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  • Al Tyrrell commented on mimaki cg60's instructable Making Beer Tankards on the Lathe2 years ago
    Making Beer Tankards on the Lathe

    In Great Britain we would use sycamore, (Acer pseudoplatanus), beech (Fagus sylvatica), maple and fruit woods for vessels and trenchers. Use an edible tasteless vegetable oil to finish off, if selling your treen then use a special edible oil specifically labelled for that task and show the container to your customers. Treat the treen in your food preparation area (kitchen) for best hygiene.

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  • Al Tyrrell commented on MarcoGhelfino's instructable Plywood Sphere Table3 years ago
    Plywood Sphere Table

    A fantastic project for your exam coursework. Congratulations, I presume you gained top marks for it. Are you going to pursue a career in furniture design or architecture?

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