Humbucker wiring?

I am rewiring my guitar, and on regular single-coil pickups, there is two wires, but on my humbucker, Three wires come out, a ground, a white and a red. and all my schematics have nothing to say about three wires being soldered. and i have a five-way switch, with eight hubs. i just dont know whereabouts to put the third red wire. please help

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Wiring schematic?

Need wiring schematic for old Turf rider 4 golf cart, 36 volt, GE motor

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Wiring welder in the Philippines? ( 3 wire to 2 wire )

AI have a millermatic 211 which is a multi-voltage welder which I will be bringing to the Philippines. The adapter plugs are 5-15p (120v), and 6-50p (230v). Philippine electricity mains when I live are 220v single leg, with neutral. I am adding ground to both the Main panel and sub panel when I arrive, as most residential homes with a 2 wire system do not have them installed. According to the welder schematic  6-50p adapter configuration shows white, red, and green (ground) so goingfFrom a 3 wire US to 2 wire Philippine system is it proper to wire L1 to red, neutral to white and green to ground? 6-50 receptacle does not seem to incorporate a ground in typical installations????

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subwoofer installation? red wire, blue wire?

I need help with a car subwoofer, i have a friend whos red wire went, and doesn't have a power antenna akak a blue wire. his red wire went, its a 2000 buick and the cars are notorious for that issue. i have it on a switch for the 12v and i have a jumper from the 12v to the remote so when the switch is flicked the remote and 12 v are powered. is there an alternative wire to connect the remote to besides the red or blue?

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wiring p90 pickups?

I wired in two mean 90 p90 pickups to my tele. They came with 3 wires each, hot, neutral, copper. I have the hot and neutral wired, didn't do anything with the copper, I'm getting a hum from the pickups and every now and then pickup radio signals. what can I do?

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Wires near a desk

I have a desk near my bed with the power strip on the other side of the desk. There's also my keyboard on the desk, so I have no problems in making the wires of my PC, phone, MP3 and 3DS chargers pass behind it so that they are hidden from view. I generally place my PC on the back of the keyboard and charge it, then everything else on top of either it or the keyboard. However, the things on the keyboard are quite ugly to the eye, while on the PC they clog. Also, it's always a pain to take the wire of the right charger (expecially in the dark), given that they are longer than the length of the desk, and if I roll them up they take up too much space. I was thinking of doing something to place those things on the side of the desk and fix the cables there. The problem is, I don't want to drill holes or anything like that, so I'm gonna stick with physics-fixed stuff or tape. What could I do that wouldn't be too bad to the eye?

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mods I plan to do to my humbucking pickup on my guitar. could someone check over my wireing before I actually do it?

Please keep in mind this is only mods for the bridge humbucking pickup there are 2 single coil pickups that are not involved in this wireing -pickup is a EMG-HZ (SRO series) passive humbucking pickup

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Ive built a wiring diagram for a guitar to give it a very wide varity of sound, but is it practical and affordable?

This wireing allows the player to control all aspects of having 3 humbucking pickups, but is it worth it? in the picture it shows 3 humbucking pickups. the middle and neck are small humbucking pickups (single-sized) in order to do this a portion of my guitar wil need to be taken out (or I have to find a new pickgaurd that will fit, which Ibanez does not have in stock) to make room for the new electonics this is permantent, so before I hackaway at my guitar I need to make sure i can afford this and that it will work and be practiacal

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wiring a speaker: which wire do i solder where? Answered

I took apart some old headphones for the speakers unfortunately the wires pulled away from the soldering when dismantling. So i have a REd wire and a Brown wire which contacts do i solder them to?Picture 3 is a simple image of what the back of the speakers looks like, each contact is labelled with a different colour so if you know which contact goes to which use the coloured label to say whether it goes with the red or the browen wire.for example- red wire to purple contact,brown wire to red contact.thankyou to anyone that helps Mdog

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PSP Charger Incorrect Wires?

I thought that in a PSP charger, there was a black and red wire, but there is just a white wire and some surrounding metal strips!  WHY?!

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Finding non live wires?

I have had new wiring put in my house but I can't remember were they are, is there a piece of equipment to enable me to locate the new wire?

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EL-Wire Stickman costume

Very cool idea, simple yet amazing - a "Stickman" made for a child, using EL-wire and black jumpsuit. Video preview here ( Happy Halloween!

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how to wire a light socket?

