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  • Python WebServer With Flask and Raspberry Pi

    I am facing a problem, the command...pi@raspberry ~ $ sudo pip install flaskis giving following response..Downloading/unpacking flask cannot fetch index base URL could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement flaskNo distributions at all found for flaskStoring complete log in /root/.pip/pip.logAlso tried another way, even the command..sudo apt-get install python3-flaskis also 'unable to locate package python3-flask' any help please...

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  • ArunK187 commented on saftari's instructable Use Your Laptop As Oscilloscope1 year ago
    Use Your Laptop As Oscilloscope

    I am looking for a circuit idea that can pick up the sound/music from the microphone/headphone outlet and can store the frequencies on a SD card , frequency can be sampled at every 10 to 20 milisec, I wonder if your present project idea can be useful ?

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  • ArunK187 made the instructable NRF24L01+ Multiceiver Network1 year ago
    NRF24L01+ Multiceiver Network

    I made this almost the same way, except for few minor changes, in my case I used only three peripheral slaves to transmit the information on three pipes, to a central was rather a one way communication from surrounding three slaves to a central master and it worked well, I now plan to use more than six slaves, with a single master (by adding PT7, PT8....etc), but since we can link only up to 6 pipes to the central master on a given channel, my question is how many maximum slaves I can add, and what will be the writing, reading pipes and the addresses ? Can you guide please...Thanks

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  • ArduDroid: A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth-based Android Controller for Arduino

    I have connected/wired the circuit perfectly well, and if I send the commands from my Laptop, the 'digital_write' or 'analog_write' commands work very well.But I find no actions when trying thru paired HC05 and ArduDroid app. How can I test BT module ?

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