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  • Aidenramage commented on lobo_pal's instructable Peg Game IQ Test Solution1 year ago
    Peg Game IQ Test Solution

    I do E3 as the empty one in the beginning. Then I do: E1 over E2 to E3. E4 over E3 to E2.C2 over D3 to E4. E5 over E4 to E3.D1 over D2 to D3. E2 over E3 to E4. E4 over D3 to C2.B1 over C1 to D1. B2 over C2 to D2. D1 over D2 to D3. D4 over C3 to B2.A1 over B2 to C3.C3 over D3 to E3.I call it the "Teepee strategy" because in the beginning it looks like a teepee.

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