Switching the input to my speakers with a flick of a switch?

I have my 360 hooked up to my computer LCD as I don't have a regular HD TV and this is the next best thing. With my speaker system I normally have my speakers hooked into my PC sound card. What I think is getting a jack extender. Like it has a jack that plugs into my sound card and then I can plug a cord from my speakers into that so I could easily switch between my xbox and PC by just swapping cables. But I would like to make a little switch box so I can keep both of the plugged in and just hit a little switch and change them.

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Air Switch Dimmer

I would like to make a switch like the one in mathmos Air Switch. i am not sure how to but could this be done. or is there some thing close that i can do? need it for a school project. thanks pyr0000

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Timer to flip light switch?

I need a timer that will mechanically operate a wall switch for a light. I've seen a device years ago for sale in the various "gadget" catalogs that did exactly this. It attached to the trim plate around the light switch using the 2 trim plate screws. A battery powered digital timer operated a mechanical slide to operate the wall switch. I can't find this device anywhere now. I know there are many electronic timers that replace the wall switch and have timer capability, most do not work with compact flourescent lights. I'd really like to find a timer for sale or get some ideas on a simple way to make such a device. Thanks for any help. Scott

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Reed relay to reed switch Answered

Can someone help me. I have a reed relay and want to use it as a reed switch. Can someone tell me hyow to hook it up so it acts as a reed switch?

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how do you make a lag switch for your 360?

I always wanted to have a lag switch to get my way though some games, thanks for your answers.

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Programmable inline switch (or, how to help your houseguests turn off the lights)?

So, after battling with houseguest after houseguest, I've hit my end. Beyond giving them flashlights and nothing more, is there a way to build an inline timer that can be variably set? Something to sit between the switch and light, and I can set it to 10 minutes for some, 20 for others, and always on?

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How to fix the switch on a neon sign?

Hi everyone! I have one of those nice Heineken neon sign that i've found in a antique shop. I payed only 10$. The thing is, the guy told me there's a little problem with the switch... I was thinking that I could fix that. When I opened the plastic box and saw the switch I thought to myself '' how am I gonna fix that'' I bought a switch that you install directly on the wire, looks like the one we have on the wall to open the light in a room. (You know the same kind of switch that has a little 'wheel' that you turn to put on or off). I need your help dear Instructable comunity, what should I do, and how? Thanks a million times in advance!! Nick

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Help Replace Discontinued Range Hood Vent Fan Switch

The variable speed fan control on my Thermador HT48HQS hood vent does not work and the replacement switch is no longer available.  I'm looking for some help in making a new switch.  The Thermador VTR1000Q motor is mounted on the roof and controlled at the hood with a variable speed control knob. The motor is rated at 115V 60Mz 7.8 Amps. Photos of the switch assembly are attached. From what I understand, the speed control knob is a potentiometer that regulates the speed by proving a range of amps from 2.5 to 8? If I could make a variable speed control that would be great.  But I'd be more than happy to have create an on/off toggle switch or a toggle for low on/off high.  Can anyone help me?

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electric eye

I would like to make an 'electric eye'. When the eye's beam is broken, it will close a switch and send power to an ac/dc converter. When the beam is restored, the switch will open. suggestions?

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How does one wire a motor so that it reverses automatically?

I'm looking for a relatively simple, mechanical way (by that I mean not using a micro-controller) to wire a motor so that it will reverse direction without being switched manually. The interval is unimportant, and the purpose is to have two spools connected by a loop of string (think reel-to-reel), one of which is controlled by the motor. A low-tech solution would be awesome.

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Information on mechanical switches for electronic circuits?

Text and photos on mechanical switches for electronic circuits

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how to make a sound activated switch? Answered

Making led light up win you hit on a drum

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Power supply switch for boombox project...

Could someone help me with some simple wiring questions? I've built a little boombox using a Lepai amp and some speakers. At the moment the back is off the box that houses the amp, so I can plug in a mains power adapter, but I've got a housing for 10 x rechargeable NiMH AA batteries making a 12v battery pack with maybe 20 amphours of life in it. I've only just ordered the batteries so I'll see. However, I was thinking that I'd still like to have a socket that I can plug the mains adapter into. So I was thinking about mounting a DC socket on the back plate, and some sort of switch to select the power source. 1. Does the switch need to be a 3 position one? There's an on/off switch on the front of the amp, so maybe a 2-way switch would be OK? 2. Does the switch need to be some sort of special one because it's switching power. Would something like this one do? 3. The switch has 3 terminals. How do I connect it up? I'll have +ve and -ve from the battery pack, a +ve, -ve, and earth from the DC socket, and a +ve, -ve and earth going to the amp. ...or maybe there's an easier way of doing it? Thanks.

