Loom Bracelet Single Chain for Beginners

Introduction: Loom Bracelet Single Chain for Beginners

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This is the easiest and the simplest loom bracelet and with this introduction you will hopefully find it even easier and interesting

Step 1: Thing Needed

You will need
a loom
a hook
some loom bands of different colours
S or C clip
and of course some effort

Step 2: Placing Bands

Place the loom band on the loom band as shown in the picture above

Step 3: Complete Till the End

Follow step 2 to and complete till the end
Be careful not to overlap the under band to the upper band

Step 4: Adding Cap Band

After completing till the end add a cap band by making an eight and placing on the last peg on which you placed the last band
After that turn your loom to the which you have placed the cap band
Then the cap band should be in front of you

Step 5: Hooking

Now take the band in your hook from inside the cap band
Pick the band which is under the cap band
Take the band carefully to the next peg and leave it over there

Step 6: Continue Till the End

Continue he hooking till the last peg
After that take off the bands carefully from the pegs as shown in the picture above
Well you will see it is too small for you right
So here is the trick watch out for the next step

Step 7: Placing Bands Again

Place the bands again the same way we did before
And remember the cap band instead of that place the band on the incomplete bracelet and start hooking the same way

Step 8: Almost Done

Your'e almost done but if still your bracelet is small for yoh do step seven again it is really easy like i did it 2 extra times and got this big

Step 9: Adding the S Clip

Now all is left to do is add the s clip to each end and you've made your single chain bracelet

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    i hope you understood this tutorial and btw thankyou so much as this is my first ever instructable