deck TCWR535 resulted in auto-reverse and one direction not working. Any ideas??

I just replaced both sets of belts on my Sony TCWR535 tape decks, per the excellent Instructables directions. Getting the belts on was a bit tricky, but I think I did it correctly. But now both decks only run in one direction, and won't auto-stop/auto reverse. At the end of the tape, they just sit and clunk. Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

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Fix for Sony Ericsson keypad light ?

I have the sony ericsson w580i cell phone. On the directional pad, the light will stay on. is there any way to fix this? any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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What happens if you wipe a PSP's memory? Answered

Not just format the memory stick, but completely erase all the files, could you from there boot up a version of linux or other unix-based system?

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Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

Trailer - Gameplay - Release Date - November 1st, 2011 aka 11/1/11 ... Who's getting it.

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Making a phone headset from soney erricson into a pair of normal headphones?

Hi, I have a pair of Sony Erricson Inear Phone Headphones, I'm wanting to make it into a plain pair of headphones. To do this i have chopped off the phone adapter and stripped back the outer insulation. What i have now are 5 wires. One uninsulated copper one that i presume acts as earth and an aerial, one black, one white both with plastic insulation and one green/blue and red with some form of wire insulation. All cables bar the copper uninsulated have a kind of fibre in the middle, can anyone help me identify which are the audio channels?

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Generic MP3 player to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit that Sony sells.

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SONY must pay $150 for music virus damages; how to collect?

A few years ago Sony BMG Music was putting wicked rootkit viruses on the PC's of anyone who played their CDs with a computer. Less than 2 years ago, the US FTC settled with Sony that they should no longer hide malware on CD's and that people whose PC's got infected with their viruses be paid up to $150 for the expense of fixing the PC's. Soon after that, Sony sued the company that designed their viruses for $12,000,000 to pay for the damage. While searching the internet I find lots of cheering but no info on how to claim this settlement. I'm sure there are many people out there whose PC's were infected a few years ago after playing a Sony CD who wouldn't mind getting $150 now.

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Generic MP3 player connected to Sony car stereo

How can I connect a generic MP3 player (not an iPod) to a 10-year-old Sony CDX-C4840R car stereo? The stereo has a Line In, but this only works when the CD changer unit is connected to the special bus. I don't want to spend money on the special unit (Son-Aux) that Sony sells and/or buy the antiquated changer.

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How to connect Xbox 360 to older Sony stereo amp? Answered

Whenever I plug my Xbox into my amplifier, the sound comes out extremely loud and distorted. I am only using the standard RCA plugs, because my TV is kind of old. I would really like to use my Xbox to play music and movies, but my TVs speakers are pretty awful, and I would like to have volume control when using my headphones. The audio settings on the Xbox are very lacking, so there is nothing I can do there.

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What's the best psp portal?

What's the best psp portal?

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Anyone familiar with the game DNF, or Duke Nukem Forever?

I have just recently bought the game Duke Nukem Forever for my sony PS3 , and was wondering if anyone else besides me knows about the game,or has the game in their possession. If so, I'd like to know your comments,thoughts,likes,dislikes,or opinions you may have about the game. Personally I love the game and its concept,and have been a major fan of the game series since I was 5. If you guys have anything you'd like to say about the game, feel free to speak your mind as long as you're positive and constructive. I think that's it for today.

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Need pin connections and source of connectors for Sony 8GB Walkman MP3 player and Ipod

My girlfriend's Sony Walkman 8GB MP3 player is a Model NWZ-E430. It is difficult to find docking stations and accessories for Sony units in retail stores, and few options exist even online. I'd like to build a docking station with high-quality amp / speakers for her. I am an electronics and computer tech by trade, but this is my girlfriend's player. I don't own one, and have not experimented with them. I need to know the pinouts (connections out of the Walkman) to connect it to the docking station... polarity of power connections, speaker outputs, etc. I also need a source for the Sony connector to fit into the Walkman. Finally, I need to know what the pinouts are for an Ipod docking station, in case I find one that I want to buy and hack, so it will work for the Walkman. Not having an Ipod, I do not know if they are the same type of connector as the Sony, but I assume they are different.

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PSP Leaked tools!

