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what is this white piece in a ds for? Answered

Hi all, recently, i had to take apart my DS lite to replace the button panel. when i got it apart, i saw that there was this white piece in the ds i took the panel from, but it wasn't in mine. unsure if it was required, i put it in mine. what is this piece for anyways? if it helps, i have a polar whit ds lite, and i believe it is a 3rd gen, judging by the fully covered wifi reciever in the base of the unit.
but what is this white piece for? (its right beside the stylus slot)


DJ Radio

Best Answer 9 years ago

Secret government tracking device???  0_0


9 years ago

I'm pretty sure it's just there to grab the stylus and help keep it from sliding out.  Doesn't do that great of a job... the stylus coming loose is one of the first things to go wrong with most units.

Nope. If you look at a stylus, you will notice a small cutaway gap at one end. The small strip with the bump on it keeps it in the slot.

ds diagram.bmp