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  • ArjitS1 commented on Anshu AR's instructable Control LED Using Serial Monitor1 year ago
    Control LED Using Serial Monitor

    plz explain this code , I replaced code state==1 to state 'a' but it not work with alfa a key ? how to change num to alfa keys ????

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  • ArjitS1 commented on Imetomi's instructable Voice Controlled Arduino Drone1 year ago
    Voice Controlled Arduino Drone

    his app removed from play store , can i make it on mitAI2 ?? then what needs to add , is Bt and Speech Recognize in app is enough for this code ??

    voice can you please. upgrade this low cost project , that can control with Android touch buttons of Mit2 App instead only Voice :) :) . .

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  • ArjitS1 followed Imetomi1 year ago
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  • ArjitS1 commented on msuzuki777's instructable ESP8266 As Arduino1 year ago
    ESP8266 As Arduino

    Thanks !!you finally cleared my Doubt of that - what whapped to its wifi features and communication firmwares , whenever i program it using ide for using its ports Gpios ??? or it can proctect its Original wifi fermwar to allowing it to rewrite code for gpios !! but now i wanna ask , can i use esp88 standalone as working wifi and with its gpio to be use at same time ?????

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  • How to Build a Simple But Powerful Flyback Driver

    Ohh my phone keypad is now crazy making mistyping

    So ....... After the thinking deep now my explanation is for why negative terminal of flyback transformer heat more then positive one , this is because when high voltage breakdown the air between it , by hight voltage potential and plasma then the air should breakdown in two parts one elecerons and other air's positively charged ions that moves opposite from electron direction , so because positive ions are massive then electron it carry heat of that plasma from the air towerds negativity charges electrode . That's it . !!!!

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  • ArjitS1 commented on Asier Marzo's instructable Acoustic Levitator1 year ago
    Acoustic Levitator

    can i use magnetic type ultrasonic Transducer instead pizoelectric Type or any mini speaker ????

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  • ArjitS1 commented on HavocRC's instructable How to Use IR Remotes With Arduino1 year ago
    How to Use IR Remotes With Arduino

    how to use attiny85 based 6 or 8 kb board or chip , for this project using software serial ?????

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