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  • How to Build Slayer Exciter (mini Tesla Coil)

    Hey buddy, do you realise that's a 2 year old comment? Time runs fast, my life has changed a lot.We had done that in a competition and we lost, the final product was working great. We optimised it to the point it could light a CFL at about a distance of 15 cms with nearly full intensity. We had reduced the number of turns in the primary wire, the one the above picture has too many turns. And also used 2 9 volt cells. Just a word of caution for anyone reading this and planning to make one, you may try going for a higher voltage battery, but the heat from the transistor becomes excessive and it burns, maybe try using two transistors in parallel.I am not so awesome any more, drudging through days, hope I got those days back... Thanks for the reply anyway man.

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