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  • 2DCube commented on kniegmann's instructable Hand+Ink Letterpress in Aluminum1 year ago
    Hand+Ink Letterpress in Aluminum

    I really love this project! Good work :)Just a side note on the water jet cutting. You can choose to have certain paths on the same part cut at a slower rate so the edge is much cleaner. however, you're right about the taper.

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  • 2DCube commented on amandaghassaei's instructable Laser Cut Record2 years ago
    Laser Cut Record

    Hi All,I've installed everything and followed the instructions but for some reason I can't get the python code to 'see' the wav file. I've tried several different file names and moving thing in and out of the root folder etc but it won't run. I'm using Win 10 so i've tried the latest version which doesn't even open and then tried the older version which runs but won't see the file when i've changed the file name in the code.Thanks in advance for any help!

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