Hello,  Me and my girlfriend live in this old apartament building build around 1910.  one of the rooms in our apartament is lacking lighting. and id have a light socket that id like to install. below im attaching images of the place in the ceiling where the light should be.  the wires of the light socket i have got does not have any coloring.  there are 2 silver wires wrapped in transparent plastic sleeves. one of the sleeves has a small bump on it. there is no writing.  i tried to follow some instruction materials but cant reason much through it.  in that room there is a box to turn the light on, and a plug socket. the wire from it goes to middle of the room with this space for light which is on the picture. then from there another second wire to plug socket at the end of the room.  i already know that i need to turn off electricity in the house and about safety. i tried to wire the socket based on instructions found elsewhere first but there was still no light in the room. the plug sockets in the room work without any problems.   i appreciate all the help.  thanks a lot. 

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ps2 battery wiring diagram?

I am making a ps2 portable and I have some questions with it. First of all I need to know how to wire the batteries to the motherboard so could somebody give me a wiring diagram for my ps2? I want to remove the power board btw. also what batteries should I get (preferably li-ion). One more thing, can I remove the heatsink in turn for some thermal paste or extra fans? I have an scph-30001 model of ps2. Pease help I cant find anything for this anywhere else.

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wiring lights into car speakers

I want to add some electroluminescent tape and panel to the portable speaker i built in such a way that it lights up when i turn the speakers on. my question: would it be possible to achieve this by popping the power leads of the 12v inverter into the positive and negative woofer terminals on the crossover along with the speaker cables already there? 

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Any good projects for magnet wire?

Any have any good projects that involve enamel coated magnet wire?

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Wanted: Electric Guitar Wiring Instructable

I was wondering if anyone out there would like to make an instructable devoted to the wiring in a guitar (or bass)? Sure there are a few guitar instructables that have a wiring step, but there's not much more then a schematic. Does anyone out there have the time/skills to make one showing, for example, what difference do different valued capacitors make, or which pot value should be used for what effect? Thanks for reading, and even more thanks in advance for anyone who makes it.

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Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones

I'm trying to wire two VU meters to some headphones so that there is a meter for each channel(one for the right, and one for the left). How would I hook them up? Do I need any special circuitry so that they work correctly? Attached are the meters I have still attached to the board I've salvaged them with.

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Elta 8915 equalizer wiring diagram

Hi guys, I'm having a problem with Elta 8915 equalizer and I need help. When I hook it up on a radio and turn the power on, the lights on equalizer are on but not a single sound from it. When turned off the speakers are having a good quality tone from the radio and I can use fader on the equalizer. So, I either don't hook it up properly or it is broken. All the contacts seem fine to me. I do not have wiring diagram, and I've tried my best to do the proper wiring (there was no smoke so I guess I did a good job,haha). Is there any suggestion or the wiring diagram?

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Need help with guitar ground wiring! Answered

 Earlier this year I bought a super cheap Squier Affinity Telecaster. A couple weeks ago I opened it up to change a tone cap. Every thing seemed fine, all the pickups worked the tone control worked the switch worked and the volume control worked but I noticed that there was quite a bit more buzz and it would stop whenever I touched anything metal on the guitar. Ground problem right? Anyway, I thought I had accidentally snapped the bridge ground wire or the main ground wire (the only ground wires that weren't 7 strand). So I ordered some 7 strand luxe cloth wire and replaced both of the ground wires. I tried the guitar again, the buzz was quieter but was still there and it reacted the same way as it had before when I touched it. The buzz stops when I touch the bridge, anything in contact with the bridge (i.e. strings), and the control plate. The buzz is very faint and the reaction to me touching the guitar is even more faint.   My soldering skills are pretty poor. I think it's likely that my solder joints are the problem but I would also like to know if there are any other possible causes because since the first time I have redone the solder joints a number of times.  If my soldering is the problem what is the best solution to the problem other than connecting myself to the guitar via wire every time I play? And what is the best way to improve my soldering skills for future projects or even this project? Thanks, Adam

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LED strip light wire issue

Hello everyone. Sorry for no diagram, but all multi color led strips are all pretty similar, 4 contact points at each cut point. A year ago I bought a 5 meter roll of LED lights. The RGB ones with a 14 button remote, 3m backing, and covered by a jell. Yesterday I bought another 5 meter roll to wire up with my old roll, as the controller (little white box that the 12V plugs into and has the IR reciever) came with leads to connect 2 strips. I plugged them in and they didn't work. So i got out my multi meter and tested my old controller and the new one. and the results came back opposite. One controller, I needed the red pin from the multi meter on the +12V line and the black to go on each color to show 12V. The second, I needed the black pin on the +12V line and the red on the colors to show 12V. So to me it looks like one sends the 12V up the +12V rail and back down the the RGB. While the other is sending 12V up each of the RGB and back down the +12V rail. The led strips that belong to each controller are wired the same. so they don't plug and play. So my question is, Is there a way to get these LED strips to work with one another or will they have to be run on 2 separate systems. Thanks in advance Ross

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How to weld a broken woven wire fence?

