Transforming Halloween

Ever since seeing the Transformers movie I just couldn't stop thinking about transformers. So I decided a Transformer costume was it this year. It started out as just a box and later became more elaborate and more of a car. IT IS FINALLY DONE. Took three months but it's done. Pictures of the final product is here. Today I took it to school for a contest. I probably transformed at least twenty times. At one point the tape wasn't working on the spoiler because the "haters" would tear it off. So we used a bolt instead. In the contest people were chanting my name and I won ... a cheapy blue necklace. But now whenever I was going around the block all I would hear is "Are you the Transformer kid? Transform for us". Of course I would. So if anyone has questions or wants me to post instructions let me know. The instructions will be hard because of the variety of height and weight.

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Lego transformers

All lego transformers

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Knex Transformers

I set this forum up for people to post their own transformers pics. I am working on 2 new transformers pics and will post them here if anyone else has any there working on or finished ones that you want to post, you can put them here

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Knex Transformers

I'm new to this website and ive seen a lot of great posts for some transforming knex especially one that resembles optimus prime (not the large one that the creator refuses to post a smaller one) i was just wondering if anyone would be willing to post more instructables of their designs keep up the work folks.

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Knex transformers poll

 I am considering posting my knex transformers 09 Bumblebee revision or Jazz. I am very busy and have only this month to post this poll. To enter just post a cleaver comment and I will judge if I will post my knex transformer by how many I get. If I don't get enough I wont post. The poll begins today and will end on September 20. I will make my decision on the 21st. There is one rule, I will not post both. So, happy posting.  So just as an update, seeing that no one cares for Jazz, I am deporting him from this poll. The poll is just about over and seeing that I have about eight posts, I am very close to making my decision.   If anyone wants to know if glitched is still posting, it is doubtful in my opinion. He told me personally that he is very busy and I believe it too.  Keep up the commenting and happy birthday jandeboer25! 

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Knex transformer Poll

I am considering posting another transformer instructable from my collection of transformers i have. It whas been a while since i posted anything and wanted to conduct a poll to decide if and what i should post. So for this poll please on one submission per person and to include only the following: If you want to see a new transformer instructable yes or no and your reason why also which one of the many transformers i have posted you want to see. Depending on the outcome of this i will make my decison

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Knex Transformer Contest

Ok so i had Another idea which needed its own posting I want peopel to show me there own transforming creating out of knex and whichever i think is the best and most clever will get instruction to any of my transformers of their choosing and only the winner will get the instructions and they are not to be posted these are for you only. The rules: -It can be an size as long as it is a complete transforming w/o taking it apart. -Being an actual transformer is preffered to make it easier to judge. -being creative is a must Ill probably let this go for about 1 month to make my decision so lets see what you got. Update: well obviously its been more than a month but only because not many were on board for the initial idea of this. So I will honor the deal for an awesome submission.

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how do i make a lego transformer as in the transforming toys? Answered

I want to make a transforming lego robot in mini form not big a small one

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Connect two transformers in parallel? Answered

Hi! I have a question in case someone can help me. I need an AC/AC converter from 120V to 12V for a halogen lamp. The required output is 210W, but I can't find a big enough transformer for this. Is it possible to connect two, 105W output transformers in parallel in order to achieve the desired 210W?

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New Transformer coming soon.

Hey guys, First of all I would like to apologise for my inactivity (if anyone has missed me =D) I have been extremely busy with my schoolwork, and I simply have had no time to post anything or be active at all. I am not leaving Instructables anytime soon though. I have been fiddling around with K'nex sometimes and I am now building a new K'nex Transformer. It still has some issues but when these are gone I'll definately post it. Some pictures of the progress will come up soon. If you have any suggestions which I should build next please post them here. I am not making guns myself anymore so please opnly transformer ideas. Thanks -AUG-5OM3-

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Knex Transformer Contest: Blackout

Hello everyone, I am going to have a knex transformers contest as you can tell. If you don't know what a transformer or knex are you better get off this forum, just kidding. Anyone interested I will be more than happy to see your work. You will build the fist model from May 5,2009 to May 18,2009. You will then build a second model the next two weeks, then the third model the next two weeks. Each model will be judged three times!!! Build away and good luck. PS> I might enter <

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how can i change the power transformer on my guitar amplifier?

