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  • How to Repair Windows 10 Recovery Loop Error Without a Reinstall

    I am also using a Win 10 image on a usb I used to install with (was Win 8 originally, but I have put Win 10 on it) to boot. cmd prompt starts on X:\sources>. X has all the windows stuff, and so does E. So why is it not C? That's what my pc showed was my drive before this boot loop. So which one of these do I use to follow the steps above, E or X? Alternatively, should I use diskpart to clean my drive and do a fresh install?It's been a long time since I've used commands, and things are a little fuzzy for me. I 'm not too concerned at this point about losing anything, as I've had to replace everything before, but it is a process that takes a while to remember exactly what programs I'm missing.

    I have nearly the same problem. Only difference is, C:\ is my only drive and it's Directory says "File not found". What am I supposed to do now?

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