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  • AddyC2 commented on Makerworks's instructable Make a Camera Slider by makeblock2 years ago
    Make a Camera Slider by makeblock

    I agree. Tracking down the materials is a bit involved.

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  • The Speakerboxxx - Hi-Fi BT Boombox From Scratch!

    Fantastic, and nicely detailed tutorial. As a speaker newbie, I have a couple of questions-- 1) I noticed that each of your woofers aren't chambered. I read somewhere that dividing your woofers are a must if you're using stereo sound. I'm still trying to figure this out because I'm designing a similar boombox. 2) How do you think your setup would sound compared to popular bookshelf speakers such as the Micca MB42x or the Pioneer Andrew Jones? I've considered gutting those and incorporating the drivers and crossovers into my boombox. Thank you for your input!!

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