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  • AJYC commented on DavidBrister's instructable Single Seat Skin on Frame Kayak / Canoe1 year ago
    Single Seat Skin on Frame Kayak / Canoe

    Wow!!! Another wonderful project to add to my list!!! Excellent work <

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  • How I destroyed our dinning table.

    Oh dear! So very sorry! It seems, if you still have the table top and sides, you might try an amazing dark indigo stain or any color, brushed on. Let it soak in. Then when it's dry used heavy masking tape. Tape around the edge, three layers around the top. Mix up a poly resin and pour it over the top. I understand a heat gun, gently move over the top, about an inch up from the resin, will remove the bubbles. KEEP MOVING so as to not cause a fire. Once this has set, I'd give it a day or two (the container will tell you, remove the tape and polyurethane the sides. It could turn out quite lovely. Itthink it's a disaster waiting for "art".

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  • AJYC commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail3 years ago
    Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail

    It appears you crime is being too fine a baker with the ability to replicate a sweet puppy. It is a beautiful cake. Maybe next time you could figure out a way to make the dog house, though I suppose that would just bring up the past. Possibly a soccer field or a bicycle or maybe a Box with a bow on top. I kind of have trouble eating something that looks like the original creature. It was a beautiful cake!!!!

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