Subscribe to Author?

I had an idea... You know how YouTube allows you to subscribe to a "channel" (an account)? Perhaps we should have that for our authors, or Ibl'ers or whatever we call ourselves. The Ibles Robot may be a bit busy, but his girlfriend/secretary might be willing to PM me whenever whoever I've subscribed to posts something new. Kiteman had a good point: Make Groups subscribe-to-able Just a thought.

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Subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you!

Simple, just subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you! also, heres some of my work over the months! if you have any questions on any of them, feel free to ask! 1: bren lmg 2: grenade 3: pocket pistol 4: heavy cannon v5* 5: tape dispenser 6: ball machine 7: m1 garrand 8: vss vintorez and tiny oodammo pistol* 9: ball machine 10: nano gun* 11: halo 1 magnum 12: halo 1 assault rifle 13: ball machine 14: m16* 15: m4 s-system 16: zkar* 17: dual revolver pistol 18: ball machine 19: p90 20: zkar* 21: ball machine 22: mp5k* 23: tr18* 24: BAW* 25: ball machine 26: ball machine 27: p90 28: sr v2* 29: ball machine* 30: KGBMG 31: KLS v2* 32: ball machine 33: triple tape dispencer 34: tr8* 35: KGBSR 36: bullpup crossbow pistol 37: WASP* the ones with stars beside them are not my ideas, although i may of modded them...

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Three Mystery Subscribers

Hello K'nexers, just wanted tell you about 3 new subscribers and basically I got a new one on the 18th and 25th January and then on the 1st February which were all Sundays so basically I was getting a new subscriber every Sunday for three weeks and then it just stop although I still do get them which is good a thing. From my POV it felt like a winning streak or it was just down to luck but I'm not quite sure myself since it was just very weird thing to happen. Would be interested to hear you thoughts and opinions.

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what is subscirbing? Answered


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How do i unsubscribe to people? Answered

I accidentally subscribed to myself and it was fun for a minute or so, then i went to my page and there was no unsubscribe button!

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How to unsubsribe from myself? Answered

I subscribed to myself and all the other things that say how to unsubscribe say to uncheck somethin, or click an X but I don see either of those. Help!

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Subscribe to me and I will Subscribe to you, Just leave me a comment!

Title says it all =) VVV random pic I took VVV

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Which Ibler has the most subscribes? Answered

Just wondering. This is over the whole website, every member

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never ending contest!!!!

Just made a little thing up, if you comment on one of my instructables with in 2minuets after its been published, i will subscribe to you!!! this forum is included so add a comment quick!!! this will aply to every single thing i post in the future so remember to add a comment as quickly as possible to any of my new instructables.

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my subscribtion tracker doesn't work

I wasn't sure how to post a bug, so, here it is in a forum topic, please help me. The stuff that the people I subscribed to post doesn't get updated on my "you" page.

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How Do I See My Subscribers? Answered

I got 2 subscribers and i wanna see who they are. help please?

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how do I view my subscribers?

how do I view my subscribers?

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What is the top 5 of knexers that have the most subscribers? Answered

Tell me the answer of the question above and then subscribe to me, If you don't know the answer just subscribe to me :D.

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A free patch to the first 12 people to subscibe to me!!! (Knexers only though) With your choice of any of the picture below.

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Make subscriber list is now available from InfoUsa

This is my first post, but I was surprised (and upset) to learn that the list of Make subscribers is now available from InfoUSA. Everybody get ready for new Spam & Junk mail. Anybody care to estimate how much money will be spent on printing & then recycling junk mail?

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How do I feature an instructable? Answered

I want to feature Triple Threat Thunder (My knex ball machine) but I don't know how. Any one know? I will subscribe if I haven't subscribed to you already. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how to unsubscribe to someone? Answered

I accidently subscribed to myself but i dont know how to unsubscribe to myself!!!

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How to Exclude K'NEX Forum Topics In Search?