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The email alerts can not be switched off!? Answered

Those email alerts are really annoying and clog up my email. When I try to change it it just goes back to sending them to me. Can you help?

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How to add 2 LEDs to my footswitch so I can see if either channel is on or off.

I have a 2-channel Marshall footswitch that I want to mod to mimic their PED802 model with on/off LEDs on it. Scoured many forums for schematics or diagrams or photos, but nothing so straightforward out there. I believe it does not require a battery to power them as it mimics the light on the amp front, but my electronics knowledge isn't so good. Anyone have a photograph of something similar? I think I need two LEDs, two resistors and a couple bits of wire, but that's all I can glean. Thanks.

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Hate people who use lag switches?

Possibly one of the most annoying things in the gameing world.Could anything ever be done to stop people from doing it?

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replace the on off switch on a nintendo ds lite..?

Just replaced the touch screen on my daughters ds lite.. all seemed well until whilst trying to put the case back on i broke off the tag on the switch.. can someone advise me on how easy it is to replace the switch.. thanks fat fingers..

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What switch to use for LED Light project

I have  seen a few build on here recently with installing LED lights on stairs.  I am liking that idea and overall have an idea of what I will do with the lights, but I can't seem to find the switch I want to use. I would like to set this up with 2 lasers or beams.  The idea is that one would be at the top of the stair and the other at the bottom.  They would be in  the wall so you can't really see them.  I only have easy access to one side of my stairwell so I am hoping the set up is something like a beam going to a reflector.  Once a beam is broken, the lights come on and remain on for a short period of time (30 seconds or so) and then they turn off.   The problem I am having is I either find thing like garage door beams that are big and hard to hide and require access to both side of the wall, or beams that only travel a foot and a half at the most.  The stairs are the standard three feet or so.

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Need to know how to hook up Tact switches to an analog stick?

Or how to solder wires to the area where the analog stick's movements are? I'm trying to make my gamecube controller usb and I was trying to follow the NES usb instructions but the analog stick seems like it will be harder to make work, where on the analog stick am I look for to solder tact switches or wires to?

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Why use a lag switch? do they really work? what games can you use them on? can you get banned? Answered

I'm guessing you can't get banned due to the fact that they have no way of proving you don't "have a faultly internet connection" and I know it's cheating. I'm just so curious to why other people use it.

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Replace 3-way light swtichs

  Hi Folks,   I have a small laundry room with two 3-way light switches and no outlets. I would like to replace both switches using one of these options: Replace "master" switch with combo switch/outlet (like Pass & Seymour TM838. Replace slave switch with an Occupancy Sensor Switch. -OR- Same has above but use a regular outlet instead of combo. If I have to I would be happy with disabling one of the switches and just have the Occupancy switch. I have posted photos of the wires coming out of the switches here: http://stellabotte.smugmug.com/Other-1/Electric/37036170_Zc4KSw/#!i=3075021321&k;=gGJ9vgJ The replacement switches are: Pass & Seymour TM838-WCC   Combination Sw/Outlet    Pass & Seymour RW3U600       Multi-Way Occupancy Switch   One side bar question, can any 3-way switch work with any other 3-way switch on the same circuit ? Thanks -Fred

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Where can I buy transparent touch switches? Answered

Basically I need a thin, transparent, pressure switch which can be glued, or otherwise bound to a glass surface, and determine when something is resting on it. It only needs to be an electrical switch, and does not have to report the coordinates of the contact. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Use guitar amplitude signal as a switch to light a bulb

Hello,  I'd like to light a bulb by using a guitar as a switch. My problem is I don't know where to plug the guitar into. Is it some kind of switch I have to tweak, or is it some kind of resistor. I've attached an image to explain the electric circuit. 

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When should my sister switch to baritone saxophone?

My sister started playing saxophone, and she wants to switch to bari sax. The problem is, she's way too small. She can barely play my tenor! She really wants to play it, but she'll have to wait until she's slightly taller and better at sax. When could she play the bari and what should she know before playing it?

