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  • How to Control a Motor Through a Serial Port Without a Microcontroller

    Product Summary The TA7291P is a bridge driver with output voltage control. ParametricsTA7291P absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply voltage, Vcc: 25V; (2)Motor Drive Voltage, Vs: 25V; (3)Reference voltage, Vref: 25V; (4)Operating temperature,Topr: -30-75 ℃; (5)Storage temperature, Tstg:-55-150 ℃.FeaturesTA7291P features: (1)4 modes avaliable(CW/CCW/STOP/BRAKE); (2)Output current; (3)Wide range of operating voltage; (4)Build in thermal shutdown, over current protector and punch=through current restriction circuit; (5)Stand-by mode avaliable(STOP MODE); (6)Hysteresis for all inputs. Diagrams

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