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  • Allan Collins commented on OurRuggedWorkshop's instructable Easy Way to Age Metal9 months ago
    Easy Way to Age Metal

    If you are determined to deceive then don't use Phillips or other cross-head screws as those were 20th century developments.

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  • Allan Collins commented on bekathwia's instructable Solar Balloon1 year ago
    Solar Balloon

    I've been making these since about 1960-ish. I know, I'm old! But kids are always impressed even though the lifting power is severely limited. I've also made hot-air balloons from decorators poly dust sheets which tend to be even thinner than trash bags and there is only one seam along its length. A lot of fun and guaranteed to get the kids out in the open air. A great 'ible with good illustrations. Well done, Becky.

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  • The "In Case of Emergency..." Display Box

    Back in the seventies when personal electronics were becoming accessible I built such a box for my now redundant slide rule. At the time, everyone got the joke but these days I have to explain it to kids (mostly) who have no idea what I'm talking about!

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  • Allan Collins commented on mkhutchins's instructable Grow Pea Shoots2 years ago
    Grow Pea Shoots

    In seventy-odd years I have never heard of eating pea shoots but it seemed like a good idea. I showed it to "She-that-must-be-obeyed " and while shopping at B&Q (British Home Depot) she found packets of seeds specifically for shoot harvesting. Produced by Suttons Seeds and sold for £2.79 there's only 260 seeds but that should be enough for a couple of harvests... maybe.

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