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  • AlexandreT19 commented on wold630's instructable 10 Minute Cookie Cutter from Soda Can3 years ago
    10 Minute Cookie Cutter from Soda Can

    Thank you soooo much!!! This is perfect for fondant cutters as well!!Just a word of caution: next time use gloves. They are wonky and harder to work with, but I've been working on a type of art called repujado since I was a litle girl, where you take a sheet of really thick aluminum foil, engrave designs, ink them, varnish them, and then either frame the piece or use it t decorate something else, and I can tell you that aluminum is really really vicious. So at least when you're cutting it try to use protective or work gloves, Iv'e had nasty and deep cuts, similar to paper cuts and they bug me so much when I need to do the dishes or when I use oil paints. x_x

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