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  • So I guess that's why most riding lawn mowers, go-karts, and rear wheel drive cars and trucks don't have trouble turning? Or race cars for that matter? If your theory had any truth to it, why would there be such a thing as a "Positrac" rear end? I also guess that's why Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche (among other supercar manufacturers) all produce mid-engined rear wheel drive vehicles that have trouble turning properly because they use both wheels.

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  • I noticed that you only have power going to one wheel. Why only one instead of both wheels? I would think that having power going to only one wheel instead of both on that axle would creat torque that would cause the board to pull to one side a little bit. Any chance you might try to have the motor power both wheels?

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  • Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2005 for anyone that has questions. This covers just about anything related to firearms. Not everything, but almost everything. State laws would not be covered under this. For that, contact your local P.D., courthouse, or a lawyer that deals with this type of law.

    This type of ammo would actually be illegal. Reference U.S.C., Title 18, Chapter 44, S 921(4)(A).

    Who gave you this explanation? What law did they give you as their reasoning behind their explanation?

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  • Or to just raise some eyebrows and make people do double takes.

    "It is estimated to do better than 50 mph." Kinda negates the "no faster than 25mph" regulation.

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  • I made this antenna following the directions. Three of them actually using materials recommended by the originating creator of this antenna design. Cardboard/aluminum foil on one, foamboard/aluminum foil on the second, and aluminum flashing on the third. None of them worked. At all. Not one stinking channel. Wasted my entire day off messing with this design.

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