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  • AkiraD2 commented on drcj's instructable Medieval Heater Shield 2 months ago
    Medieval Heater Shield

    I AM SO CURIOUS! Weight is an absolute must when considering what materials to use. I want to make a shield for my 6 yr old son but am learning that traditional woods may not only be cost prohibitive but also too heavy after completion. How do we lighten up a 45lb heater?

    Would you contact me to give me more insights as to your build? I have many many questions. For example: what type of wood did you use? What species was the plywood and how thick was it before you started?

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      • Medieval Heater Shield
      • Cheap Storage Shelves
  • AkiraD2 commented on DalilaL1's instructable Make Your Own Smartphone Gloves4 months ago
    Make Your Own Smartphone Gloves

    Every pair of touchscreen gloves that I have seen use a different colored conductive pad- that eventually dissipates heat faster than the rest of the glove. What if anything do you do differently to prevent heat loss while maintaining conductivity?

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  • AkiraD2 commented on tk1314's instructable Solar Generator2 years ago
    Solar Generator

    Once you have converted doc to ac then use killawatt to measure your real time ac wattage.

    I recognize that multimeter from harbor freight. Nice- because with a coupon they are free. I have Harbor Freight's 45w kit and a 7a charge controller. The problem ai have is that it is not water resistant. I never would have thought to tie in the multimeter to be used as a digital gauge. Genius!

    And I would suggest using Kill-a-watt to help with your addition so that you can ensure the math is right before buying an inverter- count up how many watts you plan on using on all your devices and get an inverter that will cover a continuous load for that rating.

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