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get table soccer ball out of pvc pipe? Answered

I got a table soccer ball stuck in pvc when I was young and I want to get  it out. HOW?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Shop vac. to suck it out. 

Super glue on the end of a rod quickly and carefully touch the end of the rod to the ball then pull.

Attach a wood screw backwards to a dowel and screw it into the ball them pull it out.

Cut out the section of pvc where the ball is and then replace the missing pipe with slip joints or a union.

If you can get to the other end of the pipe, even if you have to cut it, you should be able to ram it out with a dowel, then rejoin the pipe with a glued fitting.

Hold the end of a compressor hose in the pipe and seal it with your hand.  Open the valve slowly.  You can use lots of duct tape to seal it well but don't go over 125 lbs. or even near that if the pipe is old or damaged.  That ball should pop right out unless it has to go thru a joint.


9 years ago

pour some cooking oil down as a lubricant then shove a stick (back end of broom) down and push .