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  • 78squirel78 commented on 陳亮's instructable ESP8266 BASIC IoT Light3 years ago
    ESP8266 BASIC IoT Light

    Hi,Congratulations for this nice tutorial !!! I have 2 requests:1/ I am looking over the internet for this Simenzis switch socket with USB charge plug, but it is just impossible to find it, even an equivalent. Do you have the reference for it ?2/ the neutral wire is not used. What is the real issue for not using it ?Best regards from Paris !!Christiane

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  • Getting Started! ESP8266 Basic Interpreter

    Hi,This is really nice ! I want to secure my home to let people think I am at home, even if I am far away. The internet chain will be ESP8266_with_ESP8266Basic + 4G smartphone locally (internet is not covered locally) + remote 4G smartphone on me. Must the ESP8266 be Station mode, AP mode, both ?How does ESP8266Basic interpreter handle the link with the local smartphone ?I think that communication beetween the 2 smartphones is another story .....Thanks for your help !

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