Introduction: Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

Are you tired of making the same old cakes. Do you want to do something different, something special? Well how about making an ice cream cake.

Step 1: Making the Main Ingredient

Well since the main ingredient is the ice cream, you have a wide variety of organizations ready to help you out. Right from your neighbourhood grocery store to the specialist boutique ice parlour, there are suppliers of ice cream just waiting to supply you.

You can use the ice cream that comes in the big container or you can use the most expensive ice cream.

Take a container that will give you the shape you want in the end. Metal is preferable as it is easier to remove the molded ice cream by warming the metal but other types of containers will do. I used a plastic take out container.

I allowed the ice cream to get somewhat soft and then I stirred it around. I had whipped cream at hand, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce as well. I had walnuts and pecan, chopped and nearby. I gently incorporated these ingredients one scoop at a time until I felt that I had reached some kind of limit and then I added another scoop or two of whipped cream.

Then I very gently scooped the ice cream mixture into the mold container and left it for several hours. Sorry I didn't keep track of the exact time but it was longer than 3 hours. Of course different freezers work differently so the time will be shorter in a freezer than in the freezing compartment at the top (or bottom) of your fridge.

I then turned the container up side down on a plate and out popped the beginning of the ice cream cake.

At this point I put the cake on the plate back in the freezer to keep frozen and prepared the next step, the smoothing.

Step 2: Smoothing and Soothing

I allowed the cake to firm up again and then took it out and with a hot knife (dipped in hot water and dried) and smoothed the surface, allowing some melted ice cream to run down the side. Of course that is difficult as it is running down a frozen surface and doesn't run far or fast.

I edged it with whipped cream and purple sprinkles, as per request.

I added more caramel again at the urging of onlookers.