Web comics

This may be the stupidests fourm ever, but i need to know what comics are out there.

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My web site

I have recently taken up the hobby of game making, one thing led to another and now i have a website with games on it and to be posted, please fill out the surveys and send emails with ideas it pythonproductions@hotmail.com The website is... http://pythonproductions.weebly.com/

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view all comments link.

I cant seem to fint the view all comments link for any of the instructables anymore. Did they take i away or somthing?

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Now thissite is a roleplaying site. it is play by post so if you like that kind of stuff than join it and friend me OK!!! http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?action=profile

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What is a good free web host to make my website in? Answered

And it needs to allow illegal software like warez and such and please don't ask why.

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Musician - let's collab on I'ble: make your tune mixable-from-phone

I've written a mobile-friendly web-based audio-mixing toy called SynPhonia. You can see a demo at http://j.mp/synpho (from computer or phone). In the demo, I used a sample pack by DJ Vadim  that's available under a Creative-Commons license. If you're a musician and you want such a toy for one of your tunes (because it's fun and because it promotes your music) - we can do this together and write an I'ble about it. If you have a web server that can run all the stuff we need (python cgi, sox, lame) - cool. If you don't - we can do it on my server (no charge. I'm only doing this for fun). Anyone interested? Note [This might be obvious to most of you, but just to be on the safe side]: Your samples will be distributed under one of the Creative Commons licenses (I recommend the by-nc-sa variety, but it's your call). One thing you can't do is use any of the *nd* (no derivatives) licenses, since derivatives are exactly what people will be doing with your music :) This means that people will be able to use your samples in their own music, but they'll need to give you credit (usually this is done by a link, and that's good for your SEO).  They should also conform to other conditions depending on the type of licnese you choose (e.g. you can limit this to non-commercial use by choosing one of the *nc* licenses). Bottom line: If you're too attached to your music to afford such conditions (or if your song is already copyrighted to a non-cc record label), this is not for you :)

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I Love xkcd from NoamR on Vimeo.

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New knex website name?

I have decided to try to make the website, and was wondering what it should be called? The two names that i have right now are:   1. Knexassociation 2. KnexArmouries 3. ? any name sugestions would be apreciated

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Websites that give you info about the care and growth of many plants.

I need a list of websites that give the following info about a few plants (mostly veggies and fruit.) 1) zone 2) uv light needed 3) water needed 4) growth period and some care tips Thank you in andvance

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How to make a search recpie by ingradant thing? Answered

I have no knowledge of this kind of stuff. however, I can use the computer very well, except for scripting + Html. i'm not using it for recipies. whoever helps me can possibbly work remotly together. scince i'm 13, you won't get paid, but it'll be fun! (if your 13 too or close 2 that, and my parents allow, we could work together, face2face.)

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Bar prevents log in from web page

The msg title says it all

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Recommendations for good "watch the election" Web sites?

I currently have a browser tab open to CNN's election Web site, just because it was convenient. Do you all have recommendations for good Web sites to keep track of the U.S. election results (both Presidential and California in particular)? Update 4 Nov 2008 23:39 PSTThanks to y'all for the recommendations! I stuck with CCN for dynamical updating, and I'm going to check the CA State Web site tomorrow morning for the props.

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whats more worth it? Answered

Custom psp themes, with extras and a newer flash player, or the ability to play psone games? i need input- its a hard desicion, i have plenty of ps1 games i can put on it, but watching videos (on the web) and custom themes sound nice too. input?

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What's the best website for cheap (or free) speakers?

Don't suggest google, I have tried.

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Check out my Band's Website

My band Aitch has decided to make a Webpage. I actually created the webpage and Its quite easy. And it looks pretty legit, too! I want everybody to check it out and see if we can play near you. Probably if you are in the DC area, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland. I know we look young, but we have SERIOUS potential. Email us if you would like a demo track. http://www.the-resistance-band.weebly.com

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what web sites can I go to to listen to music for free?

What web sites can I download free music with out using a confermation e-mail adress?

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What could be a good name for this ible?

The isntructable is how to surf the internet without leaving any traces behind with a USB! Thanks

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Progress Bar in C#?

I am making a C# program that loads a web page.  I would like to make a progress bar on the status bar to tell the web page's loading progress.  Any Help? Thanks in advance.

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Are there cheap Airsoft sites? Answered

Are there any airsoft sites similar to those jewelry sites where $400 things are sold for $20-$30? Furthermore, I'd like to ask if hobbytronusa is a trusted site.  I've heard things about sites similar, but wasn't sure if it was that one. Thanks.

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New Knex website

I was wondering if people would use a new knex site devoted completely to knex weapons? I have the knowledge to do it, but don’t know if it would be worth it. I AM NOT OUT TO MAKE MONEY. I just want to have a new site where I won’t have to sift through hundreds of useless guns (IE. block triggers, old "semi auto's") and models so bad that you think it’s a plane when its supposed to be a car. The only adds that i would put on the site would be to cover the cost of hosting. If you would use the site then please leave a comment saying so, and if you wouldnt use the site then please say why. For me to create this then i must have at least 15 people who will be active. 5/15 people 0 people to help If you are interested in helping the please pm me.

