Uploading a remixed song? Answered

Hi guys.      Recently I remixed a song using garageband, well technically it's not a remix. I just combined the original song with the remixed song. And I was wondering if it is illegal to post it on youtube or something like that.

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How do I upload pictures in the ANSWERS section??

Sometimes it is helpfull to have a picture when answering a question.  I have tried but cant seem to get a picture to post in the ANSWERS section.  I upload ok in the INSTRUCTABLE section. I made 2 instructables.  What am I doing wrong?  I get the picture to upload into the box, but when i press the submit button, it is never there on my ANSWER.

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what does embed code mean?? Answered

When i went to upload a video it said that embed was a required feild. i dont understand

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I CANT upload photos on insructables. How?

I cant upload. everytime i click choose files it does nothing. every time i try old uploader there is no upload button. Plz Help!

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Is there a way to have the TI-84 Display an image while uploading a file?

For example, if you are uploading an application, can you have the TI-84 display Something like "Uploading"?

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My Pictures Have An Error Uploading?

Whenever I try to upload an image an error pops up saying image did not upload correctly, or something like that.  What is going on?

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First image uploaded to web - subjects of photo splitting up (don't tell Kelseymh!)

From the BBC: An all-female doo-wop band whose image is believed to have been the first photo uploaded to the fledgling world wide web is to play its final gig. Les Horribles Cernettes take their swansong at the Hardronic Festival at the Cern laboratory in Geneva - the birthplace of the web. A picture of the women was uploaded to the web on 18 July, 1992, by web creator - and fan - Tim Berners-Lee. He wanted it to test out the version of the web he was working on at Cern. Press tornado The band was founded in 1990 by Michele de Gennaro who worked at Cern as a graphic designer. The Cernettes get their name from the initials of the giant particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, used at Cern to investigate fundamental physics. The group has won fame in scientific circles by performing at Cern social gatherings and physics conferences. The women sing classic 60s pop songs, as well as their own compositions such as Microwave Love, Collider and My Sweetheart is a Nobel Prize. The gig on 21 July at the annual Cern music festival will be their first performance for five years - and is billed as their last. Jim Halley, manager of the band, said there had been a huge upsurge of interest in the band because of the anniversary of the image being uploaded to the web. The band was even featured on the US talkshow hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, said Mr Halley. "This photo was one of those that changed the web, from a platform for physics documentation, to a media for our lives," [the band] said. Les Horribles Cernettes.

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How do i upload a video from youtube? Answered

When I do it says upload thumbnail image, Please help.

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How can i upload an image and put a link on it?

In a new instructable, i want to upload a picture and link it so if you click it you are took off the instructable website, kipkay did that on some of his new instructables... can anyone tell me how ?

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I built a instructable twice ,and its not there what's up? ?

Uploaded video (it appeared) uploaded text (it appeared uploaded title (it appeared ) hit submit Not there. repeated ...not there  searched...not there..What's up?

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When I uploaded my Halloween slideshow, it does not give me an option for "Halloween" in the Catagory section?

How do you change the Catagory of an already uploaded instructable? When I uploaded my Halloween Slideshow for the contest, I could not see "Halloween" as a catagory option. I ended up choosing "Play" since it was the closest catagory.

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Has anyone uploaded or found any Manga or Anime Instructables?

I have been searching instructables but i cant find any that relate to manga or anime other then "how to draw" instructables. I am looking for costume and weapon ideas as well as general conversations/forums involving anime/manga such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon and Dragon Ball. I know there are a couple on Naruto, but I have not yet seen the anime or read the manga so i dont really care about that. Please post a link or just an idea for costumes, props or weapon instructables. Thanks and I hope that if you havnt read manga or watched anime before, you should get into it.

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cd how to copt files from a cd.. and to upload to the internet..

Hello did you wonder how to share your files from a cd ?...so here is the answer:...1) put your cd in the pc.2) go to my computer.http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/9865/slide2bo1.jpg3) in my computer go to disk "f" and do right click..4) take the option of :"explore"http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/7161/slide2bb4.jpg5) minimize the window that aperis...http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/1861/slide5de6.jpg6) go to the desktop and right click it.. and choose the option new>"winRAR active"...http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/8312/slide6ao8.jpg7)select all the files on the disk "f" and drag it to the winRAR ..http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/4722/slide7pb0.jpg8) GO TO THE SITE http://rapidshare.com/http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/6291/slide8mk5.jpghttp://img81.imageshack.us/img81/1199/slide8qo6.jpg10) when the upload is finished the site will ask if you want to do an account so any no and continue to the link ..http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/2008/slide9tr8.jpg11) give to your friends the download link and your finished!!!http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/8181/slide9ba9.jpgNOTE:WHEN YOUR IN THE SITE GO DOWN AND PUSH THE BUTTON "FREE" ...