I have a Mesa Boogie, Nomad 45 which I purchased in the USA. I now live in Hong Kong and wish to change the power transformer to 220v so that it will work properly here. Is this something I can do myself if I purchase the correct transformer? Please help and thanks for any advice!

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Knex Transformers from the new movie

I used the transformer toy images from to build these transformers, they are true transformations they don't have to be taken apart to transform them.

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how do you make a knex transformer?


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Lego Transformers: Aerojet Now With Video

Remember that jet I posted a while ago? Get ready to see it again! Here's a video of it's transformation.

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His altenate mode has to be a monster truck He must look like wheelie within reason he must resemble the toy in some way

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Transformer : Kneximus Prime - Now With Video

This is my latest Transformer Creation. These pictures are compared to the actual toy for a sence of scale. More pictures can be found;=621 I wasn't happy with my previously posted Optimus it wasn't accurate and was lacking so I reworked him from the ground up. I am not going to post instructions for this, Please don't ask. I had to re-upload the transformation video, some hacker took it down.   Here it is again :

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"What's that awful smell?"

Right at the end of our daily meeting this foul stench began to swirl around us. We couldn't quite figure out what or where it was coming from, but it was nasty. At first we checked the laser cutter since some people in the building like to occasionally burn Stuff That Shouldn't Be Burned and oh man does it reek. But that wasn't it. We check the fridge, but it was fine. We even discovered that it was just inside the building, but we had no luck figuring it out. Then Mike from Potenco walked down the hall and said, "Oh, hey, sorry about the smell. I blew up the transformer." He grinned and walked off to find all the fans in the building to air the place out. Just another day at the tower and another experiment gone awry. But if you don't blow anything up, then you're not going to make any real progress, right?

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What is a really cool way to transform an old keyboard into something people will say wow to?

I have a lot of old keyboards, and some spare time. I need a little project to transform them. Thanks!!

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Whats the best way to test the output of a transformer? Can I just use a multimeter?

I have a guitar amp that I want to make portable but the transformer isn't labeled, so I don't know what kind a batteries I need. Is the multimeter a valid option, or is there another way to find out how much power is coming out of It? Unless you can identify the writing on the back of the transformer (which I already googled).

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What transformer would work well for a kerosene heater igniter?

I'm using a kerosene heater from time to time this winter and it has a built-in ignition glow coil that is powered by 2 C cell batteries.  I was thinking about wiring an AC transformer to it to power the ignition coil instead of using the batteries.  What range of voltages and mA might work correctly?  I have a 6v 600mA transformer on hand.  Might that work?  I don't want to burn the coil out by driving it too hard though.

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20 amps transformer of 14-0-14 volts from 220 volts bobbin size? primary gauge,turns? secondary gauge,turns thanks.

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I need help finding some scans of Transformers comics. Free Pro Membership up for grabs! Can anyone help?

I am specifically looking for scans of "Hearts of Steel", "Shattered Glass", and "The Beast Within".  I will of course happily accept more than those. I have a few ideas for some custom Transformers, and having access to some good scans of the books I mentioned would help immensely. Like it says in the title, the first good quality answer will be getting a free Pro Membership code!  (Helpful people with later answers may get one too.)

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Transform a conventional ink-jet printer into a 8000$ laser etcher?

I believe everything is possible, with a little bit of help and that's what I need now. I can't build out those fancy CNC machine found here, since it's beyond my knowledge and skills. However, I thought about modifying a cheap ink-jet printer to make it into a DIY laser etcher this way: -Replace the ink part with a custom laser - instead of giving a current in order to flow ink, the laser will be powered. Laser requires different power level depending on the material, perhaps a potentiometer knob on the laser power supply could do it? -Remove any rolls and paper-only specification: instead, make THINGS able to go inside by simply destroying the printer, rising it up, and use the bottom paper rolls as the Y axis motorization. (The ink-jet head will be the X axis). Why would I do this? I have no idea how to programm small electronic chips, even less how to hook them up to computer or software. I, however, am able to print black and white images, and believe the black can simply be a signal to "laser on". I strongly believe this is possible. Since I can't, as stated above, mess with microcontrollers, I suggest adding potentiometers to the motors and laser and calibrate it myself, and adding physical marks (e.g: sharpie marks) to mark my settings. My question is: Do you think it is? What else could be required? Did I miss some obvious point that would render the previous idea totally worthless, and is this point solvable? Please comment :)

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Help! My low voltage, outdoor lighting wont light up - transformer error codes?