I'm subscribed to the Forum RSS Feed but I hate getting K'NEX gun topics all the time. And I can't just put "-k'nex" in the search box and subscribe to that because a lot of them just say gun and not k'nex at all, even though they are k'nex gun topics. How would I exclude k'nex topics in a search then?

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tnkit entry

My tnkit entry my m82 range around 40 feet please comment rate subscribe

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Can anybody name me a k'nex pistol with a removables mag in the handle?

Post a link and i will subscribe to you.

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My Knex Safe

having a little break from guns and decided to make a knex safe comment rate and subscribe enjoy =)

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Thank you, all!

Okay, I've been really inactive the last year and a bit, and I'm really sorry for all my subscribers! I just don't have anywhere near enough time anymore :( But what strikes me is, I still get new subscribers! To me, that's amazing. I'm setting a goal to get at least one good instructable published by September. Wish me luck! *edit* WOW. I just noticed I have over 70,000 views. That means that either: A: 70,000 people have looked at something I've made, or B: A lot of people have looked at stuff I've made, and liked it enough to look at more. WOW. Thanks so much. It means a lot.

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New knex concept

All is explained in the video :-) But since i cannot embed videos, click HERE to see the concept. :-) Rate comment subscribe!

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knex never-made before contest!

This contest is for anyone who can send me a picture of thier never-made before build. there is 3 places that recieve prizes. if you come first you win a subscribe and 5* on all of your instructables and forums and questions... if you come second you will get a subscribe and 5* on all of your instructions... if you come third you will get a subscribe.   to enter build something  from knex  that has never been done before and send me a picture of it before 2011 at midnight. i will alow models you have made that are still new but made before this contest started.  good luck.

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Flying Carousel

  To those who are not subscribed yet (shame on you!). I present the flying carousel: There's more info in the youtube description or on my blog. Enjoy!

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Minecraft Textures

Hi!  This is a forum to post the textures that you have made for Minecraft blocks.  In your post, be sure to include an image of the texture and what type of block it is.  Please post, comment, and subscribe! :)

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Whats a good bow for knex crossbows? Answered

So, i have a crossbow in progress, and im asking you subscribers and knexers, what is the strongest bow out there that can hold alot of power?

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Knex Marble Run

Here's something I made recently. Thought I'd share it on instructables. Subscribe to My Channel for updates on more Marble Runs.

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Which is better K'nex or legos? Answered

I want to know this because i just want to know opinions so tell me yours thanks. If you want, please go to my page and subscribe please thanks for your time.

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Mini Haul

Hey please check ouy my latest video and don't forget to subscribe, comment and like :) So what do you think of it? Please leave a comment.  

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SUPPORT 2011 - Support the Maximum - Paper Airplane Builder 2011

Do you want to support: OrigamiAirEnforcer                                                                                      How to support: 1. Subscribe. 2. Say, "Support [Name] 3. Done! Support a maximum 2011 rank of Paper Airplane Builder! 

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which do you think is best

Just want to know which you think is best my m82 or my new slingshot riflesling shot rifle 1,2,3,4 100 -150 rangem82 5,6,7,8,9 40 -45please comment rate subscribe thanks =)

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How many members does Instructables currently have? Answered

300,000 subscribers to the newsletter, 2.4 million new views per month, but how many actual signed-up members? How many of those members could be classed as "active" (for any given definition of "active")?

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Minecraft mods

You play Minecraft and want to know how to install certain mod? I can show you how. First, comment the mod you want instructions on. Then, subscribe to me so that you can see the instructions. I already have instructions on a few mod so please check and see if I already have it. Thx!

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Stockless TR18

Not really much of a CQB, so I changed the title, for those wondering. I have developed a stockless TR that performs just as well as a bigger (as in, with a stock) counterpart. Zak's handle and thumb-hole part are required. Thoughts, Opinions, Comments? Also, rate and subscribe for more. Video's here! Anyways, newer pictures posted.