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live 49ers

I am a software engineer by profession and a part time web designer too. Recently I have created a few web 2.0 pages after learning PHP and web designing .I love creating videos too. Two of my web 2.0 pages which I love the most are live 49ers and 49ers blog. I am very excited after building this and will be building more videos of this sort in my spare time . I love listening to slow music and play guitar as a hobby I also enjoy spending time with my family, going on holidays and playing sport.

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First image uploaded to web - subjects of photo splitting up (don't tell Kelseymh!)

From the BBC: An all-female doo-wop band whose image is believed to have been the first photo uploaded to the fledgling world wide web is to play its final gig. Les Horribles Cernettes take their swansong at the Hardronic Festival at the Cern laboratory in Geneva - the birthplace of the web. A picture of the women was uploaded to the web on 18 July, 1992, by web creator - and fan - Tim Berners-Lee. He wanted it to test out the version of the web he was working on at Cern. Press tornado The band was founded in 1990 by Michele de Gennaro who worked at Cern as a graphic designer. The Cernettes get their name from the initials of the giant particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, used at Cern to investigate fundamental physics. The group has won fame in scientific circles by performing at Cern social gatherings and physics conferences. The women sing classic 60s pop songs, as well as their own compositions such as Microwave Love, Collider and My Sweetheart is a Nobel Prize. The gig on 21 July at the annual Cern music festival will be their first performance for five years - and is billed as their last. Jim Halley, manager of the band, said there had been a huge upsurge of interest in the band because of the anniversary of the image being uploaded to the web. The band was even featured on the US talkshow hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, said Mr Halley. "This photo was one of those that changed the web, from a platform for physics documentation, to a media for our lives," [the band] said. Les Horribles Cernettes.

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Three Peaks?

Hi People,We're due to tackle this event http://threepeakschallenge2008.blogspot.com starting on 5 July.Everytime someone looks at our web page, their server location is plotted on our web page world map.It would be great to have hits from right around the World.Thanks everyone.Jon

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MIT Open-couseware Helps Physics Professor Become a Web Star

Open-courseware is helping some MIT professors gain much deserved recognition. While I never took a class from Walter Lewin, I did watch a Nobel laureate (before he won the prize!) ride that same rocket-powered tricycle across the stage of 26-100 (I wrote a little bit about that here in a comment).At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web StarCAMBRIDGE, Mass. Walter H. G. Lewin, 71, a physics professor, has long had a cult following at M.I.T. And he has now emerged as an international Internet guru, thanks to the global classroom the institute created to spread knowledge through cyberspace.Professor Lewin's videotaped physics lectures, free online on the OpenCourseWare of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have won him devotees across the country and beyond who stuff his e-mail in-box with praise."Through your inspiring video lectures i have managed to see just how BEAUTIFUL Physics is, both astounding and simple," a 17-year-old from India e-mailed recently.Steve Boigon, 62, a florist from San Diego, wrote, "I walk with a new spring in my step and I look at life through physics-colored eyes."Professor Lewin delivers his lectures with the panache of Julia Child bringing French cooking to amateurs and the zany theatricality of YouTube's greatest hits. He is part of a new generation of academic stars who hold forth in cyberspace on their college Web sites and even, without charge, on iTunes U, which went up in May on Apple's iTunes Store.In his lectures at ocw.mit.edu, Professor Lewin beats a student with cat fur to demonstrate electrostatics. Wearing shorts, sandals with socks and a pith helmet -- nerd safari garb -- he fires a cannon loaded with a golf ball at a stuffed monkey wearing a bulletproof vest to demonstrate the trajectories of objects in free fall.He rides a fire-extinguisher-propelled tricycle across his classroom to show how a rocket lifts off.

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Plastic Baby Gate Screen

Any known source for the sturdy plastic webbing or netting typically used on baby gates ?

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broken/falling bookshelf

I found this image while wandering the web and i would love to attempt to recreate it, but i have no idea how to. anyone have an ideas?

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Can someone help me with Nerf lingo? What is BBB, WTB, CDTS? Answered

 I there a web site where they are all in one place, a nerf/english translator.

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Rules and Regulations are where?.

I am new! I am New! And when I say new I mean I am 40 years old and only recently embraced the computer and thuslynthe intro-web. Although my embrace of said tea is like those crazy hugs where people kind of stick their buts out and break off quickly. Don't think I am some guy that has lived under a phone book all my life. I have used computers before but never in my spare time. so forgive me if what I am looking for is simply found. The reason I ask is I "did" belong to an interesting site but I am on restriction for recommending a different web site. The web site was not even in the same field but anyways. I am really digging this site and don't want to screw it up. Like right their I do use more colorful language from time to time.. Thank you for your time.

