Introduction: Mat Made Out of Origami Ninja Stars

In this instructable I will show you how to make a mat out of origami ninja stars. Before we get started I'll tell you what you'll need
1. a scissors
2. a lot of paper
3. skilled fingers
you will have to make a lot of the stars and it will take you a while so lets get started

Step 1: Starting a Star

Get a square of paper and cut it in half as shown. the get one of the halves and fold it . After that, fold in the corners. Then repeat on the other half . make sure the corners are folded in the correct possition as shown in the last picture,amd  when you are folding the other half's corners make sure they are opposite

Step 2: More Folding

Now fold in the corners again on both sides. Then turn one of the halves upside down and then put the other piece on top of  it as shown.

Step 3: The Pockets

Now put corner A into pocket A and put corner B into pocket B.then turn the  whole thing upside  down.

Step 4: Finishing the Star

now do the same thing with corner C and D as you did with corner A and B and you'r done.

Step 5: The Actual Mat

know you have to connect the individual stars together as shown in the pictures below .