Make Your Own Homemade SUPER Easy Pudding

Introduction: Make Your Own Homemade SUPER Easy Pudding

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Do you want to make super easy homemade pudding?  It's very very easy.And It's even mare tasty if you've followed my instructions.  Here's the  things you need.

    1. One bowl of jelly bear. ( You can use more)
    2. milk.
    And no more!!!!!!!!!!
Okay. now let's make it!
1.  Pure the jelly beans in a pot. Turn on the fire. Wait untill it has melted .
 2.  Add the milk. And mix it .
3.  Now. turn off the fire. Pure them in a bowl. and put it in the fridge until it has turned into pudding.
Now, Superise! take out the bowl and enjoy! You can also add jelly or anything you like.Easy right 

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