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Replace 3-way light swtichs Answered

Hi Folks,

I have a small laundry room with two 3-way light switches and no outlets. I would like to replace both switches using one of these options:

Replace "master" switch with combo switch/outlet (like Pass & Seymour TM838. Replace slave switch with an Occupancy Sensor Switch.


Same has above but use a regular outlet instead of combo.

If I have to I would be happy with disabling one of the switches and just have the Occupancy switch.

I have posted photos of the wires coming out of the switches here:


The replacement switches are:

Pass & Seymour TM838-WCC   Combination Sw/Outlet   

Pass & Seymour RW3U600       Multi-Way Occupancy Switch


One side bar question, can any 3-way switch work with any other 3-way switch on the same circuit ?





5 years ago

They do sell motion sensor/timer switches to replace a three-way switch.

It looks like switch 2 has the power coming in from the mains. You can tap in there for your new outlet. I would think about adding a new 2 gang outlet box next to or close by since you will be very cramped adding in a new bulky switch in the existing box. Just cover with a blank plate and treat that as your junction box. They also have those extend boxes for on wall wiring if you don't want to tear up your wall. It will stick out but all a matter of aesthetics in a utility room. Good luck.