Well Last year...Then again, a few years ago, Someone at sony got fired, And A Bunch of Sony's UMD tools where leaked and ended up on the internet somewhere, somehow. With this you can...Just read the quotes.Quote:For everyone who is retarded. It's not JUST for UMD stuff. You can use it to make gameboots, CIntros, and other stuff.Another Quote:With them you can do a bunch of things like create custom gameboots and other things.I am Not responsible if the FBI comes to your door for you downloading this, though it is highly unlikely, Don't blame me.Link: Download Password: fosser2It includes English and Japanese readme's and PDF's showing how to use it.Be sure to screw the "SCEI_confidential.txt" Screw it, and delete it.Enjoy!And don't mention me in anything about it whatsoever!

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Playstation 1 box?

My Friend ring wraith159 had a old PS1 and was taking it apart he didn't want the external case so he gave it to me and i'm making a box out of it like my Radio Box. any ideas as for what to put in it?

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Broken Playstation controller. Help? Answered

Well, last Saturday I bought a Playstation controller from a yard sale. It was an original PS controller, you know, the ones without analog sticks or rumble motors. Anyways, I plugged 'er in, and it played fine. I was able to play for hours with no problems. I woke up the next day, plugged it in, and nothing. The controller just stopped working. I've tried several times since then, and it still is not working.  I cleaned it all out on the inside, I made sure the buttons and button contacts were clean, I cleaned the part that connects to the Playstation, but it still won't work. I tested out a couple of working controllers in the same controller port, and they both work fine.

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Whats the highest ampage a sony car stereo can take through a 12v dc adapter plugged to the mains?

Im turning my old car stereo into a standalone player for my desk and im trying to find the right dc adapter! I know it has to be a 12v dc adapter but not sure how high the ampage can be before it blows the stereo! It's working fine on a 12v 2A just now but not sure if that will still work with more than 2 speakers and an amp connected! The stereo is a sony cdx-gt100! 12v ?A dc adapter?

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how can i get rid of the scratches on my sony walkman screen?

Its a NWZ-E344 red page:;=-1&catalogId;=10001&productId;=1006734&navigationPath;=n46881n100522n100523.its has some deep ones but is there a way to make it more durable?

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How do you fix the disk drive on a sony Playstation 3. Game is stuck wont play.?

I just got a Playstation 3 and the disk tray has a game stuck in it. I cannot get the game out and dont know where to find another disk tray. Please help if you know anything about it.

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What is the best and the worstest game?

Have your say on one of the game: A B C D E F Final Fantasy F1 [EA] Football [EA] Fittness Coach G Grand Theft Auto Gran Turismo H Heatseeker I J Jackass K L Little Big Plantnet M Mario N Need For Speed Nanuto O P Pokemon Q R Red Ball Challange S Sonic Sim City Super Smash Bros. Street Fighter Scribble Nount Star Wars T The Sims The Bible Story The Simpson U V W Wii Fit Wii Sport X Y Z  

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can i make anything cool out of my old sony 5 disc dvd player e.g a laser or fix a problem it has w/o buying anything?

It appears to be a sony cd\dvd player model: dvp-c660. i would like to salvage the parts to make something really cool like a laser or a crazy device that will make all my friends jealous! i am not interested in having to buy anything at all and i just want to be using parts from this machine really. alternatively, the disc tray does not open when the machine is on, so if anyone has a solution for that i would appreciate it

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Inmate makes tattoo machine from PlayStation

A prisoner in the UK wanted to ink some skin so badly he made a tattoo machine from a Sony PlayStation. He did it by attaching a motor from the PlayStation to a sharpened ballpoint pen. It must've worked because he gave tattoos to others before he was caught it was taken away. Sony PainStation via Inhabitat

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how to remove the stock stereo on a nissan cefiro 97 / nissan maxima 97?

I want to replace the stock sony 10 disc cd changer stereo with a new stereo which can support auxillary inputs (for my ipod) but if the stock sony stereo has auxillary inputs, please help me access them. i can take over on the wiring. thanks!

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Please help I have a problem with a Sony stereo LBT_XGR99AV keeps turning off?