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I want to build a 1/8" audio selector box with 4-5 inputs and 1 output.

I want to build a 1/8" audio selector box with 4-5 inputs and 1 output (i.e. 4-5 audio sources and 1 set of speakers) and be able to toggle amongst the sources.  I bought a 2 Pole, 6 position rotary switch: Will this work, or should I get something else? other recommendations welcome!

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so i want to build a switch that reverses the phase of the signal in a humbucking guitar pickup will this drawing work ?

The thick black wire is the sheild the small black wires and grey wire are left alone as decribed in the instuctions i got with it

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Audio Stereo KILLSWITCH without NOISE when switch pressed

I know there's a lot of Killswitches to build but I need one that will shut my loud music gentle without the "unplug" noise, may be some components attached to the switch will make it. Any suggestions?

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Earthwise 50218 corded mower - control switch lever broken

We have an Earthwise 50218 corded mower that we've been very happy with. The only problem is that the control switch lever that is used to start the thing is plastic and broke. We were able to manage with it for a while but then it broke even closer to the base and cannot be used at all. Without this lever, the entire mower cannot start. It appears that the manufacturer doesn't sell a replacement part for this. The only official option was to buy an entire control assembly at $40. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any ideas on a cheaper solution for this simple, stupid problem? (The manual for this thing is here: https://www.powerequipmentdirect.com/manuals/earthwise-50118-50120-owners-manual.pdf)  Thanks!

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How can you build a midi switch that responds to a pure data banger?

How can you build a midi switch that responds to a pure data banger? I am not techy and i have basically no clue what I am doing otherwise.

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mods I plan to do to my humbucking pickup on my guitar. could someone check over my wireing before I actually do it?

Please keep in mind this is only mods for the bridge humbucking pickup there are 2 single coil pickups that are not involved in this wireing -pickup is a EMG-HZ (SRO series) passive humbucking pickup

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How do I turn a keyboard into switches for a computer based flight simulator? Answered

Yeah, like, I want to take a keyboard, and turn the buttons into switches, oh yeah and I want it to be out of the keyboard, like in a box or something, but more like an aircraft than just a keyboard, you know what I'm saying? like a cockpit, but from a keyboard yeah you know what I mean

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How do I safely connect a micro switch to a 6 outlet power supply? Answered

I have the Big Dome Push Button (sparkfun electronics) so I can start the power for an arcade machine with a press of a colorful lighted button. However, I'm new to the hobby of electronics so even this simple build is confusing to me. I basically need to connect the micro switch and LED  to a typical 6 outlet power supply. Help!

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Is This circut right?

I need to know if circut for a 9v usb charger is right. I didn't have the usb port at the time. Any help?

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i need a footswitch to switch between three channels on my laney tf300?

I need a footswitch to switch between three channels on my laney tf300. the input on the amp is not a standard jack socket, it is a serial type, do i need a three button pedal, or is there some other way? all help appreciated.

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how do i make a prop detonator?

I want one that has a key switch to unlock a cover that protects the "big red button" and maybe other switchy switches

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Speaker switch box (2 x 2 or 4) with automatic ohm balance / adjustment, has anyone got a design for it please?

Hi, I have a cheap speaker switch box connected to my stereo amplifier as it only had one set of speaker outputs. When the smaller higher power demanding speakers are switched the box causes the more efficient floor standing units to shadow the sound which is annoying. The reverse does not happen, but when all 4 speakers are switched on the sound quality drops noticeably, as it would since the ohm matching is not right. I could buy an expensive Niles box but I don't exactly know the ohms for the smaller speakers since they have had the main drivers replaced (the original foam cone supports hardened and cracked in the dry heat of a few Australian summers). I suspect one set on, and one set off is a simple enough device even I as a novice could design it, yes i can, but would just building a better switch box using higher quality switches solve the shadow effect? and I have no idea about the 2 sets on so any ideas - a internet search didn't help much but maybe you call these things differently in the USA?

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I have a DP ON-OFF-ON switch mounted on my guitar. what can I make it control to make the guitar more unique?

