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  • Attila_FIN commented on tumaku's instructable LED Matrix With Arduino2 years ago
    LED Matrix With Arduino

    Hello, Most probably you fixed the LED matrix on the wrong side of the PCB.It might be soldered on the CHIP side of the PCB.

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  • Attila_FIN made the instructable Motorize IoT With ESP82662 years ago
    Motorize IoT With ESP8266

    I wonder if that board really works for someone. Quality can be already seen from the typos on the silk-screen (e.g. VART instead of UART, D3 instead of DB)Some months ago I bought two pieces from Aliexpress, today I thought I would try it with a bipolar 35P048S stepper motor. First without luck.Code looked good, GPIO pin signals looked good on scope, but nothing came from L293DD output pins. Then I checked the PWM(enable) pin link to the ESP8266 board and turned out that the signal is connected to GND through a 100Ω resistor, while receiving the signal through a 1KΩ resistor! No idea why someone did that, but I just simply removed the two 100Ω resistor, and everything started to work fine.

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