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I am a 14 year old kid who is passionate about electronics and love exploring on Arduino, Pixhawk and Rasberry Pi.


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  • Arbot commented on Arbot's instructable Arduino Ble Rover

    That's simple and easy. All you need to use are those extra screws and stack those plates one above the other along with those plastic orange pieces that looks like a bent

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  • Estoy usando Google Traductor. De todos modos, es genial que lo hagas como parte de tu proyecto de grado. Adafruit IO no recibe pago. Si no obtiene una cuenta, simplemente envíela por correo electrónico. Si no desea utilizar adafruit, visite que funciona con servidores de datos sparkfun. Es genial y soy bastante nuevo en eso. Si no puede entender su interfaz, envíe mensajes a lo mejor

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  • Arbot commented on Arbot's instructable Arduino Ble Rover

    Iphone supports only bluetooth 4.0. As a result you should either HM-10 or HM-11 modules. Once you have understood the App interface accordingly you can edit the code. You must also download the libraries for the module. If you haven't understood leave a private message with some pics of the app. I will further look into it. Hope this has helped you

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  • Arbot commented on Arbot's instructable Arduino Ble Rover

    It is possible but you should use a different Bluetooth module instead of the HC 06. The problem with iPhone is that the app for this project is tough to search and find in the app store. Necessary changes will also have to be made in the code for it to work.

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