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  • Pull Wooden Fence Posts Set In Concrete WITH NO DIGGING!

    If the wood's too rotted to hold a screw anchor, you can go next to it (from it about 1" min) and use a masonry drill to put 3 or 4 9/16" dia x 6" deep holes in the concrete. Blow them out (or use an old toothbrush) to get rid of the powder left on the sides of the hold from drilling. Then epoxy a long 1/2" bolt (or threaded rod) with a couple of washers already on it into the holes & let cure for about three days. You can tie chain or rope with connectors to them and pull from them.

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  • Abner T commented on Robin Lewis's instructable How to Make a Concrete Countertop3 years ago
    How to Make a Concrete Countertop

    Stick to the wire mesh sheets found at local hardware stores, which is designed for thin-slab reinforcing. Keep moisture in the concrete by laying a wet(not dripping) bedsheet or towels over the concrete, and then laying a piece of painters (1 mil) plastic over it for a few days...

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  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System

    You guys are WAY too smart! Can anyone here comment on how to do a humidity-controlled override switch for a house a/c system. I'm looking to have the a/c kick on if the humidity exceeds 75% in the house. Or, where to find info on same? Thanks...

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