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Remote Control K'Nex Car Answered

Hello, K'Nexing community! It's been roughly three years since I last posted anything on Instructables. Anywho, I've finally gotten the motivation to create something out of K'nex, and also combine it with my favorite hobby of hobby-grade remote control cars. 

This car that's featured would be a brushed, but also fast on-road cruiser.

Features/Notations of vehicle:
Powered by: 12T or 15T Brushed motor
ESC: Old ESC from ECX Torment, or Traxxas Slash ESC
RX/TX: Team Associated combo
Servo: Team Associated servo
Solid Rear Axle
Power Source: 2S LiPo

More details and pictures will be added over time, and hopefully it won't take another three years. XD

I've also included a couple of pictures of my current RC cars.



4 years ago

Looking slick :D ah the good old days, how i miss my knex :(


4 years ago

Glad to see you're back bro. Missed always seeing you post something. And looks swagtacular. You probably don't recognize me with this username but I am TheAwesomestDude


4 years ago

That's pretty neat! How does it work? So far my brother and I have just built K'nex ball machines so this is a completely new aspect.