I am trying to fix a stretch of woven wire fence that was broken by a car running into it about 3 months ago. The wire itself is completely broken in two. I want to weld the wire back togeather, but the trouble is that I weld with Oxy Mapp gas and my welding wire is the same thickness as the fence wire. I am worried about melting the fence when I am trying to repair it. So what I think I need is some way to ark weld the wire, but I do not have an ark welder. Are there any homemade welders I can make for this purpose, because I do not want to buy something I will never use again?

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All about Extension Cords: Building & Wiring

I just want to make sure of the right way to wire an extension cord. I already searched on the internet and there were no concrete answers or tutorials to the type of extension cord I'm building. Note: I live in East Asia and we use a type A outlet (220V). I also hope you guys will use this thread to post other diagrams of extension cord types in different regions of the world to help other viewers too. Thanks.

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Whats the best wire to make chain mail from? Answered

I want to make a chain mail shirt for under 15 dollars, whats the best wire to use

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Are fender reissue amps, such a DRRI, wired point to point? Answered

Just wondering, not that I really care one way or the other...

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Please Help Electrical question 12v LED wiring.

So I have a black wire and a white wire coming in to where I have to hook up this LED transformer I know this is 110v. I saw the circuit breaker and it was double pole so I assumed it would be a 220v I ordered a transformer that could handle 110 and 220 but the colors are different. Is the transformer shown meant to have input wires connected to the hot? which ones to I put where? What goes to white here and what goes to black?

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what is the easiest way to learn how to wire LED's?

I need to learn how to wire led lights, figure out resistors (how many do i need and where to put them)im not the sharpest tool in the shed, so the simpler explenation the better.

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Do you know simple electric guitar wiring?

What is the correct wiring for a guitar with one single-coil pickup, one volume control and one input jack? I can't get a good signal and I don't know how to properly ground it.

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Need help with heated wire installation not using a thermostat

  I am trying to use some wire for radiant floor heating to warm an area. I have a separate way to turn the current on/ off without a thermostat. I just need to know what the thermostat output is. I have 110 and 220 V  AC outputs available. Do I need to convert this to DC?  

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Does anyone know how to wire a PC controller?

I bought a Phillips Retractable PC controller. within 3 months, the cord kinked and split. I tried to replace the cord with a CAT5 cable, but I wired the controller wrong. (When I tested it, the light failed to come on and it started to vibrate in my hands.) could anyone provide a wiring diagram, or any advice whatsoever?

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Does anyone know how to fix wire terminals?

Ok, so i was putting a new grip on my m15a4, and when i went to plug the wire terminals into the motor, The one on the positive wire snapped in half! I tried buying a new one at Radioshack, but the retard at the store told me to bring it in, just to see what was wrong (after i explained what the problem was)! Bringing an airsoft gun into the mall isnt the brightest idea ive ever heard. to make a long story short, i NEED to learn how to fix terminals, and dont have the right parts! PLEASE HELP! Wiring is the ONE THING i have no idea how to fix!

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How to wire a guitar pickup to instrument cable/ rheostat?

I have been wanting an acoustic pickup but don't really want to buy one. I had an old tele neck pickup with a white and red wire and an instrument cable that has one jack taken off and the ground and hot contact exposed. I tried different configurations of the red and white wires to the hot and ground of the instrument cable but all it did was stop buzzing and no sound came out. I think I might need a volume and i have a leftover rheostat but I'm not sure how to wire it, If I could avoid wiring a volume completely and just go from pickup to cable that would be great but I'm not sure how. Help please??

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wiring a dryer motor to cord for use as a grinder/buffer

Hello to anyone who can help me. I want to use a 110v dryer motor to make a grinder/buffer. The motor is a FSP brand and it has 3 terminals. The colors are blue,black and yellow. I just need to know how to connect to 2 wires outlet.

