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  • Imprint Invisible Sound and Radio Waves Onto Your Retina: Augmented Reality With Perfect Alignment

    So there are 2 wires in the IF one of them goes through an amplifier then to input in lm3914 in pin number 5 right? ( is it for every number 5 pin we should connect the IF or only one) and where do the other wires in the hb100 go (is it to a battery source and which wires exactly?) and for the led should the short ends be in front or the long positive ends? and the amplifier it is a piece right like the lm741 but how to connect to it? and at what speed should we move the SWIM so it is visible to the naked eye?Thank You Sooooo Much ( If you can send in a message your number that will be great )

    I made the whole circuit but the problem is where should I connect the HB100 and to what exactly ( In the instructable it is mentioned only about the yellow and the black wires where does the other 2 go) and is the amplifier the machine or the piece( what is connected to it?) and does the led blink one after another because of the hb100 or is it an Arduino used ?Please we need this information as soon as possible it is very urgent as we have a competition after 2 days exactly please help us..........Anyone can help please.....

    We have a physics competition after 2 days and we need to finish the circuit we already made the circuit but the hb100 was our only problem or barrier

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  • Phenomenal Augmented Reality Allows Us to Watch How Things Are Watching Us!

    Thank You, Can you send me the full procedure of making this project and how to make the SWIM faster please because we are grade 10 we don't know much about electric circuits and what to do..... and how to use a security camera instead of the lens..Thank You

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