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  • 45colt commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-40

    It's not the precision fit that you have to worry about, although after a period of time they Will get gummy. The problem lies in it's penetrating qualities it will penetrate ammo killing the primers and sometimes the powder. once received several hundreds of ammo from an unnamed foreign country where somebody had instructed their officers to spray their firearms with WD-40. The majority of the ammo had firing pin strikes but no ignition, salvaged all the bullets and cases.

    Other products are much better for storage for Firearms, ie; don't lock them up with varnish. I use a product called Gun-All, it's a white milky looking liquid. Use a pad or rag to wipe all surfaces which then dries clear, no sticky residue. Have left some gun parts (so treated) in an unheated Garage for a year, no rust at all. Don't know if I needed to but retreated anyway recently.

    It's Phosphoric acid, not Carbonic acid

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  • Any suggestions if the the Wi-Fi has no external antenna?

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