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Service that automates ordering all the parts for your Instructable?

Hey everyone, Sorry to spam the forum; just had a quick question. I am thinking of building a web-based tool that would allow you to drop the bill of materials from an Instructable in, and then other people could order everything at once when they wanted to build your kit. Do you think you would use something like this? What if it didn't have that feature, but it was just a web-based bill of materials builder where you can keep a nice-looking list, with sources, of all the parts? Thanks! Justin

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My Jontron/Peanutbuttergamer inspired Video Game web series - Would love some feedback!

Hey all! I recently started a gaming show on my Youtube channel after being inspired by the likes of Jontron, PBG, Egoraptor, Game Theory and a few others. I want these to be as good as they can, and are made to a professional standard (in my opinion), with HD footage from both games and live action shots (courtesy of a camera I won in an instructables competition!), and the commentaries themselves are recorded with a professional studio microphone with a pop shield.  Anyway, there are 2 episodes out so far, and I would love to hear your feedback on them! The sonic one was the first one released, and I got a lot of feedback on that which I tried implementing in to second one (Animal Crossing). TL;DR I'd love your feedback for this new series I'm attempting, and I hope you enjoy the videos! :-) LATEST EPISODE: EPISODE ONE (sonic the hedgehog for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYTz0XOIhE4

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Any good designs for a tone generator using 555 or 556 ic chips?

I've seen a few on the web but I was wondering if any of you out there have put anything together that you really like.

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submiting my work (cant find it) please help!!!!? Answered

I can tfind my work that i posted. what did i do wrong. i clicked submit at the top of the screen of this web site Its called Zangetsu-prop

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Cool internet streaming radio stations?

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately? My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music. What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?

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how to get screenshots of minecraft into this website!?! Answered

Ive been wanting to make some type of minecraft tutorials but theres one problem, i dont know how! please try and help me with this issue!    you will be very happy if you can help me with this issue.

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Hole puncher featured on Geekosystem!

Just a short forum topic to show you guys what i found when i was searching around on the web. I found out that mine and shadowman39's knex hole puncher was featured on Geekosystem =) http://www.geekosystem.com/knex-hole-puncher/ Yay! =D

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Goldeneye Wii online Multiplayer Error 51031

We recently switched our internet and TV from Comcast to AT&T. I try to access Nintendo Wi-Fi connnection and it says, "Error 51031, confirm SSID and try again,"  or something like that. I try everything on the web and nothing helps. Please help!!! 

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How To use a Xbox360 controller on a PS3?

So guys, I was wondering there is any way to use a wired Xbox 360 on a PS3, without any adapter? Maybe unlocking the PS3? Searching the web I found some ways to use the Xbox controller on a PS3, but all of them have to use an adapter.

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I want to know how to get music downloads with no royalties to windows media player?

I want to burn cds from windows media player but I can't without  the music rolalties paid is there a web site with royaltiy free music?  How can I get all the latest music without paying a dime

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How to have somes flashs games on Your PC

How to have flash games on your pc For have flash games on your pc it's simply ( if you have firefox , not this shit of safari or IE) Files---> save as ( web page ,entire )( i traduct of the french its not that but look like i think)--> save and execute the flash game in the folder who was created . Simply, NO? French : Comment avoir des jeux flash sur son pc tout en étant hors ligne ? 1) Vous devez avoir Firefox ( pas saphri ou IE ) 2) cliquez sur , fichier ---> enregistrer sous ( page web, complete ) 3) lancer le fichier flash qui est dans le repertoire que vous venez de creer Simple ,non?

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New knex product Nerf+Knex news

Hello everyone  I was browsing the web and I found this   http://www.toynews-online.biz/news/read/k-nex-to-enter-blaster-sector-in-2015-with-new-k-force-brand/043591 It sounds like k'nex is going to make toy blasters that can be taken apart and customized so that you can make you own knex nerf combo. What do you all think of knex making knex guns that shoot foam darts? is this something that you think is a good move for Knex? Just wanted to spread the news that i found on the web to see what you all think. Update here is a link to a website with close up pix and more info http://www.blasterlabs.com/2015/01/new-k-force-build-and-blast-product-images/     

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A Good Bullpup Mechanism, Anyone? Answered

I am looking for a good Bullpup mech to put into a gun like the one in the pic, or something of that sort. In other words, I am looking for an 'ible that has a great Bullpup mech. Give me the URL of the web page, and you may or may not be awarded best answer...XD

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heads or tails?

I've come up with a great way to play heads and tails on the web! first a person (the challenger) asks someone to play. then the defender PMs the challenger to call heads or tails. then a moderator (adrian monk) will flip a coin at her end and declare the results publicly. if the defender called the winning side, he wins, if the defender called the losing side, the challenger wins

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bird launcher?

I need to make a homemade bird launcher (since i cant afford 200 dollar profesh ones.) all it has to do is make anything from a coin to a bird decoy at least 5 feet in the air.... anyone know of a good ible or web site that shows how to make one?

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