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will hot nichrome wire light a highly flammable aerosol? Answered

im planning to make a micro potato cannon and i need a simple egnition source. i have heard that some things are ignited by hot surfaces like gloplugs and i am wondering if nichrome wire when heated will light a highly flammable aerosol

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Can I get some help on EL wire? Answered

Alright I have a project in mind. I just got done watching Tron Legacy ( literally ) and have a fascination with the ID Disks. So I want to buy some of the deluxe versions, but I heard they aren't very good (i.e. sound and light is decent). I am not for decent. First things I thought was of using EL wire so here are some of my questions: How do I calculate how many volts/amps needed to light this puppy up to no end? Can I make this rechargeable? Can I hot glue this to the sides?  How bright are they?  How easy to wire? I'd have more questions but I think that is enough. So can someone please help? I want this thing to be nice and bright. 

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how can i fix my bass guitars electronics wiring? I have a disconnected jack and ground wires that need sorting Answered

I have a bass with some wires lose in its wiring. the output jack has come off- there is a red wire and a white wire going to it, i know where the red wire goes because that came off whilst i was fiddling, i presume the white wire goes to the only other contact? Also as well as the red and white there was two bare ground wires that had snapped off inside the heatshrink, where should they be connected to? Also the ground wire that goes under the bridge is lose, i need to know where that goes. The thing is that the only place i can see broken wires from the solder blobs on the jack is where the white wire should go but that would mean the white wire + 3 ground wires all soldered to the same contact, does that sound right? Hopefully the pictures will help you imagine the situation a little better, as i haven't described it very well. Thanks to anyone who helps

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i want to connect speaker wire to a headphone jack (from headphones) for a project i am doing is this possible?

I need to know if it is possible to connect normal speaker wire to  the wire from headphones so that the normal speaker wire has the jack on the end, i have searched for hours on the internet but can't find anything :( if anyone is able to help i would really appreciate it :)    thankyou

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What is that wire they use in pop up tents and where can I get it? Answered

 I was wondering, I'm making a halloween costume, And I want to know  where you can get that wire they use in pop up tents and foldable frisbees

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3 wire connections from my Disney Store Buzz Lightyear disconnected.

My Disney Store Buzz Lightyear's laser wires disconnected in the upper arm (both red and black) and one in the chest (black wire). The wires look too short on certain parts. Is it possible to make wires longer? I'm having trouble and I don't have a soldering iron. Is there an easy method for soldering without having to buy a soldering iron?

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How does one wire a motor so that it reverses automatically?

I'm looking for a relatively simple, mechanical way (by that I mean not using a micro-controller) to wire a motor so that it will reverse direction without being switched manually. The interval is unimportant, and the purpose is to have two spools connected by a loop of string (think reel-to-reel), one of which is controlled by the motor. A low-tech solution would be awesome.

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how do I make a volume controler for a ground wire?

So I built a splitter that wil take my RCA, 1/8", and my 1/4" jacks together now to finish it i wnat to add a volume control on the ground wire (assuming that it will be too hard to volume left or right channels) how would I go along doing this the case i put this in came from an old toy which happins to have a 4.5v (3x AA) battery compartment i want to use this for some kind of light design (maybe a status light, left chan, right chan, and ground  or my be RCA, 1/8", 1/4")  and dont know how  i would do it any suggestions? *just ran my first test and it grounds the right chanel when i use my guitar (which makes sense) but there  still a problem the more inputs/out put there are the lower the volume what is the best way to fix this * a new design is added

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can u take and adapt regular car stereo wires to A/v wires and connect them to an amp without any problems??? Answered

Can u take and adapt regular car stereo wires to A/v wires and connect them to an amp without any problems??? my stereo that i have just has 2 A/V outputs and my factory amp needs 4 for all the speakers 

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I have a "dead" line wire in my GFCI outlet. What now?

I used a tester to find the line wires in my GFCI outlet.  I have a live black wire but both of the white ones are dead.  Does anyone have a suggestion or do I need to call an electrician?

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How do I connect my gaming headphone w/ mic that has 3 wires to a new jack that has 4 wires?

I have an older Turtle Beach headset I use for Xbox, but the jack that plugs into the controller is worn or just a tad too small, and does not keep a good connection.  So I cut the jack off of an older headset that was broken so I could splice them together.  But the jack end has four wires, a red enameled and a blue enameled, a white rubber coated copper, and a bare copper.  The headset has the same, minus the white rubber coated copper.  How do I connect these?

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im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire, need plaster ? answred

Im planning to make rapunzel's tower from tangled, im going to use a wood frame and chicken wire . what is the best way or how do i keep the plaster from falling through the wire? should i wrap the frame in something before i plaster over the chicken wire?

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