I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it. it used to be an onboard distortion system i always left it on and it ate up my batteries plus it was created when I had much less exeriance so therefore no longer works what can I possibly do with it to make the guitar more unique? id like this to be done sooner than later . ***Update***-I have figured out what I can do with this switch but I just need my wireing scematics to be checked out and get the "OK" refer to this link: https://www.instructables.com/answers/mods-I-plan-to-do-to-my-humbucking-pickup-on-my-gu/

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I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff? Answered

I have several modifications i want to put on my guitar before my band forms more. Im unsure on how to do it all. could somebody recomend stuff to do about it? -I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it what can i possibly do with it? -I want to have a tribal grafic of some sort painted on the front and back. will acrillic paint work for that with out cracking or peeling later? -I have 4 white LEDs in the pickgaurd. Ive grown tired of plain white LEDs that are steady on all of the time and want to replace them with something cooler but i have no idea what colors to choose from. -im going to sheild it ---- https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sheild-a-Guitar/ -im going to put red LEDs under the bridge pickup--- https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-electric-guitar-pickup-mod/ i have liited resources and limited time what should i do ?\ any other sudgestions on what to do to make my guitar as unique as possible let me know also anything to make my 3way amp setup beter  would be greatly apreciated >the first picture is the entire guitar case and all >the second is the body and pickgaurd with lights on >the third is the amp setup

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Tutorial for an easy DIY 5-Min. timer-switch set to emit a sound.? Answered

I am trying to make a few game-types for my friends and I to play in airsoft, and one is a variation of the classic FPS game-type called Assault.  I am wondering if there is a tutorial for beginners that explains how to create a DIY Timer Switch that will emit an explosion sound 5 minutes after it is set.  I want to make a false bomb for us to use, but I am unsure about how to do that.  Thanks.

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Working on a 12V battery circuit, need to know how to hook up a toggle switch that has three way switching "On-Off-On"?

Is it necessary to connect the ground wire to the center post on the switch? Or can I just attach the hot wire to both end terminals, and leave the center post bare? Trying to hook up a rolling spot sprayer to my small Kabota tractor whereas all circuits are 12 volt, I'm wiring it so the power wires can be disconnected, by way of spring clips to the battery, when not being needed. But I need to be able to contol the power to the spot sprayer from the tractor seat.

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in a instructable does the yellow boxes you can make in the pics do they save if switch the pics and do on another pic? Answered

In a instructable does the yellow boxes you can make in the pics do they save if switch the pics and do on another pic?

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where on a small mixer desk can i fit an on/off foot switch to control effects on /off?

I want to turn on/off the echo effects on a small mixer desk but i do not know where to plug the floor switch in ,on  the desk

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Where can SCR's be found in Australia?

I'm looking for some scr's (silicon controlled rectifiers) in australia but have so far been unable to locate any local suppliers. I'm using them *naturally* to switch the power for a multistage coilgun. So far i have been using high rated microswitches, but they are constantly failing and i've heard scr's provide the power quicker and more efficently.Thanks :)

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ive a ds lite which switches on showing the green light but wont power up the fuses and battery seem ok screens inop?

Ds lite has suffered a broken hinge ,green light shows but it wont power up fuses and battery seem ok also it charges up ok

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         I've started changing the light bulbs at home. I want to use economic ones like the one in the picture. The only problem that I have is that when I turn off the light , the bulb starts blinking. I have a power switch similar to the one in the picture. It has a little lamp behind the red dots that goes on when you turn out the light. It helps you find the switch in the dark. I heard from someone that the blinking is related to this lamp. Does anybody know how to fix this? without removing the little lamp in the switch

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Advice for PIR motion sensor

Hello, I am currently developing a wireless PIR motion sensor for my home with Arduino and I need some advices (I am new with Arduino). The product will send a signal everytime it detects someone but I need to switch on/off when I am at home. For instance, before switch on/off on the device, it will detect a movement  (and I don't want to). Is there any way to switch on/off remotely (right before entering in the house for instance) ? 1/ Infrared ? Is it consume a lot of battery ? 2/ Bluethooth ? Is it consume a lot of battery ? 3/ Other ? Thanks for your help,

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i want to use a real foot pedal on my rock band to make it work i can use any reed switch normally open or no?

I want to create a rock band pedal so ineed exactly the same reed switch as they show on the instructions or i can use another models

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Killswitch Help

Alright, so i built a killswitch for my guitar like SomeRockenGuys minus the rocker switch. and i get this buzzing noise, kind of like feedback and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to tame this wild buzzing. I've got mono jacks in there now, would stereo help? what about grounding it, what would i ground it to?All suggestions are appreciated?

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Left? Answered

 Why did the author information and related Instructables bar switch over to the left? I liked it on the right.

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