When I plug the unit in it automatically goes on to demo mode (lights up with display) But when I switch to cd player, tape deck or tuner the unit shuts down and wont turn back on again. I have checked google possibly a problem with amplifier shorting? I would appreciate any comments which can help Thanks

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NOOB homebrew on psp slim

Hey guys(and maybe girls), i just hacked my brothers psp slim. Now i am used to the phat pap where you install the 1.50 subset to get homebrew to work, but that said only for fat psp. Only some homebrew works on the slim psp, but has major issues. for instance psp revolution has no sound anywhere, and none of the bottom buttons work. I have tried both the 5.00 and 1.50 kernels in the recovery menu. Is there some patch, or homebrew launcher that i dont know about?? should i install the 1.50 kernel addon anyway? firmware is 5.00 M33-6

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PSP Fix, Need Help

Hello all! I recently aquired a broken PSP 1000 as sort of a challenge to myself. Now however, I actually want it to work. I need some help with the fix, so here are the problems I have been able to identify: -PSP won't always charge, I strongly believe it is the battery though. When I tilt the PSP around at different angles, it will charge. Also, fiddling with the battery makes it charge. -PSP won't tun on. I have checked the power fuse, and it was burned out. I placed a jumper across it like so many internet guides say, and it now has continuity. When I hold the power switch, the PSP will do one of two things:                                  1. The light will turn off, and then turn back to solid orange (charging)                                  2. The light will turn green for about 0.5 to 1 second, and then turn off -PSP will make a rythmic clicking when not charging, doesn't seem to be a problem though. -Battery is cracked, and I don't know if it works properly because it won't maintain proper contact with the PSP. I have also checked the backlight and USB fuses, they both have continuity  so I'm not worried about fixing them. Right now I would just like it to turn on. If anyone knows anything, please make a comment, perhaps someone else has this problem. P.S.  What is a pandora battery? I keep hearing about those, what do they do? Also, what exactly signifies a "bricked" PSP? Thanks UPDATE: 11/08/2009 I had a friend test the battery, he said the battery works and he charged it for me.  Now the PSP turns on. But, (there's always a but) there is no activity on the LCD. I tried bridging the backlight fuse with tweezers to see if the fuse was the problem, no luck. So what now? All I have learned is that the charge circuit doesn't work and that the PSP turns on with no activity. I held a white LED flashlight up to the screen, but I didn't see anything. any suggestions?

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I need a good headphone case.

My headphones are too big for the contact case. Please help me! Thanks

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Can I hook a home theater subwoofer to my cars stereo system?

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with an aftermarket Jensen VM9512 in-dash DVD receiver. Can I hook up my subwoofer (Sony SA-W2500) to the receiver and use it successfully? I don't want to buy another sub. What I have to work with is a long enough cable to connect the sub and the receiver and a 12-volt DC - AC inverter. I'm not sure if the 12-volt plug in the back of my Jeep is turned on and off with the ignition or not, but the subwoofer has an automatic on and off mode and the power inverter is just ether on or off. Help? :]

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which side are you on? PSP Go vs. 3000 vs. 2000 vs. 1000

Which psp version do you like better? PSPgo (the sliding PSP), 3000(slim & lite), 2000 (slim), or 1000(phat)? leave a comment saying what your dislikes and likes are of the psp you choose.

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How Do I make an Alien arm like wikus's in District-9 in time for haloween?

I wanted to see district-9 since May when I saw one of the super creepy propaganda flavored commercials and became rabid with curiosity. I tried to sneak in (twice!). I finally saw it today. I loved it. Now, my heart is set on making an alien arm like Wikus's for Halloween. If I had seen the movie earlier, I would probably build the whole alien costume, but as things are I am a little short on time. I'll have to go for the genetic-recombinant-halfway-through-transformation look. I won't be going as Wikus specifically(I am female, so that wouldn't work anyway), so the arm & claw have to be all the more recognizable as district-9 alien stuff.  (I suppose I could bring a can of cat food along, but that feels like a badly contrived substitute for doing things right.). There are no reference pictures for me or anybody; because of  sony's secretive media campaign there are hardly any pictured of the aliens to be found, and I have yet to find one of Wikus in which his arm is visible. My dad says I should use paper-mache to make the thing, but I've had bad luck with the stuff in the past. I was thinking of using plastic on foam base, but that seems rather inefficient. the only other option that comes to mind is plaster, but I would have to make all the molds myself which would be quite a pain. any suggestions? I sure could use some.

