Loom Bands Double Sided Fishtail

Introduction: Loom Bands Double Sided Fishtail

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this is my first tutorial hope you enjoy :-) also comment on what you want me to do next with loom bands

you will need:

a loom



s or c clip (c clip prefered)

Step 1: Place Bands

first you place 2 or 1 bands shaped like an 8 (look at the pics)

then add more bands first the (in my case) purple then the other colour then purple and so on until you get to 3 each

Step 2: Looping

now pull the bottom ones over don't add another band it should look like the picture

Step 3: Finishing Up

when you have finished (sorry its not finished I didn't have enough bands) pull it off and pull the 2 bands of each colour out then put your s or c clip on to attach all 4 parts (2 for each colour) and there you have It

Step 4: Thank You

if you are reading this thank you for reading it don't forget if you like it share it with your friends and follow and comment of what to do next*. expect more from me and I will be doing other topics like Minecraft xbox 360 thank you again

*also next comment tell me how to collaborate and we will collaborate but only the first one that tells me

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    also sorry it says step 4 thank you it was suppose to be just thank you