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  • Arbaumann commented on HollyMann's instructable Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna2 years ago
    Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna

    It took me more than 15 minutes just tracing and cutting and another 1-1.5 hrs to construct. Are you sure you did this project? Mine works great.

    Sorry rockymtns99. I see now you were commenting on the NotTheDude guy.

    It took longer to assemble than I expected. I think about 2 hours. It works better than the cheap amplified model I bought previously. It is very fragile though. At first it was connected with a stiff coax line that threatened to pull it down or break off the connectors. After a couple of times getting knocked off the tv and having to nudge it together again, I mounted the whole thing in a 5" deep box. It is secured inside the box and can't break no matter how many times it falls. The box is much more stable standing on end than the original one with feet. I found a more pliable coax line and secured it inside the box to keep tension off the connectors. All is working perfectly.I am very pleased and may make another for the downstairs TV.

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