I bought a Portfolio 300watt transformer for low voltage outdoor lighting and hooked up a 100' 12 gauge cable (outdoor rated lighting cable) to it. Then I hooked up 4 low voltage lights (12volt 20 watts each). I plugged the transformer in to a gfi outlet that I ran out from the house. And turned it on. The little display flashes "E" and then "1" . The instructions say that the E means that there is a fire hazard so check the circut. So I unhooked every light except one. Same error. I hooked on a different light and unhooked the first one. Same error. Instructions say the cable needs to be under 250'. And the load less than 300w. I am there, except it won't run. Do I have a bad transformer or is there something that I am missing? Oh, and this is to light my haunt in my front yard, so I am running out of time! Thanks for any advice! Matt

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Undercabinet LED lights from 110v source

Hello, Ever since i moved into my current home I have wanted to put in under-cabinet lights in the kitchen. Its a small kitchen but the current fluorescent lights are just not giving me the light I'd like.  Powering the LEDs is my only concern. There are two under-cabinet areas each with one type of florescent light fixture with a normal 110v power line running into each light directly from a small hole in the wall (all hidden of course under the cabinets). There is no power outlet associated with these two lights. There is one outlet along the wall but I would not like to use this if possible as it powers the kitchen appliances, and it would show the power cord from the lights (Id love for these new LEDs to remain hidden.) I understand to use a 110v source I would need a LED transformer of some kind, I have seen these for sale, but I do not have an outlet that this transformer can plug into. Like this: Is there a way to connect a type of transformer to this direct 110v line? Would I splice the plug off the end of the transformer and just crimp it to the 110v source from the wall?  Like the end of this transformer: Im currently at work but if pictures help I can upload them later. Thanks!

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Is it possible to make a boxman costume like in the link below?


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How do I build a Solid State guitar amplifier with 15-30 or more watts?

I've heard about the popular gainclone amps and seen a few, but none of them were for guitar it seemed. I'm looking for anything- guides, schematics, etc.- to help me build a solid state guitar amplifier. I would like for it to have at least 15 watts. Anything goes. Thanks in advance!

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Power supply?

Since I was thinking of building a bipolar power supply +12V, -12V, using a 12-0-12 transformer and using only diodes and capacitors, which I have successfully built. My problem is how safe can this power supply be? since I am not using any regulators?

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​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A.

I have a12v 1.5A  transformer. ​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A. Is it possible? If its possible than tell me HOW?

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Frequency of 12v halogen transfomer?

Hello everyone.. I would try using a 12v transformer halogen (please see photo) for flyback driver (about 10-30 watts) .But seller sell on Ebay do not know the frequency of 12 vac, so could you help me to know that(frequency of 12 vac out) thank you in advance.

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Sturdy folding table? (life edited)

I recently found this thing called Life Edited. It's partly about making the most out of your space with multi purpose spaces and having most you furniture either being able to stack/fold away or being transformed. So for example by having your bed folding into the wall and dining table folding into the other wall, you could have a room that doubles as dining/bedroom. Anyway I started drawing up solutions for my home, it's all going well except for one problem. It is that my desk takes up a lot of space in the room. I have two requirements for my desk: 1. it has to be ergonomic 2. it has to be very sturdy, no what so ever wobble or play. I have a such desk, but I really can not figure out how to make it fold/stack/transformable without affecting the sturdiness. any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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re-using a set of bose speakers for a laptop?

I have a set of Bose speakers I'd like to be able to hook up to my lap top,along with a volume control, but I'm a noob when it comes to electronics. I also have a few 4.5 volt power transformers from old answering machines I could use for the power source. Any help is appreciated.

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HO Locomotives?