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How do u upload and make a video on youtube and decorate your profile????

I have a youtube account but when i try to decorate it doesnt work and how do u make and uploade a video also....... HELP!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it wont seem to let me publish...i only need to upload 2 images...did that, it says to add more?

It wont seem to let me publish...i only need to upload 2 images...did that, it says to add more?

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Guitar Builders

Any Guitar Builders? Upload your guitars.

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Am I able to upload a project in progress, and add new steps over time? Answered

I have a 90% complete foam block model: Should I wait until completion before posting steps? Furthermore, what is the best type of clear, matte/satin, hard setting varnish to use on acrylic paint?

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Viper in action!

Hey guys! With my sister's help, I was able to get a video of Viper uploaded. Enjoy, :)

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How do I post instructions on how to draw a picture? Answered

I drew a pretty cool gears of war lancer and I wanted to upload instructions onto a site and im not very experienced with uploading 'how to draw' ibles, could someone help me? attached is a picture of the lancer. (the paper was ripped and crap so I just cut out the lancer)

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USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

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any ideas about the bionicle part of this site, maybe uploading more stuff to make it an actual catagory? Answered

First things first, i'm going to dominate the very small section of instructables known as bionicle, any pointers, techniques, tips to help me do that?

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Electronic music class

We are running a eight weeks long electronic music class at Karkhana where kids build their own electronic music instrument and upload the instruction to make it in insturctable.com website. 

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My Instructable isn't in the contest anymore..

Well, my Instructable that I uploaded two days ago isn't in the contest anymore, does anybody know why it may have been removed?

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What a handsome cosplay man

To share you this Assassin creed cos photo… what a handsome man…photo here: http://www.eziocostumes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/assassins-creed-cosplay-fotos.jpg   

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Anyone here use pygame? Check out this game I made.

Pygame is a python module that makes it easy to make games. I made pong game and a Patriot command remake. The pygame home page is http://pygame.org. My Patriot command home page is http://patriotcommand.yolasite.com and http://www.pygame.org/project-Patriot+Command-1394-2708.htm Im looking for some feedback on the game you need python and pygame installed in order to play it in a little while I will upload a app that works on intel macs 10.5 and up. The source works on macs and pcs and should work with linux computers also. Has anyone else made a pygame. I attached the source in a 7-zip archive.     At the title screen press enter to start a game. Enter will take you from any screen to the next. I cant upload the mac version because it is 14mb and instructables doesn't let you upload more than 10.

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Do I have to add images to my instructable? Answered

I don't have any images to upload onto my instructable...and I kind of don't want to. Do I have to use my own images?

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Is my video working ?

Hi guys ! Yesterdai I've uploaded my video here but I can not find it in the recently added section ! So.... is this working ? https://www.instructables.com/id/Elbow-Thigh-Regen--Andre-Teno/ ThanksAndre

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How do you add pictures to each step?

In the creator, it shows where you can upload pics. This part is fine. But what I don't understand is how to separate them into their specified step. Please help!

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Furry Group's Logo

Hey, my computer is being somewhat of a fishwife, and the files I'm uploading to instructables aren't coming out right. If anyone feels like giving us a new logo, drop me a line.

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who owns an armatron ? Answered

that is how it is spelled on the thing but who has one any more if more than 3 people have one i will submit a cool thing with it to prove you have one upload a picture of it

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There are more.

Most puzzles on instructables that I've found have been common 3x3x3's, and maybe a magnetic 2x2x2 :):) (courtesy of burzvingion). Does anybody know that there are like... BILLIONS of other types of twisty puzzles? I'll upload some pics of examples. any questions of what they are and I'll answer them.

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First Ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II On Instructables

Hey guys, yesterday I uploaded the first ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II - Zombiekiller-93

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Soon; Knex Walther p99!

Hey there! So I've made this knex p99 and gonna post it soon, but don't have the time yet. and the problem is I can't find my SD card, the thingy I always use for uploading photo's here so yeah

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hi, im new to this and i was just wondering if i could upload pictures and add them after submitting my instructable? Answered

Can i add the photos afterward or do i need to make a new instructable or must i add the relativwe photos before submission of the instructable?