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I am back.  I will NEVER retire.  And I have learned my lesson. Thanks Visper, I owe you one.  Also Holy crap I got a huge subscriber boost. I also would like to thank Aeronous for picking up my torch while I was gone.  He's done a good job of critiquing.

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The Red Book of Westmarch's M21 (More Views)

Hey guys, I just wanted to provide more views for you of my M21. These pics might help you build it, if you want to. Have fun, and enjoy the pics. Pleas rate, comment, and subscribe! -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Thanks Everyone

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've just hit over 10,000 views. I want thank everyone on Instructables that has subscribed, favourited and made a comment on my Instructables as I wouldn't be here if I wasn't for you lot so thank you very much.  

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Leaving Knex, But Not Instructables!

Hey everyone I'm leaving knex now and I just wanted to thank all of my subscribers and friends I've mad on this site! Also I wanted to know how much someone is willing to offer for 25-30lbs of knex. Thanks everyone and I encourage the rest of you to KEEP knexing!

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So this is my new knex pistol it is also my entry for T.V.K.I.T. It shoots blue rods in a mag with an internal mag pusher, it holds around 10-12 blue rods and and estimate range is around 40 - 45 ft. So I hope you like it, and i will be posting it  soon, so remember to subscribe!:);=Picture036.flv

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Yay! I've hit 100 subscribers! So this is just a message to all of my wonderful subbers. Were you one of my 'Every 10th subber'? Here they are! 1- Viccie.B1993 10- Toadman1996 20- Killer~Safecracker 30- Coolbas3 40- Seleziona 50- Cj81499 60- DJ Radio 70- Visper123 80- Bassclarinet23 90- KillerK 100- Sdds Thanks again to all my subbers! :-D So. Who are your 'Every 10th Subbers'?

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Does a bolt on a knex gun pin reduce power? Answered

For example:  You have a black rod pin with female ball socket on the end. You attach three orange connectors to make their holes travel on the pin guide And to look like a bolt. Does this reduce power?

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New G36K (unfinished)

Hey guys. Well, dr. richtofen asked me to give him some pics of my new and improved G36K, and so I decided to post it forum topic. I would like you guys to help me out with what I have or may miss, and and just give me some advice in general. What type of barrel should I use...things like that. Pleas comment and subscribe!

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MotaBoi's K'nex Handgun

 Ok... this was originally meant to be a Desert Eagle and it looked pretty good... but it didn't shoot very well at all, that's why I didn't call it a Desert Eagle.  In the future (next week) i will make a replica that does shoot. Some features: 30 - 40+ ft range True trigger 8 round mag Sounds really cool CREDIT TO TRAUTS,  SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!!  I USED HIS MECHANISM FOR THIS GUN.  A VIDEO WILL BE UP THIS WEEK AND INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WEEKEND!!!

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Minecraft LP

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've started a minecraft LP. That's pretty much where I talk while playing minecraft and share my take on the game. I'm going to be releasing episodes once a week, usually more than that. I only have one episode up so far but check it out and if you like it, subscribe or just look out for new epsiodes, I'll probably have a second one up by tonight. Here's the link to the first episode: On a related note, I also have a less formal series going up which is just my friend and I playing survival multiplayer. I won't be releasing episodes of that series as constantly as my single player but that one's a little more fun and we're basically just messing around. If you're interested in that, here's the link to the first episode: Also, I might get some other people to play with us in the multiplayer survival world so if you'd like to participate in that send me a PM and we'll see. Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe if you like the videos.

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Knex Bouncing Betty: Anyone Interested?

How do you feel about using tactical items like mines?  I'm just looking for an opinion from people, since recently I made one for fun. It resembles a 'Bouncing Betty' and it works by tripping a switch. By the way it's built, it's usable outside and inside. Tell me what you think of it, and I will post it up soon. Update 4/28/11: Posted Photo Instructable. Please see the first model and subscribe for future variations.

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