I have 3 HO Locomotives that won't run on the track whether the wires from the transformer are attached to the terminal track or if I touch the wires directly to the track or if I touch the wires to the wheels of the Locomotive, they won't run? But if I take the same Locomotive and place it on its side or if I stand it upright on the table and touch the wires to the wheels it will run, as long as it is NOT on the rails of the track! Do I have dirty rails and or wheels??

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Adland - video - how many ads can you spot?

This rather nice video crams in parts of well-known ad' campaigns. It is UK-biased, but some of these will be global. Includes a cake-car, a fish on a bike, bunnies, a transforming car, and kids running through walls, which should have been seen a lot?

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New FMG-9 folding gun posted!!!!

Introducing the first of its kind..........The FMG-9 folding gun!This gun folds up into a breif case size,and then opens up to be a shooting gun!check it out becasue it dident show up on most recent...

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1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first! I'm trying to remember the name of an old 80's or 90's toy. Answered

Okay everyone, I have been trying to remember what these toys were called for the last couple of years.  They were in the 80's or 90's and could change from a vehicle into a base/battle station. I know I had a few of them.  The two that I remember are a tank that changed into a large base and a three-wheeled vehicle that changed into a gun turret thing (if memory serves me correctly). There was normally a switch or button to press and you would hear a loud gear/spring noise when they changed.  I know it was not a Transformer or GI Joe toy. They had small scaled human figures that were tan in color and a little larger than the figures that came with Technozoids (if anyone remembers those).  The figures were in the same "seated position" (for lack of a better way to describe it) as the Technozoid ones. As I said in the title, there will be a 1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first!

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help on modding a ps2 controller?

I would like to know if anybody has ever modded a game controller to deliver a mild electric shock like this instead of vibrating. i would assume all it would take is to remove the the motor and wire in a transformer with contacts on the outer casing. if my theory in right please comment with any improvements you may have or if anyone has ever done this before please give exact instructions. all help is greatly  appreciated.

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Lionel Trains. How to tell what year they were made? Answered

I inherited a Lionel Train set but can't determine when it was made. The Locomotive has 027 on a Metal plate on the bottom and 2026 on the side. I'm trying to determine what they might be worth. Has several cars and a tender for the Locomotive. One car is a Baby Ruth Box Car. Has Tracks but no Transformer to test it out. Any Lionel Train buffs out there that can help?

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how do i solder a perf board?

I got a perf board for Christmas but have no i idea how to solder components together. i know how to solder the components on the board but i don't know how to connect them. do i use a jumper and if so how do i use that? isn't a jumper kit just some solid core wire? i have some .032 inch diameter copper wire from a transformer and i was thinking i could use that instead of a jumper?

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How do you make a small booby trap that can fit inside a desk?

There's this annoying kid in my class who keeps taking my stuff my shoes and pencils. I need a way to build a trap that's simple really cheap and effective. I had an idea with a transformer which would shock him with a nine volt through a steel rod in a pencil but that's no good any ideas Please respond

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Use a computer power supply to power a coil gun?

The summer bored-ness has finally kicked in, and I would like to build a coil gun. The usual idea is just to charge some capacitors, and then discharge then into a coil, but it is possible to use the 3.3v rail (or any rail) of a standard computer power supply to power a coil gun? The goal to have rapid fire ability (which is hard to accomplish with capacitors due to charge time), and not use a transformer (because I am to cheap to go and buy a decent one from Radioshack, or any other store)

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Make an exercise bike out of a regular bike

I remember seeing some kind of attachment that you could use to transform your bicycle into a stationery bike for exercise, but that was a long time ago and I can't find it.  Can someone come up with a gadget to do that.  I don't need the attachment which tells you how many miles or how fast you're peddling.  I would just like to watch TV or read while exercising and I can't walk for any length of time without my back hurting so I also can't go anywhere on the bike.

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How can I make a series of LEDs, powered by a wall plug, flash to an audio source?

The following Instructable is really helpful, but I don't understand the circuit diagram and the picture that shows how everything is connected isn't very good. I have to build a house project for physics and I wanted to incorporate this thing into it. We are allowed to use plans from this website, I just need some help. Could anyone explain the diagram to me or -even better- take a picture of what the actual setup looks like when everything is soldered together (I just need to know what connects to what)...Also, I need to power it off of a 9v wall transformer...THANKS!!!

