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DIY Electric Cello (PVC??) Answered

Hey guys, I've been looking around at making an electric cello (or perhaps violin, but we'll focus on the cello) and I found a few random sites that had instructions for that... but then I ran into this:


(scroll down to see 'pvc cello') However the link doesn't work anymore! Can anyone help me find instructions on how to build one??

Or perhaps the location of instructions that can help you build these: http://www.halcyon.com/jensmus/scello.htm




9 years ago

You could make a pickup and put it into the fingerboard and back the fingerboard up with a piece of wood. then you could add some of the resting points on the cello where your body would be resting on. just add some tuners and a bridge and you have somewhat of a cello! im not sure of any instructions any where but im sure you could make up a design. you can make the fingerboard out of pvc...but im not really sure how that would work out..

steve howequickyman101

Reply 8 years ago

I would suggest you buy a cello bridge, cello tuning pegs ( or bass guitar tuners), cello endpin. You will need a long piece of hardwood - ebony or rosewood for the fingerboard. The body can be any shape and made from anything. If you use steel cello strings you could use a magnetic pickup, however a ceramic or acoustic pickup on the bridge will work with nylon or steel strings. Check out  Cello_Parts at janikas music shop.