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  • AdmeralP commented on wannabemadsci's instructable 'Brain Food' (Jello Brain)1 year ago
    'Brain Food' (Jello Brain)

    I made this once for a huge party we held and no one would eat it....Something about looking so REAL!!! I bought a small mold today and i will send it with my son to his party this weekend to see if he can get his friends to try it. It really tastes great after you get past the look of a real brain sitting in front of you.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • AdmeralP commented on ambercollective's instructable How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance2 years ago
    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    There are literally enough RV's in various stages of their lives just looking for a new owner. Some need major work and some are good to go. Start there. Less work and headaches. Plus, they already have the plumbing installed for those on the road duties.

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