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Phantom of the Paradise Helmet?

I just came up with the perfect Halloween costume for once this year, it's Winslow Leach from Phantom of the Paradise when he transforms into the Phantom. I just looked online if anyone was selling a replica and they're about $300+, so making one myself seems like an okay idea right, but i've also never made a helmet before. if anyone can show me a link to a basic helmet making video or wants to help me themselves please do. i've got 30 days to do this, if you don't think i can do it in that time please let me know before i begin buy all the products.

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Microwave stopped heating and I fixed it.

Our microwave is about two years old and it stopped heating. The fan ran and the carousel went around, but food did not warm. I took it out of the upper cabinet mount and opened the case. I know about the big capacitor and discharged it with a screwdriver after disconnecting the power. For extra safety I clipped a jumper wire on both terminals. I watched numerous videos at YouTube on troubleshooting a microwave and on testing the various major components at home, but no component showed any signs of failure. Then it began to work again as suddenly as it had stopped working. About ten days later, it stopped heating again. After more testing, still no components showed signs of failure. But, I did squeeze the female spade crimp connectors a little with a pair of pliers before connecting them again so they fit more tightly when reconnected. The microwave has continued to work as it should. My wife remembers a time a few months ago when she ran it and ran it to get something to cook as she wanted it and the microwave stopped because it was overheated. I suspect a connection was weak and heated the metal in the connector enough that it became weak. Later it failed intermittently. We could have called warranty service, but we did not want to wait. Knowing what I know now, I doubt a serviceman would have patiently checked for weak connections, but would probably have simply replaced some parts. When those did not really solve the problem, the microwave would have been condemned and replaced. A replacement oven may not have matched our other appliances as well as our present microwave does. Test procedures for components in a microwave are different than they are for similar components used in (for example) a sound amplifier. This applies especially to the high voltsge diode. Do not connect a voltmeter to the high voltage side of the transformer. When running the microwave, be certain to have a dummy load in the cavity, like a cup of water. A very useful test that checks for power to the transormer primary is to disconnect the primary side transformer connectors and attach aligator clips from a voltmeter to the transformer leads. Then run the microwave for a few seconds and check for a full line voltage reading each time. A clamping ammeter to measure line current helps because the sound with the magnetron working is not too much differnt from the fan and carousel running without the magnetron working, but, it is easy to see the extra needle deflection when the magnetron is also drawing current.What seemed to be an expensive problem had an easy inexpensive solution.

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Play with trash, win $10k

If you're a kid and you're pretty crafty, check out this Trash to Treasure contest that's being run by PBS' Design Squad show. Oddly enough, there's no definition of what a kid is and if that's physical age or mental, but I'm guessing it's under 18 or so. The goal of the contest is for kids to take discarded items and turn them into functional products. The grand prize winner gets the $10k prize and will work with pros to make a prototype of the winning design.This is very cool and will be running from April 1 to June 30.Some effusive comments from the organizer:"We are eager to see kids' ideas and everyday items transformed into innovative and intriguing inventions. What a great way to inspire a fresh approach to recycling, not to mention a new crop of engineers and designers!" said Brenda Musilli, Worldwide Director of Intel Education and President of the Intel Foundation. Trash to Treasure press release

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If i put too much input signal into my little amp will it burn?

 I'm building a 5 speaker boom box out of a heineken beer keg. For the input interface and amplifying, i'm using an old pc speaker amplifier circuit, and i want to do the following changes to it: Put 3 input jacks, altogether (plugged into the same spot of the circuit): 1x   3.5 mm jack for mp3 player input. Kind of Aux input.                                                      2X  1/4" jack for two guitars or another combination of instruments. Put another output jack, 1/4", additional to the 3.5mm already there. Questions: If i plug too much things in will the amplifier burn or explode?                      Will it be able to drive 5 speakers (1x 1.5", 2x 2" and 2x 4" approx.) Other info: it runs with a little transformer of 220v/60hz to 9V DC. The speakers were rated to 110V/60hz. Does this means it acctualy runs on 4.5V DC?  

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