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  • AlexA3 commented on Blueloop's instructable Rock Tumbler1 year ago
    Rock Tumbler

    This looks like a great project! Just one question--where did you get the voltage for the motor? Did you use a DC power supply or did you get the appropriate voltage from the printer itself?

    Great project! Just wondering--how are you powering the motor for this project? Are you using an underpowered (lower voltage/amperage) power supply, or are you taking the power from the printer itself? I'm stumped on this. Also, do you have any idea what "GAIN" could mean on the pinout for a BLDC motor?

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  • AlexA3 commented on dla888's instructable How to put that old computer to use.2 years ago
    How to put that old computer to use.

    If you have old MS-DOS games you weren't able to play for years due to compatibility issues, maybe you could try and play a few. Or check out Tiny Core linux, which if I'm not mistaken will run on any PC and doesn't look too bad despite its 10mb size.

    You think a laptop with 1 gigabyte of RAM is OLD? I'm trying to boot Puppy Linux on an old (surprisingly XP-compatible) Inspiron 8200 with 256mb of ram and a 30gb hdd.

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