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where can i watch - lenny henry`s in dream... if any one has a copy please upload to you tube

Lenny henry stared in a program one christmas years back called lenny henry in dreams. where can i watch this again iv looked on the web and can`t find a link anywhere. i had a copy on video then my sister coppied over it with big brother.. lost for ever... only found part on you tube.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NVj2pnUaTQ  hope some1 has a copy??

Question by andybuda 

How do i add thumbnails for videos. Its not working i have uploaded the file but i cant add it or flip over my library?

I have done it plenty of times before on ilables. Any one else have this problem?!?

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what is embed video code?

I am trying to put my bicycle trailer on here with my youtube video and i couldnt find anywhere where instructables tell you how to do it.  they have a page where youput your information to  upload but dont tell you anything on how to do it at least i couldnt find it. .

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Home Vet Guide

If you have had your pet sick and didn't quite know what to do, this home vet guide will assist, I have uploaded at the site below.  Hope you find it useful   At depositfiles click on Free Download and follw your nose. http://depositfiles.com/files/6ry2d1ul9]http://depositfiles.com/files/6ry2d1ul9[/URL

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Attention Knex Lovers

Hey fellow Knex users! It is good to see the best toy ever invented is still alive and well. There are some really cool inventions, models, ideas and pictures here. I would love to see more of your models! Check out my site Knex Toy Zone and feel free to upload and post all your images.Long Live Knex!

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Two more days to Go Green!

One last reminder to y'all that the Go Green contest ends on Sunday night! Upload the photos, type in your eco-tips ,and publish something useful for everyone else. If you don't have a green thing to work on, there's also the Science Fair Contest that ends in a couple weeks. Show us something cool! OK, that's it. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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I need people who can speak

I have a theory, that I will be able to wake up easier if someone who's voice I don't recognize tells me to. I am asking if anyone who can would record their voice saying: "It is time to wake up now" After this is recorded save it as a mp3 or wav and upload the file and post it in a comment below. Thanks!

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LG Rumour 2 (Bell Network) ringtone troubleshoot

Hi all, I just recently got my hands on an LG Rumour 2 (Bell Network). I was happy until I realized that I couldn't upload my customized ringtones. Is there a way for me to hack into my cell phone or work around this? I'd really like to be able to add my ringtones without paying for them.

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Photo instructables? Not showing image as on preview? Answered

Hello all, Recently I uploaded images to create a "Photo instructable" and have found that the preview differs to the published main image. The preview shows up as this image and this is the one I want to use "https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FHE/WOB1/HNQYAM0A/FHEWOB1HNQYAM0A.LARGE.jpg" but what I'm getting is this "https://www.instructables.com/static/defaultIMG/default.RECTANGLE1.png" Has anybody else had the same problem, if so how would I fix this? Please and Thanks Best regards Blanthegenius

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Knex Gun: Infinity

Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I've been really busy with school, since I'm a senior, gotta keep working and getting good grades and what not. Anyways, I have the pictures for the Ible ready, just need to upload em.  Just give me a little more time. Thanks for always being there, and supporting me! -SW- P.S: There has been several modifications since the video, they will be in the Ible, and I warn you, it is not an easy build, and it requires quite a lot of pieces.

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I got a snake (Ball Python)! I want tips

I just got a Ball Python. I got him on Saturday, August 14. I decided to name him monster. He is a very very calm (probably scared) snake. Considering snakes are somewhat new to my family, I want tips on how to care, and train my new snake. I have uploaded pictures.

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Transformer : Kneximus Prime - Now With Video

This is my latest Transformer Creation. These pictures are compared to the actual toy for a sence of scale. More pictures can be found http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t;=621 I wasn't happy with my previously posted Optimus it wasn't accurate and was lacking so I reworked him from the ground up. I am not going to post instructions for this, Please don't ask. I had to re-upload the transformation video, some hacker took it down.   Here it is again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIchZK2O_gM

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Can instructables corrupt pdf files that are being created through the site and has it happened before? Answered

After over a month of waiting, my pdf file for my knex roller coaster won't load up. It keeps giving me a blank page. Could it be corrupt through the site? I was wondering if a corrupt image on my instructable could cause it because one image had a http error but still uploaded. I thiks something is wrong and I don't like that feeling.

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