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New Stereo

I was outside the other day and my neighbor gave me this stereo. It's a sony with 2 working speakers, 51 disc cd changer that also acts as a storage(you can turn the holder w/on of the dials on the stereo, am/fm radio, 2 tape decks, sounds great, and i hooked my sansa up to play through the speakers. Check out the pic below.

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how do i find adobe flashplayer and how do i download it for the psp?

I really want flash player for the psp, and i heard that adobe made a deal with sony making an actually adobe flash player for the psp but i can't find at all! it would make life easier if somebody would just tell me where i can download it from!

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I need help

Hi everybody. I've been trying to unbrick my sony PSP, but I'm having a little snag mid-way through. I push X to install firmware 3.71, it begins the installation, says "Formatting Flash0...", and then it shuts off. Does anybody know why it is shutting off rather than continuing with the installation? The pandora battery is fully charged. Help would be much appreciated.

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I've already tried cleaning the laser and adjusting the height and I dont whant to buy a new laser what now.

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My ps2 controller stopped functioning properly? Answered

The controller works like new for about an hour and then the left anilog stick starts sticking to the left but still releases fine. (update now It is sticking all the time)

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how do i connect a PS3 to a PC to share media content like movies and pictures?

I have been able to share my PC's internet connection, so I would think that sharing media would be a breeze, at least from PC to PS3 rather than from PS3 to PC. As I understand it, Sony is big on DRM and has taken careful steps to prevent this. I only wonder if it works both ways

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Is there any way to manipulate/hack a NWZ-E436F 4gb mp3 player?

I have a NWZ-E436F sony walkman mp3 and mp4 player and i'm getting bored with it. I like the music and video viewing but i would also like to custimize it in any way. Iwould also like to add simple aplications on it like a caculator. My search has been endless and i would greatly admire someone who can help me with my problem. plz and thnx

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my psp won't turn on or charge can anyone help?

I have a plsp 3000 slim that refuses to charge or turn on with battery in or out and plugged into ac adapter or usb. The battery is original and the charger is original. when i try to turn on or charge the green/ orange power light doesnt burn at all. i have called sony and they say it will have to be sent in, i don't want to pay alot to get it fixed so if any of you could help me out as to how i could fix it or what might be wrong with it i would be really grateful

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Adding more speakers to hi fi stereo?!

Hi, i was just wondering whether anyone knew of anything that will allow me to add more speakers to my sony hi-fi without losing in volume. my stereo only allows me to add 2 speakers, and i have seen that you can get stereo speaker splitter allowing to add more speakers but i don't know whether one of those leads to a loss in volume aswell. I was wondering whether there is anything like a booster/amplifier to prevent the loss (almost like an aerial booster for TV's). Any help would be great thanks! Dan

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Recording "engineer"

Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you are experts at home recording, and also if anyone has the ability to re-master my home recordings...i have a microphone, and sony acid 5 which im about to get rid of for a better program... i really want to release an ep soon, but im gonna need alot of help! and also, if any of you know how to get auto tune and show me how to work it, it would be great.. orrrr if you do cd packaging/printing, or screen printing...message me please! thank you. and i am willing to pay you! or even if someone could point me in the direction of all the equipment and help me get myself set up at least...anything at this point would help. thanks.

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Old Stereo headset found, but it has an odd array of solder points and i can't seem to get any sound, any ideas? Answered

Hi there! I recently found two old sony headphone speakers, but i can't seem to get any sound out of them. It's a standard L/R speaker set that was enclosed into each ear piece. The odd thing is though that there are 8 solder points on the speaker pieces. One which is black blobbed and two that are white blobbed (i'm assuming it's to prevent shorts). Two wires are connected to two of the solder points (they don't seem insulated though...) I've tried various connection methods to make them produce any kind of sound, but nothing happens. I'm assuming they still work because they look intact, but...well any ideas? I don't have any expertice with audio equipment, but i do have basic electronics experience... I know it's kind of an odd question, but i'd really like to use these speakers and i wanted to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong. Basically i've been trying to connect various music players to a mini jack port using a microphone mini jack cable (seems to work for all other purposes) and then tried to connect the speaker wires to the jack port solder points (in various ways).I'm probably going to feel really stupid as the answer is probably really simple x3 I hope it makes sense!i should probably specify that the main problem is that i can't get any audio output from them, aka. they're silent no matter what i hook them up to

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